Book Report And The Painted Bird English Literature Essay


The narrative is set in the period between 1939 and 1945. “ In the first hebdomad of World War II, in the autumn of 1939, .. ” That ‘s the beginning of the book and the last portion says: “ It seemed that everyone believed himself chosen by destiny simply because he had survived in the war. ” So the war is over, in 1945.


The narrative is about a six-year-old male child with the expressions of a Jewish/ Gypsy by who his parents sent him to a Foster female parent, during World War II. But this adult female died after two months. Then the male child had to go from small towns to small towns for lodging. And every things happened why he had to get away to another small town. He had watch out that ‘ were no treasonists. In the terminal his parents picked him up, and the household has been reunited.

Fictional characters

Main character

The chief character in this narrative is the six-year-old, olived-skinned, dark-haired, and black-eyed male child. He has no name in the bonk, and is frequently named as a Gypsy or a Judaic male child. Everywhere he comes, he is treated as he he ‘s a slave, and he has to make all sorts of occupations and things. He is truly under appreciated, but ne’er gives up and is really resolute in obtaining his purposes. “ Hanging on the straps concentrated on my supplications to the exclusion of all else. When my strength ebbed 1 told myself that 1 should be able to make last another 10 or 20 supplications before 1 dropped down. “ ; here can you see how resolute he is in obtaining his purposes. The male child is the chief character because everything is written from his point of position. And he ‘s the one to who all the things happened. Besides he is the whole narrative in the forepart, whereas other individuals ( the child characters ) merely take portion in de narrative for, at the most, 25 pages

Minor characters

Write down the names of ALL the Minor Characters

Florist’s chrysanthemum




The Miller ‘s



The Carpenter

The Blacksmith

A Farmer



Greta garbos







The Silent One

Old Ski Instructor


What we learn in this book is that you have to be determinated to last the war. You see that the male child did the best he could and went to some things. The author of this book besides has a message about his married woman. ‘To the memory of my married woman Mary Hayward Weir without whom even the yesteryear would lose its significance. ‘ It ‘s obvious that the author loved his married woman really much and because the dead of her married woman he wrote this book.

I do n’t see a concealed message in this book.

‘To the memory of my married woman Mary Hayward Weir without whom even the yesteryear would lose its significance ‘ . In this quotation mark you see the book is written for his married woman who is now dead.

Part 2

Your sentiment

1. Which character ( s ) did you like?

I found the boy really sympathetic, unless the force he had ever to doubt with it, he keeps strong, and he made the best of it.

I besides found Gavrilla and Mitka really sympathetic. They were the first 1s who truly assist the male child, and who did non do usage of force against the male child. They treated him as a normal ( non Jewish ) male child, they even taught him composing, reading and some other things.

1. Which character ( s ) did you dislike?

I disliked Garbos. He merely liked it to fear the male child. Beating him or directing his Canis familiaris, Judas, on him. “ Garbos climbed on a stool, lifted me high, and told me to catch a grip with each manus. Then he left me suspended and brought Judas into the room. On his manner out he locked the door. ” This is an illustration of one of many ways that Garbos manhandled the male child.

I disliked Makar. He and his household are sex-addicted, and they ( Ewka ) carried the male child in it. Besides that he hit 1s the male child so hard, that he was immobA?le for a several hebdomads, becaus did n’t killed a coney wale. And so he said to the male child: “ that if I did non return to work w in two yearss he would manus me over to the provincials. ” That ‘s so evil of Makar.

What did you experience when you read the narrative?

I felt angry and sad

3b. Explain for each of the two emotions why you felt that emotion

3c. Give a quotation mark for each of the two emotions to explicate your replies.

I besides felt angry when the male child was crushing repeatedly. “ Always merely with a few exclusions, but besides so there ‘s some verbal force. I could non understand what he wanted from me or why he best me. At dark, Garbos would mouse into the kitchen, where I slept, and wake up me by shouting into my ear, at other times, Garbos would take the Canis familiaris softly into the room, bind its muzzle with shreds, and so throw the anima on top of me in the dakness. ” This is one thing out of many other things, but Garbos was the worst individual, he enjoyed making it, which is atrocious, I think.

