Abstract ideas, thoughts and feelings among individuals.

The communication is a mode exchanging ideas, thoughts and feelings among individuals. The globalization had bring diversity among all the organization people from various background started to work together as a team and the diversity has produced high performing organization all around the world. This essay is emphasising on the communication in a diverse workplace, how the communication can become effective by recognizing the various diverse factor among employees.
Communication is an interpersonal skill that can be defined as a mode of exchanging information, ideas and thoughts from one person to another. The word communication is derived from Latin word “communis” means common (Diksha, 2018). The communication can be classified as verbal communication or spoken communication, non-verbal communication as gestures and as expressions or written communication (matthew, 2018). Only effective communication can convey ideas properly to the receiver. Effective communication helps to form trust and respect among each other, it helps to form creative idea in the work environment and for in conflict resolution. The communication depends upon various factors such as diversity, communication channel, individual perception, clarity of message and feedback. A skilled communicator should be aware of these differences to reduce the effect of these factors on once communication. Diversity is one of the major factor that effect communication age, religion, race and ethnicity, life experience and disability are certain diversities among people. These factors can create communication barrier in communication. The organization has to recognize these differences and has to manage these variations for the smooth operation. The senior management have to take the initiative for managing the diversity. The managers has to understand the diversity among his team and to form an ease among team members to smooth communication channel among each other. The organization has to educate the employees to respect all type of diversity and try to spread awareness among the members.
In an organisation, the age diverse currently noticeable between 18 and 64, however, this age gap can be effective when managed properly and on the other side. The age group can be divided as traditionalist, baby boomers, generation x and generation y. The different age group can be complicated due to distinction of opinions among one age and another with respect to principles, ideas and qualities. Moreover, it has been noticed that when different age of people is working together can either produce bombastic or underwhelming outcomes. So, to get effective results, various experiments between different age groups workers can be performed, one of them, mentoring programs that empower old age workers to interact with and gain useful or new things from younger co-workers and vice-versa. Further, the most surprising thing that any association can do is to help in encouraging communication networks strongly. Regularly, what ends up excruciating and baffling for workers is the trouble looked in conveying their message to their associates and supervisors (Work, 2013). Distinctive ages can have diverse communication styles and standards. This can easily outcome in hard feelings and contempt which can convert into intense conversational tones and foul work-legislative issues. For this, the organisation should facilitate strong communication networks. Other ways, by arranging and implementing fun retreats, relaxation exercises, official eat outs, snacks etcetera, where workers from all age-bunches are welcomed, an organisation can develop a cordial and pleasant workplace. This additionally gives workers a fantastic opportunity to become more acquainted with each other and possibly clear-up a ton of little misinterpretations that they will undoubtedly be not able during their standard 9 to 5 work hours. Furthermore, who knows, they may wind up finding astonishing things about each other and ending up best mates despite the age distinction. Standard Chain of Command is frequently observed conflictingly by workers, especially by subordinates that are junior on the hierarchy. Along these lines, the most ideal deal to manage the ‘Being-Ruled-By’ or ‘Putting Orders-Like-We-Are-Servants’ emotions is to formation of teams in which worker must be of different age groups and make their achievement or performances reliant on one-another. Expectations should be unquestionably granted with the goal that the group comprehends what the objective of cooperating is and that they are relied upon to give yield through shared endeavours. Empower open entryways for teams to endeavour new things. Praise attempts and team outcomes but also take into consideration.
Lessons gained from failures are significant learning apparatuses. Despite an executive’s sincere endeavours to make a synergistic working environment, clashes can and frequently do emerge. Managers ought to have the ability to address them quickly and effectively with the objective that they don’t turn insane. Managers who can get to the core of an issue and work with their workers to train them how to settle difficulties themselves help to make healthy work surroundings. Acknowledging differences and working towards a mutual target spotlights on solutions. At last, celebrate little and big accomplishments in the working atmosphere. Therefore, it will boost and lift morale of employees across all generation.
Religion is a thing to which humans regards and pray as holy, spiritual, and god. Religion simple tells us a person is related to gods or holy spirits. There are numerous religions in world to whom human follows and all are different from one another, all have their own values and important. Every religion has unique way to worship their god only thing that is similar in these is that worship is considered as most important in all (athism, 2018). They all have their religious institutes like Gurudwara’s for Sikh, Temples for Hindus and Churches for Christians. Some people visit their institutes daily and some occasionally. In world there are three main religions that are Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity. These all have own origin history and have different teaching believes. Here in this paragraph I will only enlighten my view on how people from different origin can communicate with each other on workplace. Communicating and interacting with employees from different cultures helps us in making good relation with them. Valuing various culture is the major stepping stone for building relation and for effective communication in an organization. It enhances our team working skills as well as we also get knowledge about their religion. It helps us in learning new skills that other employee has with different culture. Firstly, always adapt flexible attitude towards employees from different culture as a little leaning can help us a lot in future. Whenever we talk with employee from different origin try to learn what is good and what is bad in their religion so that while working you don’t harm his feelings. Some cultures teach followers to speak loudly and some not so always be ready to interact with people speaking at different voice pitch. Be straight forward and tell me frankly if you didn’t understood what he say you while interacting but not in offensive way. Just be polite and ask him again “I didn’t understand you can you please speak again”. This will make him more comfortable with you rather than if you had ignored him. Always respect him while working by wishing him and appreciating him whenever necessary. Secondly, verbal speaking helps a lot in interacting with them. If you are interacting with employee from different religion, speak slowly and clearly so that he can understand you. If he asks you to speak again then be polite and explain him in very friendly way. If you are interacting with employee whose language if different than your language then try to communicate in that language which you both know like English is very common language, almost all people working professionally are good in English. So always try to speak with your peers in such kind of common language so that you both can understand each other. Usually various societies utilize facial expressions in different way. For example, Americans may grin habitually, while different societies may see over the top grinning as an indication of shallowness. When speaking with individuals from different societies, you may see that they are more expressive with their face than you are utilized to, or you may see that they don’t indicate much appearance by any stretch of the imagination (Cotton, 2018). So it’s very important to understand the skills to communicate with employees who are from different cultures.
