A Swot Analysis Of General Cable Economics Essay

This subdivision of the paper identifies the current strengths, failings, chances, and menaces faced by General Cable. Each factor is so explained as to why it poses as a strength, failing, chance, or menace. Please refer to appendix A for a elaborate SWOT matrix.


Geographically Diversified

General Cable operates in 3 geographical sections, viz. North America, Europe and North Africa, and Rest of World ( ROW ) .1 With the focal point of long term growing, nevertheless, it is predicted that there will be an addition in population and wealth emerging from developing states. Therefore General Cable has been concentrating on diversifying geographically by strategic acquisitions worldwide.2 The recession in the United States and decelerate market in Spain, General Cable ‘s biggest subscribers of gross, proved that diversifying geographically has been an first-class move by giving General Cable other beginnings of gross from other states.

This broad international presence allows General Cable to hold several beginnings of gross and globalise General Cable as a trade name in different parts of the universe. It besides allows General Cable to non depend on certain geographic markets and helps cut down concern hazards well by distributing its gross beginnings across the Earth. Even though geographic variegation is considered as a strength for General Cable, it can besides present a failing for the company. Detailed treatment of this is presented in the failing subdivision.

Wide Product Breadth

General Cable has the broadest wire and overseas telegram merchandises in the industry. It offers a broad assortment of Cu, aluminium and fiber ocular wire and overseas telegram merchandises which are sold to different markets and industries worldwide. These merchandises are used non merely in the overseas telegram industry but in other industries as good, such as, communicating, building, transit, and oil and gas companies. The wire and overseas telegram industry is extremely competitory, and supplying a broad assortment of merchandises is a competitory strength for General Cable. This diversified merchandise offering helps cut downing the impact of market volatility in one peculiar merchandise section and provides economic stableness.

Lean & A ; Efficient Operation

General Cable strives to be as thin and every bit productive as possible to give it a competitory border. As an on-going attempt to cut down waste and costs, General Cable spends considerable clip and resources to educate its employees on how to cut down waste and cost and supply them with Lean Six Sigma cost containment training.3

This cost containment preparation has been successful evidenced by an addition in 2008 runing income and gross net income, which General Cable attributed to improved efficiency brought about by thin fabrication enterprises. A leaner and more efficient operation is a strength as it allows the company to gain more from the operation with its lower cost construction or sell the merchandises at a lower monetary value than the rivals while still doing the same sum of net income.


Geographically Diversified

As mentioned earlier in the paper, geographic variegation is a competitory strength for General Cable. However, it is besides a failing for General Cable. Geographically diversified means General Cable operates in assorted parts of the universe and is exposed to different authorities regulations and ordinances, political instabilities in each state, every bit good as volatile foreign currencies. Political instabilities and unfavourable foreign currency interlingual renditions are weaknesses to General Cable. For illustration, societal agitation in Thailand halted General Cable ‘s major undertaking with the local authorities and Venezuelan ‘s currency devaluation caused $ 45 million income write off.8 These events have a negative impact on General Cable ‘s fiscal Numberss as they influence gross revenues, growing and net net income.

Narrow Industry Operation

Even though General Cable offers a assortment of merchandises, it purely operates in the wire and overseas telegram industry. This may present as a failing to General Cable ‘s fiscal public presentation if the wire and overseas telegram industry does non execute good. Having concerns across different industries allows more stableness and reduces concern cyclicality as General Cable can still countervail the loss from other industries if the wire and overseas telegram is down.

Excessive Debt Dependence

As mentioned in the fiscal ratio analysis of the paper, General Cable is extremely leveraged by debt, evidenced by higher than industry ‘s standard purchase ratio. and this may potentially hold an inauspicious consequence on General Cable ‘s fiscal place. General Cable ‘s competitory border may be limited as it may be harder for the company to obtain farther funding due to the important sum of debt it possesses. Net income may besides be adversely affected when concern is bad and hard currency flow is limited and there are a important sum of debt refunds that need to be made. These are hinderances for General Cable from accomplishing its strategic ends by restricting its ability to raise money or take up any new undertakings due to high involvement rate and/or low runing hard currency.

Over Dependence on One Key Supplier

As antecedently mentioned in the Porter ‘s analysis, more than 90 % of General Cable ‘s 2008 Cu rod purchases were supplied by one key provider. This is a failing for General Cable because if this key provider fails or for any ground does non provide General Cable with equal stuffs, it will greatly impact General Cable operations.

Any unforeseen jobs and breaks with this provider could hold a material inauspicious consequence on General Cable ‘s operation. This is because General Cable besides does non hold any long term purchase understandings with this key provider, and it is highly difficult to happen another key provider that can provide natural stuffs on such short notice. Be it natural calamities such as hurricanes and temblors or the provider ‘s ain fiscal or company jobs, all of these will hold a negative impact on General Cable ‘s operation and fiscal public presentation.


