A Few Questions About Shakespeare English Literature Essay

William Shakespeare is easy considered the most celebrated and complete author of all clip. Almost everyone has at least heard of him. Shakespeare coined 100s of words in the English linguistic communication, and had by far the largest vocabulary known to adult male. Peoples devote their full life to larn more about the adult male William Shakespeare. There are a few inquiries that cause rather a spot of statement. There are some bookmans and professors who do non believe that the adult male William Shakespeare really authored his plant. There are many different people who are said to hold written the plants which are so extremely acclaimed. It is unusual to believe that something that should be so simple to calculate out is extremely debated in the academic universe. Another inquiry is if Shakespeare truly did author his plants, was he merely composing for merriment, or did they reflect on his life? Both of these inquiries are on a regular basis debated at an advanced scholastic degree. In this paper, I will turn to the inquiry of the sonnets. Did Shakespeare truly compose them? Were they based on his life? I believe the reply to both those inquiries is a definite yes. William Shakespeare did compose his sonnets and they were a contemplation of his life and emotions.

The first inquiry is did Shakespeare truly compose his verse forms and dramas? Were the sonnets really authored by him or person else? In any statement, there are ever two sides. You can non merely disregard the side of the narrative you do non hold with. You must take the grounds from both sides, and so pull your decision. Let us foremost take a expression at the side in which bookmans believe he did non author his plants. Many people are believed to hold written Shakespeare ‘s plants instead than himself, but we will merely look at the top three people.

The first individual believed to hold authored Shakespeare ‘s plant is Edward de Vere. Edward de Vere was the seventeenth earl of Oxford and a mediaeval poet around Shakespeare ‘s clip. It is believed by some that William Shakespeare was merely a anonym that Edward de Vere used. It is believed he did this to protect his household from humiliation. Poets were non considered really “ cool ” . His verse form authorship ended merely every bit shortly as Shakespeare ‘s started to pick up, so it makes sense to believe that Edward de Vere and William Shakespeare were one in the same, nevertheless, other than happenstance, there is non a whole batch of cogent evidence for support ( Online Shakespeare 1 ) .

The 2nd individual believed to hold written Shakespeare ‘s plant is Sir Francis Bacon. The ground Francis Bacon has been thought to compose them is the fact that his plants and Shakespeare ‘s plants are extremely similar. Bacon delighted extremely in nature and flowers. He mentioned, in one of his plants, thirty-two of the thirty- five flowers of all time mentioned by Shakespeare. Bacon and Shakespeare besides both shared a disfavor of big crowds. The people who believe in this theory are called Baconians. They believe all this because Bacon ‘s and Shakespeare ‘s thoughts and literature are so likewise ( Wilson 15 ) . Merely because two people view the universe the same, does that intend that they are the same individual? I do non believe so. There is non a whole batch of cogent evidence to believe that Sir Francis Bacon was truly William Shakespeare.

The 3rd and concluding individual I am traveling to turn to is Queen Elizabeth herself. Believe it or non, many people really believe that William Shakespeare was Queen Elizabeth. The chief ground for this thought is the physical resemblance between Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth. There are two physicians who established this fact. Dr. Lillian Schauartz and Dr. Leslie Dressler claim that Queen Elizabeth and William Shakespeare were one in the same by digitally fiting their facial characteristics ( Wilson 20 ) . Does this mean that every two people who look likewise are the same? The reply to this is perfectly non. Even indistinguishable twins are non the same individual. Yes, I agree that the Queen could hold faked being a adult male named Shakespeare, but could she forge his matrimony and kids? I do n’t believe so. It is rather a stretch to believe that the Queen of England and William Shakespeare were the same people.

I have given three illustrations of supposed surrogate Shakespeares. I would now wish to show the instance I have chosen to reason. I believe William Shakespeare was a existent adult male who wrote his ain plants. There are a few facts that are difficult to deny when analyzing this subject. These facts can non be argued, hence they are facts.

