Ally this mean? probably that vaccines should

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Each year, about 2 million people die from vaccine-preventable diseases clearly something needs to change.
What does this mean? probably that vaccines should be mandatory.

Dangerous Diseases are coming back
Nearly eradicated diseases like rubella and measles are coming back because people aren’t vaccinating Allowing the weakened disease to prey on easy targets meaning it can spread and regain its strength and power.
So why wouldn’t people want to protect themselves and others from world ending or highly lethal diseases. The most common reason people aren’t getting vaccinated is because of safety concerns. The vaccines that protect you from very dangerous diseases are very safe and are tested for many years before they are used. These vaccines won’t harm you and the side effects your body experiences are very minor (and not permanent) compared with getting infected with these dangerous diseases (which can kill you) it is a small price to pay. Having these vaccines in childhood prevent 10. 5 million cases of infectious illness and 33,000 deaths per year

So why is not getting your vaccine bad for not just you but other people
Some People can’t have vaccines, so others must protect them. Some people can’t have vaccines for a multitude of reasons like being allergic to one of the ingredients (eggs being the biggest reason since the disease is cultivated in the egg shell?) other reasons are being too young, too old, too sick to have the vaccine. When a very bad flu season or disease comes around many of these people will be at risk but the one way to slow this down is by everyone else being vaccinated the disease can’t move to anyone and slowly dies out (This is called herd immunity when 95% of people that can have vaccines are vaccines