Expansion into the Emerging Markets

As there is monolithic growing and wealth coming from the emerging markets, General Cable can capitalise on this chance by spread outing farther into these emerging markets and leveraging its 150 old ages of proficient expertness. General Cable is smartly spread outing worldwide by leveraging chances in the emerging markets from constructing a new World Cup bowl in South Africa to making into the local markets in China and India. These undertakings, along with the recent acquisitions and enlargements in other emerging markets, are illustrations of how General Cable is taking advantage of the chances in the emerging market by tapping into those states that are constructing their energy substructure. The chance in the emerging markets will besides assist beef up General Cable as a company as it offers more gross beginnings and helps cut down concern hazards well by distributing its gross beginnings.

Strong Growth & A ; Government Support in Alternative Energy

With the of all time increasing desire for energy independency and environmental concern, alternate energy such as air current, solar and hydroelectric power is poised to turn quickly. General Cable is one of the taking overseas telegram companies that support alternate energy by making merchandises that provide solutions in the alternate energy sectors. Alternative energy usage increased quickly in recent old ages, and more than $ 400 million of industrial and energy overseas telegram was sold to the tellurian air current farm market globally in 2008.4 The authorities ‘s support in the alternate energy motion is besides an first-class chance for General Cable. The economic stimulation bundle passed by Congress supports renewable alternate energy which will further heighten investings in alternate energy. In bend, it will increase demand for General Cable ‘s merchandises and increase fiscal public presentation. Both strong growing and authorities support for alternate energy allow General Cable to capitalise on this chance to farther heighten its market place and fiscal public presentation.

Demand for Greater Communication Bandwidth and Global Connectivity

As the demand for bandwidth additions to back up the increasing demand for planetary connectivity and communicating, the demand for General Cable merchandises will necessarily billow. An article from ‘IT News Africa ‘ provinces that the demand for international connectivity has been much higher than anticipated, which proves there is a definite demand for planetary high-velocity cables.7 Internet users will besides increase as the emerging markets become more affluent and require faster connexions. This addition in demand is an chance that General Cable has to capitalise on as it will hold a positive impact for General Cable ‘s fiscal public presentation and repute as this chance creates more undertakings and sell more merchandises for General Cable.


Volatile trade good market

General Cable transforms basic natural stuffs such as Cu, aluminium, petrochemicals and steel into extremely engineered wire and overseas telegram merchandises. Natural stuffs account for about 75 % of the transition cost which means that fluctuation in natural stuffs monetary values may adversely impact General Cable ‘s cost of gross revenues and in bend, its competitory pricing.5 The monetary value of Cu and aluminium, in recent months, has been highly volatile, presenting a menace to General Cable ‘s operation and fiscal wellness. Another issue with the trade good market is that important monetary value addition will well diminish demand for wire and overseas telegram merchandises and finally will hold a negative impact on General Cable ‘s fiscal public presentation.

Rigorous ordinances

Operating in the wire and overseas telegram industry every bit good as holding world-wide operation exposes General Cable to legion complex regulations and ordinances. The ordinances range from import and export regulations, single authorities policies on the industry, environmental Torahs, to electronic or telecommunication regulations, as mentioned in the environmental analysis. All of these factors are menaces that may materially impact General Cable ‘s growing scheme, public presentation, and repute as they may restrict General Cable ‘s ability to run freely and/or impose brawny mulcts if the company by chance goes against the ordinances.


By the terminal of 2008, General Cable and its subordinates have been involved in 34,730 cases, 1,275 of which are pending non-maritime asbestos instances and are deserving 1000000s of dollars combined.6 If General Cable is found guilty in any of the cases and subjected to hefty pecuniary mulcts and payments, it will materially impact General Cable ‘s operation and fiscal public presentation. Even though General Cable has non been found guilty in any of the judicial proceedings, as antecedently mentioned in the environmental analysis, supporting these judicial proceedings are highly dearly-won. Therefore, these judicial proceedings are seen as a considerable menace to its fiscal public presentation due to the cost of supporting them and possible pecuniary mulcts and payments.


General Cable ‘s planetary presence and thin operation put it at a competitory advantage in the industry. It allows General Cable to hold a broad spread of income beginning and cut down the impact of economic cyclicality when one state is in recession. As it was discussed antecedently, planetary presence is besides a failing for General Cable. Exposure to political instability and fluctuations in the foreign exchange market may hold an inauspicious consequence on General Cable ‘s operation and fiscal public presentation. Wide merchandise comprehensiveness is besides another strength in that it helps cut down the impact of market volatility in one peculiar merchandise section and provides economic stableness. In order to stay competitory in the industry, General Cable has to non merely keep its strengths that give it a competitory advantage, but it besides needs to capitalise on the chances available to the company. The strong support and growing for alternate energy every bit good as increasing demand for greater bandwidth and connectivity are some of the chances that General Cable has already capitalized on and will go on to make so. However, the lifting natural stuff monetary values and volatility in the trade good market could supercharge the company ‘s net income borders, therefore presenting menaces to the company. Litigations faced by General Cable is besides a menace to the company ‘s operation and fiscal public presentation, if and when it is found guilty.