I felt sad when he left the small town once more and had to kip in the Fieldss, where it was cold, while he had nil to eat. “ Wrapped in old shred, garbages of coney pelt and horsehides 1 wandered from one small town to another, warmed merely by the heat of the horn that 1 made from a can 1 found on the railroad path. ”

4. What is your favorite portion?

4a. Give a quotation mark of at least 5 lines of your favourite portion of the book

“ Mitka had been looking after me of all time since I entered the regimental infirmary. Thankss to his feeding 1 gained weight. Mitka fished out of the great caldron the best pieces of meat, and skimmed the fat off the soup for me. He besides assisted at my painful injections, hiking my bravery earlier medical scrutinies. Once when I got dyspepsia from gorging, Mitka sat with me for two yearss, keeping my caput when I vomited and floging my face with a wet fabric. ” This is when the terminal of the war is making, he is now living by de soldiers of the Red Army. This is the first clip he is treated as of them. Not as a Jewish/ Gypsy who might be hold an evil spirit or things, no he merely a child as they were excessively. They take a really good attention of him, they learned him besides reading and composing. And shows him how beautiful unrecorded really is. He ‘s besides so inspirited by their ( Mitka and Gavrilla ) occupation that he wanted to go subsequently one of them. This is the best portion because eventually the male child gets what he deserved. Possibly you think he deserved to acquire his parents back, but when he had got them back, he is n’t as happy, here he ‘s the happiest.

4b. Explain what happens at this peculiar phase in the narrative

As you read here the terminal of the war is stoping and negotiations about the hereafter.

4c. Explain why you think this is the best portion of the book

Because it eventually acquiring better and they eventually talk about the terminal of the war and the hereafter, how they want it.

5. What do you believe about the subject?

5a. Make the author win in conveying a certain message to you?

The book is written for his married woman, but you do n’t see that clearly in the text. I think that ‘s to the full apprehensible, because it ‘s his emotions which we do n’t understand. I think the writes has gone through an emotion route doing this book.

5b. How did the author make the message clear?

For us the message is n’t that clear, but you see the clip the male child goes through is really difficult. Possibly he feels the same about losing her married woman that he goes through an emotion war, but that ‘s merely a conjecture.

5c. Make you believe this message is important/ utile? Why?

I think for the author the message is of import both as composing off his emotion.

6. Questions to the author

What transition refers to your married woman?

Are some occurrences referred to your married woman to?

Was it difficult to compose this book and believing about your married woman?

I am inquiring if this authorship was difficult and how much the book refers to her married woman. I besides want to now the nexus between the life of his married woman and the secret plan of this book.

Part 3

The sum-up

The male child, Dendranthema grandifloruom, pa, Martha:

It ‘s the beginning of World War II and a six-year-old male child is sent by his parents to the shelter of a distant small town. This because his parents thought it was the best manner to survival the War for a child. The male child shortly taken away by a adult male who was going eastward and he would happen impermanent Foster parents for the male child. The male child came by Martha, an old adult female. Martha was

convinced by the fact that the male child could direct enchantments over her. So she smiled ne’er, the male child was n’t allowed to look into her eyes, and of he was punished for all sorts of errors like dough that was kneaded for staff of life turned rancid and material. One forenoon when the male child awoke Martha was still sitting in the center of the room, she did n’t reply and her custodies were stuff and cold. He thought she was witting for a new tegument, as a serpent does. He turned back to kip, but in de flushing Martha was still sitting at that place, he wanted to illume the oil lamp but some kerosene feil on the floor and subsequently on a broken lucifers feil excessively, and at that place was fire. He saw how Martha burned. He ran outdoors and thought Martha would follow subsequently, but she did n’t return. Then he knew she was dead. Village people were coming and the male child was running off, he knew he should n’t be seen by one of them.


He sworn through the Fieldss, and eventually came by another small town. He was taking by a adult male

and so eventually bought by Olga. Olga was a kind of medicine-woman, she frequently took the male child with her to village people, or the people came at her hut. She maid every forenoon an elixir for the male child which he had to imbibe to keep the desires of his evil spirit and prevent it ‘s metabolism into shade or apparition.

One twenty-four hours the male child likely had a cold, she buried him in the soit, with his caput merely above the land, because Olga thought it was a disease. After several yearss, when Corvus coraxs had attacked the male child, she dug him out. Then one twenty-four hours the male child was puting entirely by the river, a adult male find him and together with other people from the small town they throw him on a vesica in the river, he could n’t swim and he had to keep the vesica, during this he came farther and farther off from the riverside.

