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Are you afraid of sharks? Why? Is it because you’re terrified that they’ll come leaping out of the deep blue sea? Gnaw on your legs just as you were having some rest and relaxation on the beach? Well, I’m here to tell you that Galeophobia – the fear of sharks – has caused many of us to forget how these sea creatures are not actually that dangerous to us.

An estimated 80% of sharks have never attacked a human being, mostly because these creatures are actually quite small and don’t really live close to us humans. This renders them mainly harmless. It is shown that only great white, bull, and tiger sharks are more likely to attack humans, out of the total of 440 species. More importantly, most people who are indeed attacked by a shark will survive. This is because, on average, there are 16 shark attacks per year in the United States, with one fatality every two years.

You know the film Jaws? How it terrified everyone in the 70s? Yes? Well that film managed to alter the perception of sharks forever! Before this Spielberg spectacular cinematic, nobody really knew anything about sharks. One positive thing that came as a result of this film was that they started to be studied