A Look At Mice And Mens Loneliness

The novel was written by John Steinbeck in the 1930s during the great depression. The novel is set in a town called Soledad a few stat mis from California. Soledad means solitariness in Spanish so already merely from reading where the novel is set you instantly get down to acquire a feel of the subject of solitariness in the novel. The book is about a twosome of migratory ranch workers who all become lonely at some point in the novel.

Loneliness affects everyone at some point in their lives. In the fresh tonss of people get lonely one, of these people is Crooks. Crooks is a stable spread manus that is continuously isolated from all the other ranch workers due to the colour of his tegument. Remember the novel is set at the clip when black people were discriminated against and thought to be less of import than white people which makes it even worse for him. Besides crooks is frequently insulted and picked on because he was a cripple. He twisted his spinal column and this is where he got his name from. Crooks liked to maintain his distance from all the other ranch workers he would frequently sit in his well swept and tidy room entirely he would demand that people left him alone Crooks is a adult male who loves his privateness and was a really privy and stray adult male. Because of the fact Crooks had a crippled dorsum he would merely come out his room for of import things or to make some odd occupations around the spread.

Even when people came into his room he got really angry and irritated we see this when Lennie enters his room. Crooks instantly gets really angry at Lennie and turns him off seeking to turn out point that white people and black people should non blend but as lennie starts inquiring inquiries to curve he eventually gives in and invites lennie to come and sit with him. Criminals like tonss of characters was really lonely and even admitted it himself he would frequently explicate this to lennie “ spose you didnaa‚¬a„?t hold cipher you couldnaa‚¬a„?t travel into the bunk house and play rummey cause you were black howd you like that ” . ‘ I tell ya a cat gets lonely an he gets ill ” Crooks shows all the negative effects of what solitariness can make to a individual. He plays barbarous gags on people like when he suggested that George his best friend was gone for good “ Well spose jus spose he dont come back what will you make so? ” he merely gave this up when lennie Th him with physical force. Crooks would merely make this because he was really covetous of George and lennies friendly relationship and merely because Crooks had no friends himself. merely wanted a sense of belonging lonelyness has made criminals a really acrimonious person. Crooks has been effected so much by lonelyness he does non cognize how to work usually and has made criminals a completley new person.Crooks besides would make anything to work every bit long as it meant being able to speak and seek and do friends with some one else on the spread.

Curleys married woman is another character who is really alone she is married to curley who hates her speech production to any other ranch workers but him. Curleys married woman would frequently walk the spread dressed in delighting apparels. All the ranch workers would seek their best to avoid her she was seen as a prostitute and a problem shaper no 1 wanted to be around her. She was really lonley besides becasue of this she would utilize her apperance to recieve attending from other spread workers.Also one of the biggest things that prove that Curleys married woman is really lonely is that she has no name truly hungry for attending and she would travel to extreme steps to seek and acheive this. Curley would non give his married woman the love and fondness she desperatley demands and genuinely deserved. She would seek this attetion from person else she spent most of her clip disquieted about what Curley would state “ one ne’er get to speak to anyone or else curly gets huffy ” But worst of all Curleys married woman thiks she has her life under control and her lonelyness but she clearly does non. Lonleyness for Curleys married woman has turned her into some she is non a bad individual and a

really acrimonious individual. Most of Curleys married woman solitariness is cause by her ain hubby. Curleys married woman well could be the lonelyest character in the novel.

Candy is really much like Crooks. Candy is besides a really alone individual in of mice and work forces because of his age and the fact that he merely has one manus. Candy has merely one true friend in the universe which is his Canis familiaris. Candy thinks of him self as an old and worthless adult male and his biggest fright is the foreman stating to him your to old to work. Most is Candys solitariness is a consequence of his accident on the spread ensuing him in losing one of his custodies and down came a whole batch of solitariness and a immense loss of money for himself. When his Canis familiaris dies he has no 1 to turn to and no 1 to speak to so he has to look some where else for a friend and he trys to do friends with George and Lennie. Candy offered George and Lennie his whole life nest eggs to seek and populate out a dream the chief ground he did this is because he was really lonely.

Candy was like Crooks they where both castawaies due to age and jobs with there organic structures ” when they cant use me here i wisht person shoot me. I wont have no topographic point to travel an I cant acquire no more occupations. ” confect says this in the book because he would instead decease than non work on the spread. He feels that he is blowing off and is traveling to decease shortly his greatest fright is non being able to work on the spread. Candy and his Canis familiariss friendly relationship mirrors the realtionship George and Lennie have. When Candy offers tonss of his money to assist George and Lennie in the pursuit for their dream but what he was truly seeking to make was purchase their friendly relationship because he was so alone “ youll allow me hoe in the garden ” this quotation mark merely says it all it truly shows how much Candy wanted to work and how much he wanted a friend Candy puts him self down to much one of the chief ground that Candy is so lonely is because he is afraid that people wont like him becuase he merely has one manus. But despite all of this he still tries to do friends by speaking to all the ranch custodies every bit much as he could. Joining Lennie and Georges dream is his last opportunity to seek and happen a sense of belonging and to do some friends.

Candy is the chief character that portrayes the subject of lonelyness in the novel all the ranch workers would ever set Candy and his Canis familiaris down this made Candy experience even worse about his life and finally when his Canis familiaris died Candy had no 1 and his lonelyness was easy eating off at him.

Lonelyness affects everyone at some point through out of the of mice and work forces novel. Lonelyness is shown more in certain people and has different affects on people. John Steinbeck has explored the subject of lonelyness in item through out the novel and has created clear images of the hurting and enduring the characters went through.