Month: April 2019

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These days security of risky merchandise transport is a fascinating transportation arranging subject. It respects street wellbeing, merchandise stockpiling, counteractive action and security. The key object is decreasing the danger of perilous mishap (e.g.: unsafe tainting, dangerous outflows, fire and blasts) amid movement or transport activities (Conca, Ridella and Sapori, 2016). As all items got…

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Another professional positions were 14% female and

Another rationale offered as to why there are few women in project management is that project managers are mainly found in the construction, mining and engineering industries, traditionally male dominated areas and where women are underrepresented. For example, a research by the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Construction Industry: Demolishing gender structures, a study…

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Vicarious There are two essentials of the

Vicarious liability in context of Master servant Relationship Submitted by:- Name- Sachet Labroo Division- E (B.A LLB) PRN- 18010223101 of Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA Symbiosis International ( Deemed University) Pune In August 2018 Under the guidance of Mr.Ankur Sharma Assistant Professor INTRODUCTION Vicarious liability is one of the most important topic in torts which says…

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