1. brand, as if they are in

1. It comes in handy and has changed the world by making consumers stick, remembers the brand and leaves its mark, whereas conventional marketing fails.
2. Seamless experience allows an individual to be in virtual world of brand through a VR headset, which saves time/ cost and gives opportunity to revolve the entire series of actions around their own experience.
3. No more global language barriers, as immersive 3D experience of VR has come up with a visual solution that has moved the bars in a perfect way.

• VR Tech evokes higher emotional and engagement response, than other platform when tested. Advertisements through VR tech could strengthen connections emotionally with customers that might give a chance to be aware of brand, as if they are in a world that is designed for them only.
• It gives designers, creators and marketers limitless possibilities to work on their content. Whereas conventional market can’t provide a highly interactive and creative content and this is the reason why VR edges it out clearly.
• To approach long distant customers, who can’t travel to get information about the product, live events or travel destination snapshots, VR tech can be used as a marketing tool that would give a chance to see virtually, without leaving the couch.
• A platform, not to knock every single door or scheduling a demo for a brand to geeks and it’s the next level in shopping, which allows consumers to boost up their comfort level and explores every aspect of product before buying. This in turn increases customer satisfaction.