Analysis Of Five Point Someone English Literature Essay

About the Cover: The three cogwheels represent Hari, Alok and Ryan, while the flower represents Neha. These technology and human elements are shown to co-exist in harmoniousness. Besides, cogwheels need to engage together to work, stand foring Hari, Alok and Ryan ‘s friendly relationship.

The white coloring material of the screen represents simpleness, as seen in the authorship manner of the book. The definition of friendly relationship spread all over reinforces the subject of the book.


Five Point Person is a narrative about three friends in IIT who are unable to get by.

The book starts with a disclaimer, “ This is non a book to learn you how to acquire into IIT or even how to populate in college. In fact, it describes how screwed up things can acquire if you do n’t believe directly. ”

Three hostelmates – Alok, Hari and Ryan acquire off to a bad start in IIT – they screw up the first category quiz. And while they try to do damagess, things merely acquire worse. It takes them a piece to recognize: If you try and screw with the IIT system, it comes back to duplicate prison guard you. Before they know it, they are at the lowest echelons of IIT society. They have a five-point-something GPA out of 10, ranking near the terminal of their category. This GPA is a tattoo that will stay with them, and come in the manner of anything else that affairs – their friendly relationship, their hereafter, their love life. While the universe expects IITians to suppress the universe, these cats are fighting to last.

Will they do it? Do underachievers hold a right to populate? Can they show that they are non merely a five-point-somebody but a five-point-someone?


From Chapter 2

Prof. Sen distributed the reply sheets in category two yearss subsequently.

“ Five? I got a five out of 20, ” I said to Alok, who sat following to me in category.

“ I got seven. Curse it, seven, ” Alok said.

“ I have three. How about that? One, two, three, ” Ryan said, numbering on his fingers.

Prof. Sen wrote the customary drumhead tonss on the chalkboard.

Average: 11/20

High: 17/20

Low: 3/20

He kept those written for a few proceedingss, before continuing with his talk on cantilever beams.

“ I have the lowest. Did you see that? ” Ryan whispered to me, unmoved by cantilever beams. It was difficult to calculate out what he was experiencing at this point. Even though he was seeking to remain unagitated and deadpan, I could state he was holding problem digesting his consequence. He re-read his quiz, it did non alter the mark.

Alok was in a different orbit. His face looked like it had on tormenting twenty-four hours. He viewed the answer sheet like he had the coke bottle, an look of anxiousness assorted with unhappiness. It is in these minutes that Alok is most vulnerable, you nudge him merely a small spot and you know he ‘d shout. But for now, the quiz consequences were a abhorrent adequate sight.

I saw my ain reply sheet. The teacher had written my mark in large but careless letters, like graffitos written with disdain. Now I am no Einstein or anything, but this ne’er happened to me in school. My mark today was five on 20, or 25 per cent, I had ne’er in my life scored less than three times every bit much. Ouch, the first quiz in IIT injury.

But take Ryan ‘s tonss. I wondered if it had been deserving it for him to even analyze last dark. I was two points in front of him, or wait a minute, 66 per cent in front of him, that made me experience better. Thank God for comparative wretchedness!

Alok had the highest per centum amongst the three of us, but I could state he did non happen consolation in our wretchedness. He saw his mark, and he saw the norm on the board. I saw his face, writhing every clip he saw his incorrect replies.

We kept our answer-sheet, the cogent evidence of our underperformance, in our bags and strolled back to Kumaon. We met at dinner in the muss. The nutrient was bland as usual, and Alok wrinkled his pug nose as he hopelessly plopped a thick blob of green substance mess-workers called bhindi masala into his home base. He slammed two rotis on his stainless-steel home base and ignored the remainder of the semi-solid substances like dekaliter, raita and pulao. Ryan and I took everything ; though everything tasted the same, we could at least have some assortment of colourss on our home base.

Alok eventually brought up the subject of the quiz at the dinner tabular array.