The first fact that can non be argued is that William Shakespeare was a existent adult male who wrote for the Globe Theater. Shakespeare had a portion of the Globe Theater ( Kathman and Reedy, 1 ) . If Shakespeare was a author and owned portion of the theatre, why would he non compose for the theatre? Shakespeare was besides a graphic histrion. He performed with the moving company known by many names such as Lord Chamberlain ‘s work forces, Lord Hudson ‘s work forces, and The King ‘s work forces ( Kathman and Reedy, 1 ) . Shakespeare started moving in 1592. He so acted for 17 old ages ( Wilson 60 ) . He besides acted in all of his dramas ( Wilson 68 ) . Ian Wilson writes “ The universally agreed fact about Shakespeareaˆ¦ is that Shakespeare was an histrion ” ( 61 ) . It is really difficult to differ with this statement, seeing as how it is fact.

The last point to do sing this topic is that Shakespeare ‘s name really appears on his plants ( Kathman and Reedy, 1 ) . Why would anyone desire to reason that Shakespeare did non compose his plants when his name is clearly written on them? During Shakespeare ‘s life, 18 of his dramas were published. After his decease, fellow histrions put together the remainder of his plants ( Wilson 5 ) . It is easy to see that the people of Shakespeare ‘s twenty-four hours accepted him as the writer of his plants. A quotation mark by Reedy and Kathman sums this up really good. “ So now we ‘ve established that William Shakespeare of Stratford-upon-Avon was an histrion in the company that performed the dramas of William Shakespeare, and was besides a partaker in the theatre in which the dramas were presented. To anyone with a logical head, it follows that this William Shakespeare of Stratford-upon-Avon was besides the author of the dramas and verse forms that bear his name. He is the adult male, with the right name, at the right clip, and at the right topographic point ” ( 1 ) .

There is still the inquiry of the sonnets. Now that we have established that Shakespeare was the writer of his plants, we have to inquire about the sonnets. Were they written about this personal life? Did Shakespeare compose them as a contemplation of his personal life, or did he simply compose them as fictional sonnets? I present the instance that Shakespeare did compose his sonnets as a contemplation of his life.

Why might one believe that Shakespeare ‘s sonnets were written about his life? Well, why would anyone compose so passionately about a individual if the individual were fabricated? Shakespeare spends many sonnets seeking to convert a immature adult male to reproduce ( Rolfe 1 ) . Poets about ever had a frequenter who would back up their authorship, so Shakespeare was most likely authorship to his frequenter. It is non really frequently an writer composes sonnets of that affair in award of a bogus adult male. Shakespeare besides addresses a really allusive “ dark lady ” . There are many inquiries as to her individuality. It was really normal for concern work forces to hold kept womans away from place, so his kept woman could hold been the dark lady. The theatres were built following to whorehouses, so the dark lady could hold really good been a cocotte every bit good. I guess no 1 will of all time cognize for certain. Many people think that “ The sonnets are a alone window into William Shakespeare ‘s private life in London ” ( Durr 85 ) . When anybody writes something, you can ever see a small spot of that individual ‘s personality. It is about impossible to compose something wholly nonsubjective.

Another important ground Shakespeare ‘s sonnets were based on his life is the fact that he did non desire them to be published ( Rolfe 1 ) . These sonnets he had written were private to him and he did non desire everyone reading them. If they were written fictitiously, why would he care? The sonnets were non meant to be published. They are written as really personal letters to a friend. Shakespeare besides uses the word “ I ” a batch, which makes the sonnets that much more personal ( Durr 82 ) . Peoples everyplace love to read things that are non meant to be read. If a mark says do no enter, the first thing people do is enter. Shakespeare did non desire his sonnets to be read, so what did people get down making? They read them. “ Nothing could hold kept a hundred and 50 verse forms by so popular an writer out of print if there had non been strong personal grounds for keeping their privateness ” ( Rolfe 1 ) . Peoples wanted to cognize what was traveling on behind Shakespeare ‘s closed doors.

Even though there are many inquiries refering Shakespeare ‘s writing, it is really clear to myself and many others that William Shakespeare is the true writer of his plants. It is besides really clear that his sonnets were a contemplation of his life. All my statements can be summed up in one simple quotation mark. “ How do we cognize that Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare? We know because the historical record tells us so, strongly and unambiguously. The historical grounds demonstrates that one and the same adult male, William Shakespeare of Stratford-upon-Avon, was William Shakespeare the participant, William Shakespeare the Globe partaker, and William Shakespeare the writer of the dramas and verse forms that bear his name ” ( Kathman and Reedy, 1 ) . So Shakespeare did author his sonnets and they reflected his life.