A Character Analysis Of Joe Starks English Literature Essay

The character of Joe Starks in the novel “ Their Eyess Were Watching God ” written by Zora Neil Hurston is Janie ‘s 2nd hubby and an enterpriser who is really magnetic and good off financially. However, Starks is a bit fanatic in his aspiration. There is n’t a batch of communicating between him and Janie, or anyone else for that affair, and he has a immense a high quality composite, which leads to an unmanageable green-eyed monster over his most choice ownership, Janie. Starks has envisioned himself as a “ large ” adult male in the novel. During the class of the narrative, Starks, in the beginning, is seen as a charming adult male, with a large dream and good purposes, ends up going the most powerful adult male in town, who is slightly disliked because of disbursement patterns and actions. Starks is slightly seen as an impersonator of the “ white adult male on top ” and the people of Eatonville resent him for it.

When Starks is first mentioned in the novel, Starks a well dressed adult male, non normally seen in the parts Janie was from, he was dressed nice and looking good for the universe to see, Janie sees Starks coming down the route. He was n’t merely another passer-by, he sees Janie, this beautiful miss on the route and he heads right for her, she ‘s the 1 that ‘s what he wants ( Hurston 27 ) . The character Joe Starks is an illustration of a adult male who knows what he wants in life, though he seems sort, and generous in nature, it is all a facade. Starks is a selfish individual, playing a function of a “ large ” adult male who sees himself above others. Through his strong sense of assurance, magnetic personality, and his fiscal background, Starks is able to derive the power and influence that he seeks within the town of Eatonville. He uses Janie his married woman, as a symbol of personal success. She in his eyes is more of a trophy than person he loves. Mr. Starks shallowly believes that with all his money and power should he be entitled to a beautiful married woman.

From the minute that Starks meets Janie, he promises her the universe. He guarantees all sorts of nice and alien of things to her, non because he truly likes the miss, but because Starks sees something that he would wish to hold, and in order for him to acquire it, he has to assure the universe to take Janie off from Logan Killicks, to whom she was presently married. There was n’t truly a differentiation between the two work forces, good besides physical visual aspect and age. They were two work forces desiring the same thing. The usage of Janie as a manner to come on in life, for Killicks, it was to work the land, to do it more valuable in the promise to turn it over to Janie. To Starks she would be a symbol of his power and success. “ Their Eyess is a lyrical novel that correlates the demand of her first two hubbies for ownership of increasingly larger physical infinite ( and the gaudy accessories of upward mobility ) ” ( Gates 197 ) .

Starks finally succeeds in taking Janie off from Logan. “ After that she came to where Joe Starks was waiting for her with a hired rig. He was really grave and helped her to the place beside him. With him on it, it sat like some high, governing chair ” ( Hurston 32 ) . In go forthing with Mr. Starks, Janie assumes a function in a higher category, among the people who sit in a “ high, governing chair. ” The same people whom Starks wishes or believes himself to be in. With running off and get marrieding Starks, Janie has moved up a notch in societal standing. It was non because of her instruction or endowments, but because she ‘s beautiful and that ‘s precisely what Starks wanted, a trophy.

Starks does what he promised to make with Janie, which is purchase her all these nice things and present her to a life of wealths and luxury. “ On the train the following twenty-four hours, Joe did n’t do manyA addresss with rimes to her, but he bought her the best things the meatman had, like apples and a glass lantern full of confects. Largely he talked about programs for the town when he got thereaˆ¦Janie took a batch of expressions at him and she was proud of what she saw. Kind of portly like rich white folks. Strange trains, and people and topographic points did n’t frighten him neither ” ( Hurston 34 ) . Mr. Starks reveals his purposes or feelings that he already is in a higher category by flashing his wealth. He buys Janie different sorts of things like fancy apparels and dainties like “ apples and a glass lantern full of confects. ” Buying Janie all these fancy things is his manner of seeking to endear himself to her, every bit good as demoing off the type of societal category that he comes from. By purchasing his manner into Janie ‘s life, Starks sees to believe that rimes and addresss are a hapless adult male ‘s manner of wooing the adult female. But through money and gifts as a signifier of love affair, would be more of a higher category thing to make.