“ So, now you do n’t hold anything to state? ”

Ryan and I looked at each other.

“ State what? ” I said.

“ That how dirt this is, ” Alok said.

“ The nutrient? ” I said, to the full cognizant Alok meant otherwise.

“ No darn it! Not the darn nutrient, ” Alok said, “ The apmech quiz. ” His look changed from the usual tragic one to a livelier angry one. I found that look marginally more pleasant to look at and easier to cover with.

“ What about the quiz? That we are screwed. What is to discourse in that? ” Ryan simplified.

“ Oh truly. We are screwed, no darn uncertainty in that, ” Alok said.

I think Alok picks up a word and uses it excessively much, which ruins the consequence. There were excessively many ‘damns ‘ in his duologues.

“ Then drop it. Anyhow, you got the highest amongst us. So, be happy. ”

“ Happy? Yes, I am happy. The norm is eleven, and person got 17. And here I am, at damn seven. Yes, I am happy my darn Terminator buttocks, ” Alok scoffed.

I told you, Alok ruins the consequence. I wanted to state him that he should halt ‘damn ‘ right now but something told me he would non appreciate the nuances of cussing right now.

“ What? What did you merely state? ” Ryan said, maintaining his spoon down on the home base, “ Did you say Terminator? ”

“ Yes. It was a stupid thought. Your stupid darn thought, ” Alok said.

Ryan froze. He looked at Alok as if he was talking in foreign lingua. Then he turned toward me.

“ You heard what he said? Hari, you heard? This is incredible adult male, ” Ryan turned to me.

I had heard Alok, nil being the affair with my tympanums but I was n’t paying attending to anything apart from maintaining counts of the ‘damns ‘ .

“ Hari, you think I screwed up the quiz? ” Ryan asked easy.

I looked at Alok ‘s and Ryan ‘s faces in speedy sequence, interceding on something I did non understand yet.

“ Ryan, you got three. You still necessitate me to state you that you screwed up? ” I counter-questioned.

“ No. I mean Alok is stating I screwed up the quiz for both of you because I took you to the film. You think so or… ? ”

“ That is non what I said… ” Alok interrupted even as Ryan raised his manus to bespeak silence.

Q & A ; A

What is Five Point Person about?

Five point Person is about three male childs in IIT who ca n’t get by with the system. Their hapless class point norm, brands them as the underachievers of IIT society – and trials everything else they hold of import – friends, love, dreams and responsibilites. How of import are classs or loosely speech production, how of import is success compared to other facets of your life? Five Point Person explores this inquiry.

Wow, sounds heavy. Is it?

Oh No! Not at all. The primary thought of this book is to entertain the reader. The genre is humour, and it attempts to convey the reader back into their college yearss where money was scarce, friends were plenty and even when confronting deep life issues – you were holding merriment.

State us something more about the authorship manner used in the book?

The authorship manner is highly informal. This may be reffered to as modern English, but the thought is to compose as people talk in college age. Hence, no flowery linguistic communication, no tough words you dreaded in a command, no set regulations. Yet – it works, because it is the linguistic communication of existent people.

How large is the book?

The concluding inside informations are being worked out, but expected to be about 250 pages which is a medium sized novel. However, because of the simple linguistic communication, the book reads much faster.

So the book is set in IIT?

Yes, the book is set in the IIT Delhi campus. Locations, topographic points and locales are all really existent. And the monetary values for paranthas are existent excessively – though at one point in clip in the yesteryear.

Can we cognize a spot more about the narrative?

Hmmm. Stating you excessively much will take away something. Let us merely state – three cats Hari, Alok and Ryan are wingmates in the inn and have the same section. The three of them become the best friends, but they have different personalities, and different outlooks out of the hereafter. They have a unsmooth start, and the downward spiral of the IIT system grips them before they know it. Does that assist?

Kind of. And what is the love angle in the book?

And there is one female character in the book – the beautiful Neha, girl of Professor Cherian. Rest, when you pick up the book.