An knows of this intentinal abuse because

An example of the indicators of abuse occurring at the service of a residential care home is if for example, a service user called, Amy who is a 70 years old and has be cared for because she is a vulnerable adult with a physical disability, therefore she has to be tended to at all times by a health and social care professional at the service. However, her carer is new and does not like her at all because she has to always look after her and she always wants something ebvery minute, this is why her carer is very frustrated with her. Therefore, because of this she does not respect her and most of the time abuses her by taking her out of her wheelchair and pushing her on the floor, kicking her. This is why Amy now has bruises on her stomach and that is why she has now fracyured her ribs, however no one knows of this intentinal abuse because her carer has chosen to abuse her in a protected area that not everyone is going to see except her. This form of abuse links into the indicator of unexplained brusing. Whenever Amy, complains about the pain to her fellow residents or the other carers her carer lies and says that Amy had fallen off her wheelchair, that is why she has not been caught yet and instead Amy’s injuries remain unexplained. Judging from this, if Amy was to get a new carer, then those injuries that she has had are indicators of her physical abuse that has occurred with her, therefore it will be a lot easier to help her.