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A professional that has been brought up in a household and area full of a certain race will be comfortable working with the same race this is because they are more likely to be less familiar with individual’s of the different race as they may have had lack of socialization with them their fore are not aware with their beliefs. This could affect their perspective on groups of individuals of different race due to lack of interaction and knowledge. This will affect how they treat individuals in the health and social settings, when trying to promote ADP. For example a english service provider may see discrimination taking place with a english man and a pakistani man- due to the english service provider not being familiar with the pakistani service user they may find it hard to help them as they may seem them as being “different” as the service provider had lack of experience dealing and talking with this race. This affects the service provider from promoting ADP as they have had lack of socialization with a certain race.

Moreover another factor that can affect the service providers are the way they perceive disabled people. This is affected due to what the media portrays in social media. A service provider may treat the disabled person differently as they see them as being “different”. The service provider may have seen on the media about how other feel sympathy for “them” as they are now disabled. This affects the way others see the disabled people thinking they are really just a burden as they are lacking in doing anything.So for example in the hospital the service provider is more likely to treat the disabled person in a way that makes them feel like they are useless and not being empowered to do anything such as being able to dress themselves this will not promote ADP but make the service user feel like they are a burden as they are unable to do anything. Therefore the way the service provider has been surfing the media had affected the way he perceives disabled people.