Assessment tradition. Culture is unique, every people

Assessment 2
Culture is characteristic and knowledge of some group of people, religions, people habits, music, arts and tradition. Culture is unique, every people have a different point of view and their habits. Culture involves food, what we wear, how we wear it, our language, music, marriage, how we greet visitors or someone older, and millions other things that have their culture.

1. Products:
– Todd sees some different intonation with Indian people. They called Todd with doad, they cant called Todd correctly. Indian people have their intonation and its makes their unique.
– Indian people have their own dance and its different with American people do. The first time Todd do the dance, he confused because the dance is very differently and the music more like more traditional and its like when you at carnival.
– There is some difference between American culture and Indian culture. When Todd ate some food, he ate with the left hand and gets it back to the food and ate it again. In American culture its okay with it, but in the Indian culture someone must eat with right hand and can’t get back to the food when the hands already in your mouth. Todd must eat with right hands because the left hand is indicate the dirty hands like used to cleaned the organ vital.
2. Practices
– Todd discovered some traditions in India. When Todd is leaving for work, the street is quiet and after a while puro ran to him and told him today is a ‘holi’ day, all people not war a good clothes because everyone is throwing some balls contains colour paints. Finally Todd enjoyed the game of throwing the balls and make him happy. “Holi” day is like festival of colours signifies the victory of good ever evil , play and laugh and forget and forgive.
3. Perspectives (Values and Beliefs):
– Employees in US have a very big private desk and the boss (dave) has an private room. The office space more likely individualism. However, in India, the employees interact with each other more often, such as asha helping out with employees and smaller desks for closer working conditions. Even Todd private room didn’t have a glass and make Todd more closeness with the employees. It is apparent that the employees in India have a more collectivistic corporate culture. And another example is the employees borrow the things that can encourage them such as family picture and the other things. These things made their work more aggressive.
– The employees affected Todd’s individualism values and beliefs. Todd’s individualistic personality slowly evolves into a collectivistic one as he immerses himself into India’s culture and changed his leadership style. Without the change in Todd from an invidualist to a collectivist, the business couldn’t have been as motivated or achieved its goals.


– Culture shock is an experience a person may have move to a different culture such as students who study overseas. The students have to learn and adapt about the culture in their new environment. They have to fit with the local people and follow the tradition though it may take a long time to develop. It often affect a persons living far from their home.

a. Cultural Shock Example 1 (Remember this has to be related to a cultural challenge; not something breaking down/accident etc such as the car, power, flooding etc):
– What was the challenge?
– Why was this a challenge?
– What was Todd’s initial responses?
– What adjustments/changes did he make to overcome these challenges?
– Todd experienced a huge culture shock when he arrived at India in the first time. When Todd arrived at India in the first time, Todd struggled the communication with the trader in the street because the accent is very confusing such as the ‘cola’ seller in the street where Todd struggled to communicate with his thick Indian accent. These things challenged Todd because he had to understand slowly the words that come out from their Indian accent. Todd’s initial responses are try to accept and understand their accent.
b. Cultural Shock Example 2 :
– Another problem in the movie was how the Indian people perform their jobs. These things challenging Todd’s because when Todd first worked with the Indian workforce in the office Todd was given a set of workers who are inexperienced with the American culture and were unmotivated to adapt with it since at that moment Todd was reluctant to adapt to their culture think his way of doing things is the best way or ethnocentrism. Due to this nature Todd needed to find a way to help bring the mood of the workers up. After a phrase was said by Asha, Todd finally made himself more open minded and learned to work mutually with the Indian culture in accordance with learning the culture, a solution was made after Todd learned that his workers actually like the ‘tacky’ American made products and made an incentive from those items they were selling.
3. Describe two examples of culture shock that you have experienced since coming to Australia. Discuss your initial responses to them, and how you made or can make adjustments to overcome these challenges (250 – 300 words).
c. Cultural Shock Example 1:
– What was the challenge?
– Why was this a challenge for you?
– What was your initial responses?
– What adjustments/changes did you make OR can you make to overcome these challenges?

d. Cultural Shock Example 2 :
– What was the challenge?
– Why was this a challenge for you?
– What was your initial responses?
– What adjustments/changes did you make OR can you make to overcome these challenges?