Starks comes to Eatonville as a type of graphic dreamer, he has large programs for this small town of hovels and soil. He brings his money, personal appeal, and a beautiful immature bride to a developing town. The town starts off truly little, excessively little for the town Starks had envisioned. No 1 truly has thought about adding land area to the town, or allow entirely about spread outing. So here goes Mr. Joe Starks, the self-believed Jesus of this fledgeling small burg. He guarantees the towns people a better topographic point to populate. So Starks, being the “ large ” adult male he envisions himself to be, goes right up to the white landholder and comes back with a title to for the 200 estates the town needed. With the first undertaking of Starks docket finished, he gets everyone to travel to work. “ So that ‘s where the meeting was held with Tony TaylorA moving as president and Jody making all the speaking. A twenty-four hours was named for roads and they all agreed to convey axes and things like that and chop out two roads running each manner. That applied to everybody except Tony and Coker. They could carpenter, so Jody hired them to travel to work on his shop bright and shortly the following forenoon. Jody himself would be busy driving about from town to town stating people about Eatonville and beating up citizens to travel at that place ” ( Hurston 40-1 ) . Mr. Starks is the 1 who initiates the new edifice undertakings and building of roads, engaging people to work for him, and giving himself the place of a interpreter. After all, he was the 1 who bought all the land and the 1 with the program itself. Who would reason with the adult male who come to Eatonville and alter it for the better? Having attracted all the attending of the town ‘s people, Joe calls a town meeting and gets himself elected as the city manager of Eatonville. Starks strong sense of assurance, executing of his program for the town, and money, lead to command, and a sense laterality and power over the town.

Starks shows off his new wealth and power in a strong resemblance of affluent southern white adult male. Use the layout of the town for illustration. Starks ‘s house sits about in the center of town, around his house sit in the remainder of the people of the towns places, but is far less as Nice. “ Take for case that new house of his. It hadA two narratives with porches, with bannisters and such things. The remainder of the town looked like retainers ‘ quarters environing the “ large house. ” ” ( Hurston 47 ) . Starks spends his money on excessive points like fancy cuspidors for himself and even his married woman. This type of free disbursement makes the citizens of Eatonville covetous and resent him for it. Before Starks moved into Eatonville, the people had ne’er even thought of or had a ground to believe of themselves in a different manner, or even as low category, because they were all the same. The people of Eatonville before Starks came were all the same race and hapless. Starks brought societal differences and a type of category warfare to town, and now everyone else can see what they ‘re losing out on. “ It kind of made the remainder of them feel that they had been taken advantage of. Like things had been kept from them. Possibly more things in the universe besides ptyalizing pots had been hid from them, when they was n’t told no better than to ptyalize in tomato tins It was bad plenty for white people, but when one of your ain colour could be so different it put you on a admiration. It was like seeing your sister turn into a ‘gator. A familiar unfamiliarity. You keep seeing your sister in the ‘gator and the ‘gator in your sister and you ‘d instead non. There was no uncertainty that the town respected him and even admired him in a manner. But any adult male who walks in the manner of power and belongings is bound to run into hatred ” ( Hurston 47 ) .

A Starks whole life entails this high sense of regard that his manhood brings. He has formed this feeling of entitlement because of what he brings to the tabular array. He feels that with what he has done to the town he has a right to power, wealth, and authorization. Starks considers himself justified because he was the one fundamentally in charge of constructing up the town that merely he should be the one to run it. He gets to make up one’s mind what goes on there and whose sentiment counts. He runs the town with somewhat of a first of dictatorship and the people of Eatonville are frequently grouching and comparing him to memories of the old white slave proprietors and truly so. Starks resembles the “ white adult male on top ” in many ways. He is well-nourished visual aspect, dressed in the finest apparels, like the comfortable white people at the clip. He believes himself to be above the townsfolk, they are lower than him. Even in the instance of his married woman Janie. He did non get married her for love. It was all for show. In his matrimony to Janie represented his control of the people, the town, as the city manager, and the most of the money in town. The lone love expressed by Starks, was the love for Joe Starks. He was the “ large ” adult male around town, everything else in his head, was merely symbol in the testament of illustriousness that is Joe Starks.