I grew up in a traditional Buddhism family in the south of China. My mother
The primary meaning of “respect for life” is that we must maintain an awe-inspiring attitude not only for human life but also for the lives of all other creatures. Keeping life, promoting growth is good; destroying life, suppressing life, is evil. This is the fundamental law of morality.
“Respecting life” is especially important in our medical industry. Our client is patient, and we must be in awe of our patients’ lives. Every patient, whether he is poor or rich, civilians or high officials, is equal in front of the life. “Respect for life” – we need to be highly responsible for our work and responsible for our patients. With the awe-inspiring attitude towards life, we will carefully consider everything we do: Do my actions cause unintentional harm to the patient’s life? Will my words hurt my patient’s life?