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Malaysia is puting to a great extent in turning itself into a prima finish for international pupils, and its attempts appear to be paying away. As of 2012, it is the universe ‘s 11th largest exporter of educational services, and host to more than 90,000 international pupils from 100 different states.

However, the authorities has much bigger aspirations. It has set a mark of going the universe ‘s 6th largest instruction exporter by 2020, and holding 200,000 international pupils by that point.

Among the enterprises introduced to accomplish this is a new bureau, known as Malayan Education Global Services ( MEGS ) , which will supply aid for foreign pupils using to analyze in Malaysia.

Universities in Malaya: Educity Iskandar

A state with immense higher instruction aspirations: Study in Malaysia

Besides at the Centre of Malaysia ‘s investing in higher instruction is the new EduCity Iskandar development, in the South of the state.

EduCity is a immense shared campus, which when completed will be place to eight universities – all of them run by bing universities in other states.

Teaching has already begun at several of these subdivision universities, including the medical college opened by the UK ‘s Newcastle University, and is due to get down at several others in the close hereafter.

Once to the full completed, the site will offer non merely a scope of grades accredited by internationally esteemed establishments, but besides shared installations far more impressive than most single universities would be able to afford – including an Olympic-sized swimming pool and a 14,000-seat athleticss bowl.

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Universities in Malaya: in the rankings

Branch universities are non a new phenomenon in Malaysia. Existing subdivision campuses include those operated by theA University of Nottingham, UK, and Monash University, Australia.

But, while the turning presence of foreign universities in Malaysia is broadening the state ‘s higher instruction offering, its home-grown universities should surely non be overlooked.

The state ‘s highest-ranking establishment in the QS World University Rankings 2011/12 is Universiti Malaya ( UM ) at 167, holding climbed from 207 the old twelvemonth.

Besides in the universe ‘s top 500 are Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia ( 279 ) , Universiti Sains Malaysia ( 335 ) , Universiti Putra Malaysia ( 358 ) , Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and International Islamic University Malaysia.

Many private universities in Malaysia offer a ‘twinning ‘ or ‘2+1 ‘ degree option. These have been running in Malaysia for around 20 old ages, and allow pupils to finish portion of their grade in Malaysia, and portion at a spouse establishment in another state.

These classs have been popular, as they offer the opportunity to derive a grade accredited by a esteemed university in an established higher instruction finish ( such as the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, France or Germany ) without disbursement every bit much as this would normally be.

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Student life in Malaysia

A state with immense higher instruction aspirations: Study in Malaysia

As suggested above, one of the chief attractive forces of analyzing in Malaysia is the comparatively low cost of fees and life disbursals – surely when compared to states like the UK and US.

But Malaysia is much more than merely a budget option. It ‘s besides place to one of Asia ‘s most exciting metropoliss, some of its most beautiful landscapes, and one of the universe ‘s most culturally diverse societies.

Beyond the EduCity development, many of Malaysia ‘s top universities are based in and around capital metropolis Kuala Lumpur – a buzzing city which boasts the tallest skyscrapers in southeast Asia.

For those who want to do their study-abroad experience a existent escapade, there ‘s plentifulness of range to research a diverse assortment of landscapes – from orang-utan sanctuaries and rain forest, to beautiful beaches and islands.

While Malaysia is a really tolerant and unfastened society, you should be cognizant of local norms sing dressing – in order to esteem these, you ‘ll necessitate to remain reasonably good covered.

As for the conditions, two words suffice: hot and wet. Take a waterproof, several umbrellas, and plentifulness of sunblock.

There are 20 Public Universities ( IPTA ) in Malaysia.

Malaysia besides has 60 Private Higher Education Institutions ( IPTS ) like Universiti Teknologi Petronass ( UTP ) , Universiti Multi Media ( MMU ) and Universiti Tenaga Nasional ( Uniten ) .

These universities, university colleges and engineering schools countrywide produced 184,581 alumnuss in 2011.