There are several factors which effects our way to communicate with the co-worker. These factors can negatively or positively influence us as well as other employee while communicate with them if they are from different background. In this modern world, it is common to see people from different race and ethnicity are working with each other. Therefore, for the desired results they need to talk effectively with other employees even though they are from different background. The words ‘race’ and ‘ethnicity’ are commonly associated with the skin colour. A racial people is a group of people which seems to be same based on their skin colour. Racism have been around us since the beginning of the time and that is the reason that people categorize themselves based on the skin tone and they prefer to talk with people with the same skin colour. In the cutting edge working environment, organizations are putting more noteworthy accentuation on assorted variety and incorporation activities to reinforce hierarchical flexibility, increase upper hand and decrease lawful dangers. In spite of this pattern, numerous organizations still battle with racial and ethnic segregation and policymaking.
Therefore, everyone needs to talk effectively with people from different race or ethnicity. There are many ways in which employee can deal effectively with this kind of solution. Managers also needs to step forward to deal with this kind of situation. They need to develop cultural competence environment in their organization. They also need to become role model so that another worker can follow them. They should not allow racial or cultural biases to affect their decision while hiring or promotion any worker and need to provide cultural and racial awareness training to all workers. The more the workers will talk about race and there are more chances that they understand each other and less chance of discrimination which helps them to talk effectively with each other and helps to create positive environment in the company. Another way is the knowledge about the co-worker’s culture. If an employee knows about the culture of its co-worker and know about the history then this knowledge helps them to understand their issues and also helps them to build strong relationship with that worker and talk effectively with them. Similarly, workers also need to be aware about the concept of ethnicity which helps to avoid any conflict with worker from other culture so that they can talk normally with each other. It is also the responsibility to take step forward in this situation and makes it easy for the workers to raise the complaints about discrimination and makes sure that their complaint procedure should be confidential. To effectively improve racial and ethnic diversity in the organization, they need to understand some key definitions and words about the diversity and need to tell these to their employers and their importance. To flourish in the current different circumstances, organizations need to lead the path in consideration by making working environments that advance and commend racial and ethnic decent variety (Dyson, 2017). By making assorted variety amicable conditions, organizations pick up favourable position in the aggressive look for gifted ability.
Life experience is an educational one people becomes smarter and professional in their respective fields with experience. Young minds are enthusiastic and have courage to do the work but lack of experience makes a dent in their work. Whereas more experienced people have solution for almost every problem. They know how to adjust in the given situation because of the hard times they may have come through. So younger workers should learn from the experienced co-workers, even if they are on the higher post than the experienced workers. Somehow the issue of age can be solved but one should know that experience is always greater than age. It doesn’t matter you are at a post higher than the other co-worker who is more experienced than you. One should keep their ego aside and communicate with them keeping in mind that they may have gone through what you haven’t yet. It may be out of fashion these days, but sticking with one employer or boss has its own rewards. Older workers know what it means to commit through thick and thin. Learn the quality of loyalty. Also, it is important to maintain your position and not going too informal. Same ways, experienced workers should also communicate with the young workers, considering the fact that they haven’t experienced the life in its actual face. They should communicate and learn the qualities from younger minds too. Such as technology is taking over everything these days. Exchanging such information through communication is in a way better for the company as a whole. Demonstrating respect is the most important interaction that you can have dealing with the everyday people who populate your work life. Not only with people elder than you but with younger one too. We often loose temper and put our ego in front. But instead we should communicate efficiently. Treat them like your younger brother or sister and older guardians respectively, but again stay in limits don’t insult or argue with them. Be professional as well as nice.
Effective communication must be there. Because it doesn’t matter if there is gap of experience, sharing knowledge will always make you more experienced. So, just because a newer co-worker is younger doesn’t necessarily mean he’s the new intern. You were once a younger co-worker too. The new, younger co-workers are probably aalready feeling vulnerable and out of place, so skip the demeaning questions and offer comfort. Being condescending only makes younger employees feel like their professional contributions aren’t valued, which drastically reduces productivity. So for the sake of smoothly running company operations, communicate nicely. Don’t assume this is your co-worker’s first job just because she is young. Lots of younger workers get valuable, hands-on experience via internships and volunteering. Respect ones position in the company. Engage yourself in a more fruitful conversation if you’re trying to give advice. Ask your co-worker questions and show interest, and only give advice if he asks for it. Similarly, helping each other side by side and communicating will result in good relationships and success to your company or organization.
The recognition and appreciation of the diversity in the work place creates a coherence in an organization. Effective communication can be achieved by valuing the diversity and communicating by understating and conquering the barriers among various people. With more diverse employees organization can achieve better performance. The diversity brinks various skills and ideas to the organization. The communication transparency and acceptance of communication between senior management and the staff from people from various age group, gender, and religion can create a successful organization