Analysis Of Staircase To Destiny

My exhibit is endeavoring to reflect and highlight the attitudes, beliefs and values that I represent as an person in this present clip in my life. As my life progresses on, my attitudes, beliefs and values have been uniformly modified and evolved by interacting with my household and my faith, Buddhism. This is the thought that I have approached in building my exhibit.

I believe that using the white base of my exhibit would be the most appropriate manner to show and portray these influences in an apprehensible mode. The simpleness of this exhibit may look slightly unsympathetic, nevertheless it was constructed this manner deliberately ; this is the lone manner to show my discourses in an apprehensible mode. Glancing at each and every characteristic which is utilized can let readers to associate each paragraph to it for a better apprehension of the many discourses responsible for determining and modifying me. Everything is presented in black and white so that its characteristics achieve the intent of stand foring me and my discourses every bit obviously as possible without confusion or uncertainness. Furthermore, this exhibit will supply a huge sum of hidden symbolism in a compact infinite as there is a stating ‘Great things come in little bundles ‘ . My exhibit will supply a thorough penetration into the influences in my life that have shaped my discourses.

My Exhibit:

The word ‘family ‘ in my exhibit symbolises that I value my household as they have been determining me the manner I am today. My household has a strong bond and believes in success in academe which has permeated into my beliefs. I believe that holding a household is of import as they will ever be at your side back uping and caring for you. Learning how my household interacts with each other in different state of affairss, allows me to see and larn the different types of methods in work outing the many jobs or obstructions which I could meet in my life when carry throughing my end. Therefore this was how my household has influenced and shaped my attitude and beliefs. The discourses that have been shaped and influenced by my household will ever remain with me. I value my household beyond anything else in the universe and will go on to prolong this belief.

My faith is the cardinal facet in my life as it is something unreplaceable and invaluable. This is represented by the image of Buddha on my exhibit. I appreciated that I was born into a Buddhist household as it has developed my discourses. Buddhism has transformed me to go a better individual as it teaches me subject and self-denial ; these are the many cardinal constituents in my religious endurance. My faith has allowed me to understand assisting others is in fact assisting yourself. My exhibit represents this by a quotation mark, ‘What comes about goes around ‘ . My Chinese heritage and faith was imperative in making the blend of parallel beliefs, values and attitudes I uphold and live by boulder clay this present twenty-four hours. Buddhism has motivated me into going a physician, as assisting others is in fact assisting yourself. During the vacation, I came about a book that had a bundle of quotation marks about life and approval. A Buddhist approval has given me some ideas which are:

May you be safe and protected

May you be happy and peaceable

May you be healthy and strong

May you carry your life with easiness and grace

The volume of the white box symbolises the many good workss that I have done which encapsulates the black box. The black box is far excessively personal for people to shop through it as it is sealed from the outside universe.

After much self-contemplation, I realised what my end is ; this has underpinned the building of my ideas. The stairway represents how I perceive my life at this peculiar point in clip and how I pursue my dream end. Coming from a Chinese civilization, it has shaped me to comprehend that instruction is an indispensable portion of my foundation. As an Asiatic, I used my clip really sagely by extinguishing the distractions of games and telecasting in order to maximize the clip in my surveies. From my faith, I have learnt that life is non ever smooth as there are many obstructions that you have to get the better of. Reading a quotation mark by Bruce Lee: ‘I have come to understand that life is to be lived and non to be conceptualised. I am happy because I am turning day-to-day and I am candidly non cognizing where the bound lies ‘ , gives me the strength to interrupt through the barriers or obstructions, since Bruce Lee is my graven image as I worship his soldierly humanistic disciplines. This is represented by the image of Bruce Lee and his quotation mark in my exhibit. To go a physician, it is indispensable that I obtained high Markss by analyzing difficult. Second, my UMAT mark must be at a degree that is high plenty for me to go one of the members in the medical professional. My household ever instructed me to ‘Be like a postage cast, stick to one thing until you get there ‘ , quoted by Margaret Carty as shown on my exhibit. My chase of success is similar to a stairway because each measure I make takes me closer to my end. Through the changeless alterations and determinations in my life, my values, beliefs and attitudes has been modified by the chase for felicity and success.

Everyone has their ain unique background and household history, I am no exclusion. The spreads and silences of my life are excessively personal. The decease of my gramps is one of the many heartaches that I have experienced in my life. This is silenced in my representation as it is best left for personal deliberation instead than being explored for public show.

As the universe is aging, so am I ; my discourses have non yet wholly developed as there is every possibility for growing as I engage with new discourses. Every facet that I have presented has all been indispensable in supplying the cardinal alteration to organize the foundation that has housed my values, attitudes and beliefs as an person. I am unsure of what the hereafter might keep, but I am convinced that my discourses which were developed with my household will stay the same. My exhibit has non yet been completed as I still have many stages of my life to see in the close hereafter which is represented by the emptiness around my stairway.