The Miller ‘s

Finally he reached a riverside, but he was excessively far from Olga ‘s hut. He learned from Olga how to last, so he was still ) alive when he came to populate by the Miller ‘s. The Miller ‘s existed from a adult male who had a nickname ‘Jealous ‘ , a married woman and a knight. The adult male suspected his married woman from holding a relationship with the knight. Therefore he was frequently intoxicated and crush his married woman. Then the male child and his married woman were chat uping once more, he was intoxicated nut got a spoon in his manus, he approached the male child and when he plunged the spoon into the male child ‘s eyes they twisted. They sprang out and the male child was blind, the adult male kicked him out of the house. The male child wanted to hold the orbs, but the Miller squashed them. In the forenoon the male child awoke early, he packed a poke of nutrient, loaded the comet with hot coals, and sneaked off.

Lekh and Ludmilla

The male child came to populate by a adult male whose name was Lekh. He sold birds in several neighbouring small towns. Lekh taught the male child how to catch the birds. In the eventide Lekh choose the strongest bird, and painted him in all kinds of colorss. Then he would travel into the forest where Lekh would liberate the painted bird when a sufficient figure of birds gathered above his caput. Always they found the painted bird back, dead on the land. Lekh frequently told the male child about Ludmilla, who was called by other villagers ‘Stupid Ludmilla ‘ , he was feil in love with here, and sometimes she appeared in the wood, and sometimes for yearss she was n’t at that place. Then Ludmilla did n’t return, and Lekh became really sad and dronk really much, and he left the hut. Then abruptly after his going, Ludmilla came back, and the male child had to state here that Lekh had left. The Ludmilla ordered the male child to travel with her to the grazing land, and he could n’t get away. She was seeking to ravish him. The shriek of the male child attracted other shepherds. They were nearing them and when they arrived the 1 after the other adult male had sex with Ludmilla. The adult females of those work forces arrived with profligates and shovels. They were kicking her, ptyalizing on her, and crushing her with the profligates. Lekh who in the interim all of a sudden from far off was running to this occurrence was seeking to contend against the adult females. Besides the male child received a twosome of smacks. Lekh throw himself on the dead Ludmilla, and when the male child awoke he was still ) lying at that place. The male child was excessively scared to travel back to the hut, so he resolved to go forth.

The carpenter ( and his married woman )

The male child came to populate by the carpenter and his married woman. They were convinced that the black hair of the male child would pull lightning to their farm, so he was n’t allowed to kip in their house neither in their barn. One stormy afternoon the husbandman feil ill. His married woman could non trouble oneself to drive him outside the small town, so when the first bolt of lightnings resounded, he hid himself in the barn under the hay. A short piece later a walt explosion into fire and the barn was firing. The male child ran off, because he thought of class that it was his mistake, because of his black hair. He walked into the wood, where he stepped in a protected hole. The following forenoon a train approached and he jumped on it, and jumped of it subsequently on. There he discovered a military sand trap. He was looking for a nearby small town and went to it, but when he saw the homo ‘s face, he knew that he had returned to the same small town from which he had fled the dark before. The adult male recognized him and called the carpenter. The male child said that he would demo the carpenter a pillbox full of old boots, uniforms and military beits, which he had discovered during his flight ( in the military sand trap ) , if the carpenter would n’t submerge him. They went to the sand trap, the male child set himself free, and pressed the carpenter in the sand trap, where the carpenter was lost under the surface of the sea of rats. The following two yearss the male child was going, when he met a provincial who would gave him shelter and nutrient.

The blacksmith

It were the blacksmith and his married woman who took the male child in place. The blacksmith was head provincial of the small town.

From clip to clip the blacksmith was visited by zealots, who searched the house. The small town was besides searched by German military personnels, when they arrived the blacksmith would conceal the male child in the murphy basement. One flushing the blacksmith ‘s married woman urged the male child to go forth, he was excessively late and hid in the Attic with a poke thrown over his organic structure. The blacksmith, his married woman, his boy and his enslaves were tortured by the Germans. The male child would by delivered up to the German outstation. A immature German soldier had to decease the male child, he walked with him off from the station. The immature soldier allow the male child ran off and faked the shootings of his dead. ** A husbandman

