An take on board the key areas

An important part in working with others to review and prioritise my own learning needs, professional interest and development is my willingness to learn and make the most of all training the company have to offer, that way I can improve myself and the care I give to individuals.
It is also important to plan and prioritise our personal development, to take on board the key areas from our appraisals and PDPs and plan which one is the most important to start with, and as a carer there is always room for improvement. For example, if it was pointed out in feedback from my manager that my health and safety procedure was not up to scratch and my getting to work on time was not what was expected, then I would prioritise by improving my health and safety procedures first as this affects the individuals I care for and to prevent any accidents from happening. After improving my health and safety, then I would work on not being late for work . One of the formal ways of reflecting on your own practice and identifying strengths, weaknesses and areas for development is during training opportunities. On a course, or at a training day, aspects of your work practices and areas of knowledge that are new to me will be discussed, and this will often open up avenues that I had not previously considered. This is one of the major benefits of making the most of all the training and education opportunities that are available .I also can examine what the roles are of everyone around you and consider how their position, knowledge and experience is of value to me.