There are 90,000 overA foreign pupils analyzing in Malaysia

With over 90,000 international pupils from over 100 states analyzing in Malaysia, the state is the universe ‘s 11th largest exporter of educational services.

Malaysia is fast going an educational hub for excellence in the Asiatic part because its third instruction sector has grown exponentially in the past decennary.

The vision of Malayan authorities is to make a higher instruction environment that fosters the development of academic and institutional excellence in order for the state to procure its place as a planetary instruction hub.

Schools from Australia and the United Kingdom ( UK ) were puting up subdivisions in Malaysia in the past 10 old ages, and this reflects Malaysia ‘s turning educational sphere.

As the universe ‘s 11th largest exporter of educational services, Malaysia has over 90,000 international pupils from over 100 states analyzing in schools, colleges, university colleges and universities.

Malaysia is progressively being seen a regional leader in supplying first instruction, with 200,000 international pupils expected in Malaysia by 2020.

The higher instruction ministry expects to gain RM6 billion a twelvemonth from foreign pupils based on an mean earning of RM30,000 per pupil.

Malaysia has become a popular finish for the chase of higher instruction among foreign pupils, more and more established reputable universities from around the universe will put up their subdivision campuses here, working jointly with Malayan universities and colleges.

Malaysia is an attractive finish for abroad pupils as a stable, safe and comparatively inexpensive topographic point to analyze.

In 2012, there are 25 foreign universities applied to put up campuses in Malaysia.

This has proven that the involvement in the Malaysia ‘s third instruction sector has shifted to higher cogwheel.

The Government ‘s focal point on the instruction sector had made Malaysia a Centre of educational excellence in the part.

Malaysia presently hosts more than 93,000 international pupils from more than 100 states, with 150,000 targeted by 2015 and 200,000 by 2020.

Ranked as the universe ‘s 11th largest exporter of educational services, the authorities is numbering on the increased demand for choice instruction from pupils in bing and new markets, like the Middle East, China and Africa.

Increase in foreign pupil ‘s registration in Malaysia has made the state one of the strongest emergent rivals in the international market of foreign pupils.

Malaya has:

1 ) 11 private universities,

2 ) 5 subdivisions of foreign universities,

3 ) six university colleges,

4 ) one practical University

5 ) one Open University in Malaysia.

By 1999 at least 70 establishments of higher instruction from UK had some sort of collaborative agreement with Malayan private establishments.

Compare this with the state of affairs in 1995, when 20 per cent of Malayan pupils studied abroad – bing the state an estimated RM2.4 billion a twelvemonth.

The policy of internationalisation in higher instruction in Malaysia has evolved due to necessity in maintaining with the demands of altering market economic systems. To transform from a production based economic system to a cognition based economic system requires a extremely skilled and knowing work force.

To that terminal, the Malayan authorities sought to spouse with foreign higher educational establishments to offer more educational chances for Malaysians on their ain dirt.

The internationalisation policy for higher instruction in Malaysia was formulated with six critical facets in head, that is:

1 ) pupil mobility,

2 ) staff mobility,

3 ) academic plans,

4 ) research and development,

5 ) societal integrating and

6 ) community development

These new policies were shortly translated into regulative models to supply quality instruction in the private sector coupled with support from international establishments of higher instruction.

The authorities focused on doing Malaysia a leader in instruction in Southeast Asia, and the foundations laid will take the state frontward in the following few decennaries as good.

The instruction system is a clear success narrative, and international pupils have voted with their pess by taking Malaysia over other states.


Universiti Malaya achieved its best place in the QS Asian University Rankings 2012.

UM placed 35th overall, the highest among higher acquisition establishments in Malaysia.

UM achieved an overall mark of 71.4 out of a possible 100 and ranked 4th for inbound and outbound pupil exchange.

UM besides ranked figure one in Malaya for academic repute and employer repute.

QS Asian University rankings represent the most extended survey of establishments conducted with 500 universities assessed and include responses to academic and employer studies by QS.

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