A the decoration was looking great. Games

A Prize Giving Day at My School

Prizes are the recognition of a man’s work. A person is rewarded for his outstanding and inspiring work. It

increases the spirit of our work and make us delighted. The annual sports of our school was held on the 12 of

March. On the 10th March the office of our school in co-operation with the volunteers chosen by them among us,

arranged the arena in a suitable way and decorated it very tastefully. The shape of our building is ‘L’ and

there is a garden beside the playground. So the place usually looks good. After all the decoration was looking

great. Games had been started on 10th March and it was finished on the 12th March at 3 P.M. The prize-giving

ceremony was really attractive because our governing committee was present there and also all the students’

parents. So under the guidance of the physical instructor and some other teachers adequate seating arrangements

were made for the spectators both male and female. A band party was also hired to make the sports attractive.

The sports events started punctually at 10.30 am. with the running of the Olympic torch by a student of class

x. Then flying of the pigeons of peace was done. Immediately after this the march took place and the headmaster

of our school took the salute. Thereafter, he declared the sports meet opened and the competitors took the oath

allegiance, then the actual sports began. The most important event of the sports were 100-metre sprint, 400-

metre sprint, 800-metre race etc. About two hundred students participated in all the events. For each event

there were three trophies. When our game finished the cultural programme started which our students had

arranged. After that our chief guest DC. delivered his speech and at the end our headmaster delivered his

speech. Finally, our prize giving ceremony started and our chief guest distributed all gifts to winners.

SIDR is one of the massive cyclones. It causes huge loss to lives and resources. The devastating cyclone ‘SIDR

hit the southern part of Bangladesh on the night following Thursday, November 15. 2007. It had been described

as a category 4 cyclone (deadlier than Katrina) and had raised its sever es( onslaughts packing winds of 240

km/hr on the southern coast of Bangladesh. The hurricane ‘SIDR1 came from the Bay of Bengal..It managed to

ravage the lives of thousands of hurricane. It managed to ravage the lives of thousands of inhabitants of the

coastal region. The storm killed over three thousands people and the Red Crescent estimated that it can reach

up to 10 thousand or more in the end. The storm killed thousands of livestock and completely destrayed crops of

23, 122 acres of law,t. According to an estimate, 2,73,000 houses were totally flattened, with 58 km roads

totally destroy ;Ji and another 1,363 km damaged. A massive health hazard loomed large over the areas badly hit

by ‘SIDR. An acute shortage of drinking water was resulting in some fatal diseases like diarrhoea, cholera,

typhoid started to claim lives. After all, SIDR had brought an extra burden to the country’s sluggish economy.

However, many scientists and environmentalists believe that global warming, environment-ierd pollution,

ecological imbalance etc, are the main culprits contributing to the occurrence of this demonic ‘SIDR.