Behavior In The Story Life Of Pi English Literature Essay

The book “ Life of Pi ” shows the Freud ‘s theory on the unconscious head in one ‘s personality. Harmonizing to Freud theory, the head can be divided into two chief parts, which is the witting head and the unconscious head. Unconscious head is the greatest, and most potentially baleful is unobserved from the surface. The witting head is actively cognizant of all that is traveling on. But the unconscious head influences one ‘s personality and behaviour without even detecting it. In other words, this implicit in influence is what each and everyone is incognizant of. Pi experiences both witting head and unconscious head. He was consciously be aftering carefully how he was traveling to last in the sea by be aftering how he was traveling to pass his nutrient so that nutrient does n’t run out of supply. His witting head paid immense parts in assisting him to last in the sea. When Pi was immature, his male parent brought him and Ravi to the menagerie to witness the ferociousness of the animate beings. He threw a caprine animal into an enclosed coop with a tiger. As expected, the tiger eats the caprine animal fiercely. Pi ‘s male parent ‘s intent of making so was to explicate how unsafe animate beings could be. Pi was incognizant that this ghastly event has changed his personality to go more fierce. In order to last in the sea, Pi killed fishes, sea polo-necks, a bird and meerakats to slake his thirst and prevent him to endure from hunger. “ Hunger knows no friend but its feeder “ ( Aristophanes 1 ) The quotation mark means that when one is in the province of nutrient deprived, one would make anything to fulfill the hungriness. Pi unconsciously turned into person else when he was nutrient deprived. Pi was wholly incognizant of it because he relied on his endurance inherent aptitudes to maintain himself alive against all odds. This clearly shows that hungriness has drove Pi to move in ways that he ne’er thought of making in his old ages of life.

Another Freud theory would be the Iceberg theory. Iceberg theory provinces that the psyche of an person is shaped like an iceberg. The portion of the head which is seeable for all to see is the superego and the self-importance, both are the rational parts of the head. What lies beneath the surface is a much larger country that is kept off from the public position, in other words, another ego that is unbroken hidden off. Although Pi is a individual who has his faiths best involvement at bosom, he is profoundly principled, nevertheless, he has an carnal interior of him who subsequently presents itself throughout his ordeal at sea. And that animate being would be Richard Parker. “ It was a province of tense, breathless bored. “ ( Martel 155 ) demonstrates that Pi was experiencing forlorn and bored on the raft. This is the ground Richard Parker is Pi because it was all the imaginativenesss of Pi. Pi had his survival inherent aptitude, Richard Parker inside of him. “ I held on to one idea: Richard Parker. I hatched several programs to acquire rid of him so that the lifeboat might be mine. “ ( Martel 210 ) The Idaho is the driving force of the unconscious. It was fright of decease that drove Pi to come out with the six programs to acquire rid of Richard Parker. His Idaho was so overpowering that it overcomes his superego because he wants to remain alive. This shows that a individual ‘s Idaho dominates the superego when 1 is fighting in between the life and decease state of affairs. Pi would non be able to last if his superego was stronger than his Idaho.

Besides that, Pavlov had a theory about conditioning. The theory suggests that association to the innate stimulation is made with the learned stimulation within the encephalon, but without affecting the witting portion of the head. Pi shows this theory by utilizing a whistling to condition Richard Parker. “ TREEEEEE! TREEEEEE! TREEEEEE! “ ( Martel 127 ) Furthermore, Pi gives Richard Parker a portion of his nutrient and H2O in order to pull strings his head in believing that he needs Pi in order to last. In such a manner, Richard Parker has been conditioned to follow Pi ‘s bids utilizing a whistling, nutrient and H2O. The sound of the whistling acted as if it was a whip and a chair used by the ringmaster to chasten the king of beasts in a circus. Pi came up with a series of developing plan to condition Richard Parker such as make him imbibe from a bucket, providing him with nutrient and inquire him to make fast ones by leaping through a hoop to allow him cognize that who is the alpha. It successfully helped Pi to last with Richard Parker. Pi besides conditioned Richard Parker by playing his fecal matters. “ To expose his fecal matters openly, to flash the little of them, would hold been a mark of societal laterality. ” ( Martel 283 ) Richard Parker has been conditioned to trust on Pi to last. Therefore, the theory of Palvol is clearly shown in “ Life of Pi. ”

In add-on, in the narrative “ Life of Pi, ” there is besides the theory of human motive proposed by Abraham Maslow. There is a hierarchy of Maslow in concurrence with the Maslow ‘s theory. The hierarchy of Maslow is depicted as a pyramid made up of five degrees in entire. First, the lowest degree and besides the dominant degree is the physiological demands. The others are growing demands viz. safety, love, esteem and self realization. Physiological demands such as air, nutrient and H2O are critical to guarantee human endurance. When one is satisfied with physiological demands, with equal passion, one sought for safety which is the 2nd degree of hierarchy of Maslow. Pi was motivated to populate by fright. Richard Parker was the 1 who inflicted fright on Pi to maintain him surviving. “ I must state a word about fright. It is life ‘s true merely opposition. Merely fright can get the better of life. “ ( Martel 214 ) Pi was motivated to non give up on his life so easy. Alternatively, he fought wish a warrior so that he could last this painful calamity. Pi besides admitted that if Richard Parker was non exist, he would already gave up on his life. “ It was Richard Parker who calmed me down. It is the sarcasm of this narrative that the 1 who scared me witless to get down with was the really same who brought me peace, intent, I dare state even wholeless. “ ( Martel 216 ) This quotation mark has proven that Pi survived the solitariness in the company of Richard Parker.

In decision, the narrative “ Life of Pi ” is the perfect stuff to be analyze under psychoanalytic lens as there are assorted parts of the narrative which touches the primacy of Freud theory, Iceberg theory, Palvol theory and Maslow ‘s human motive theory. Being stranded on a abandoned island, the hungriness, fright and hurting are the natural inherent aptitudes one could hold. These natural inherent aptitudes are besides the actual demands to the key of endurance. “ It may non be a scientific truth, but it ‘s psychological truth. ” ( Aldiss 1 ) this quotation mark means that a individual ‘s personality and behaviour may non be able to be proven scientifically, but it can be proven psychologically.