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At approximately 1:55 pm on September 2, 2013, a 64-age woman gained national attention. Without a shark cage but just protected from jellyfish by a silicone mask, a full bodysuit Diana Nyad after 4 unsuccessful attempts swam from Havana, Cuba to Florida, 110 miles accompanied by a 35-person support team, about 53 hours. At TEDWomen annual conference held at the luminous new SFJAZZ Center in San Francisco on December 4th to 6th,2013 she gave an inspiring speech to an audience of women. In her Ted talk title “Never give up” she used her life goal who was finally achieving to inspire many women for never giving up on their dreams.
Diana Nyad is a record-setting long-distance swimmer journalist, author, motivational speaker, journalist born in New York City on August 22, 1949. She broke many numerous world records: In June 1974, she set a women’s record of 8 hours, 11 minutes in the 22-mile Bay of Naples race. 1975: At age 26, She gained national attention national by swimming 28 miles around the island of Manhattan in just under 8 hours; in 1979 when she swam from North Bimini, The Bahamas, to Juno Beach, Florida (102 miles).
What better way to advise, to inspire someone than to use our self as reference. This is how under the ovations Diana Nyad begins her speech by captivating the audience with this sentence “it is the fifth time I stand on this shore, the Cuban shore, looking out at that distant horizon, Believing, again, that I’m going to make it all the way across that vast, dangerous wilderness of an ocean. Not only have I tried Four times, but the greatest swimmers in the world have been trying since 1950, and it’s still never been done”.
By this single phrase carefully designed Diana not only captivates her audience but she takes care to talk about her crazy dream, unrealizable, huge and her 4 unsuccessful attempts. She intentionally changed her tone when pronouncing “Believing” to signify the audience how important it is to have faith and believe that we will make it despite the obstacles.
Knowing that she has fully gained the audience attention she goes back to the details explaining what made their journey dangerous. While talking about the sharks, jellyfishes and goats that are in the sea she mentioned how she almost died of a sting of jellyfish during a previous expedition. to make it clear to the audience that even the fear of dying from another sting did not make her give up on her dreams. what a subtle way to make someone understand that in no case you should never give up. As a lot of great speaker to relax the atmosphere she made a joke about the stupid questions people often asked her. The audience of course laughed. So far, the audience was in her hands. A great rapport was created between them. she takes back her serious she takes her serious and explains to the audience that our everyday life is just perilous as her journey.
with an intentionally enraged voice she paraphrases Teddy Roosevelt quote “You go ahead. You go ahead and sit back in your comfortable chair and you be the critic, you be the observer, while the brave one gets in the ring and engages and gets bloody and gets dirty and fails over and over and over again, but yet isn’t afraid and isn’t timid and lives life in a bold way.” in order to make it clear to the audience that in life you must be brave, fight to succeed so as the end you die with no regrets. She then talks about the team which face the reality told her “it is impossible” even Bonnie her greatest motivator. By telling the audience that she just wanted to let them know that people will always try to interrupt you to achieve your dreams. They will tell you that it is impossible even your close person. You have to believe in yourself and not let their fear and talks dissuading you.
Then she gives the first best advice of her speech in my view: “Find a way. You have a dream and you have obstacles in front of you, as we all do. None of us ever get through this life without heartache, without turmoil, and if you believe and you have faith and you can get knocked down and get back up again and you believe in perseverance as a great human quality, you find your way.” Making hands like she was swimming she then talks about her famous imaginary playlist (Imagine of John Lennon … It’s easy if you try doo doo doo doo doo… Oh, you may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one) she played in her head a thousand times during her trip to explain how it is important to focus on something external. if you want to achieve a dream don’t focus on the process itself, the pain, the discomforts. She talks about the crises: her body giving up, the vomiting. Telling the public that crises will always be there but you have to focus on your goal, on the end of your journey, talking about her hallucinations which make the public laughing.
She continues advising the public that you have to be disciplined and you will always pay a pride. Then you will achieve your dream as she has proven it (ethos). And even you don’t get there at least you have tried to reach the horizons. she concludes with the famous phrases she pronounced on the shores of Florida her goals after 53 hours after swimming non stop: “Don’t never ever give up, You can chase your dreams at any age; you’re never too old. Sixty-four; a thing no one, at any age, any gender, could ever do has done it. And there’s no doubt in my mind that I am at the prime of my life today.” The audience clapping she yells “Find your way”.
Her language use was very clear and slow yet you can hear power in her speech. She used various natural body language. Diana Nyad speech was delivered in a very well-organized manner and very persuasive. She was well qualified to deliver the speech with her experience. With her credibility and her story, the audience was captivated. Her closing was emotional(Pathos) : Got a goal? FIND A WAY.