Cipher wanted to maintain the male child, because the nutrient was scarce. He had to convey yearss through in de wood. Then he found a hurt Equus caballus, and took it to the small town where he found the proprietor, who decided to kilt the Equus caballus. The husbandman keeps the male child in his house. The male child is allowed to travel to village-party and other material. On one party he saw that a adult male murdered another adult male in forepart of his eyes. It took long before the dead organic structure and blood were cleaning up, because the villagers believed that it would acquire the slaying back to the topographic point. On a Sunday the male child was attacked by the villager-boy ‘s. He became so angry that he got place and took his mines ( which he found in the wood ) with him. That flushing he placed the mines, and blows them up. He run off and while he was looking back, he was glad that there was no fire in the house of his maestro. Again he had to roll about several yearss through the wood.

Peasant his maestro

When the male child came out the wood he stands for a adult male. He asked him for a shelter and nutrient. The peasant took him to his place, he had no married woman or kids. His maestro shaved the male child ‘s black hair, and put him up a cap, so it would cover half his face. It was mushroom clip, and the male child had to assist assemblage mushrooms. They were frequently near by the railwaies, where the male child frequently saw trains with Judaic people come by. One twenty-four hours a miss knew to leap of a train and ballad in de forest. Villagers found her and took her to the small town. A small town Rainbow took her to his place. That dark the miss was raped by Rainbow, and the male child had all watched it. Then German withdrawals began to seek for zealots in the milieus forest and small towns. One dark the provincial ordered him to fly at one time to the wood.

Priest and Garbos

But the Germans found him in the Fieldss and he was taken away with them. They attached him to an older adult male and they drove off in a auto. When they arrived kids and other people throw rocks to them. Then there came a priest who took the male child off in. He would happen person nearby small town to take attention of him until the terminal of the war. The male child now came to populate by Garbos and his Canis familiaris Judas. Garbos was a really disquieted adult male, and liked to manhandle him, with Judas or merely whipping and kicking him. The male child was allowed to travel to church, there he learned to pray, and he thought the more he prays, the more God would listen to him and made Garbos died, but it did n’t worked. When the male child was in church he was allowed to assist the priest, but everything went incorrect, and the people accused him of being a ‘Gypsy lamia. The villagers throw him in a cavity, but the male child knew to get away. The male child besides discovered that he lost his voice. The male child walked off from the church and the small town

Makar, Quail and Ewka

The male child feil in the custodies of some small town male childs and he was taking to the caput of the small town, who brought me to Makar. Makar lived with his boy Quail and his girl Ewka apart from the remainder of the small town. Ewka and the male child necked each other really frequently. And the male child caught Quail of holding sex with his coney. Besides the male child had to kilt that coney, which did n’t gone really good. Makar noticed that and gave him a few powerful boots, which immobilized him for a several hebdomads. When he could n’t make anything he saw Ewka holding sex with a bunk, his bosom was broken. Now he did n’t believe any longer in the good God but in the evil power of the. Satan. He wanted to be on his side, en acquire the power of him. He left Makar and went to another small town.


He came to populate by Labina. She took a really good attention of him. But Labina ‘s bosom bursed because all the villagers suspected Labina of the dead of her hubby Laba. She drank herself dead. The male child left once more and took the necktie with him, with which Laba hung himself.

The male child was hidden in shrubs when the Kalmuks arrived in the small town. They rushed into the huts and grabbed the adult females who were n’t hidden. 1 was one large terror, adult females who were being raped in forepart of all the work forces. The male child was hidden deeper into the shrubs, and one Kalmuks was coming into his way, and he was standing on his manus, when he wanted to walk off he feil down, and the male child jumped up. He was grabbed by the Kalmuks, and got the bult of his riffie in his thorax, something cracked indoors. The male child could run off. Later on the ruddy soldiers arrived, and the male child went with the ruddy soldiers.

Gavrilla and Mitka

The male child woke up in the infirmary, and the hurting in his thorax was disappeared. For impermanent the male child could remain with the soldiers. Two work forces where looking after him, called Gavrilla and Mitka. Gavrilla was a political officer of the regiment, en Mitka was a sharpshooting teacher. The male child learned reading and authorship. But so he had to be delivered to a particular Centre where many lost kids had to travel. The male child was sad, but Gavrilla promised him that if no relations claimed him within three months after the terminal of the war. He would take attention of him and would direct him to a school. In the orphanhood was a batch op force, and the male child does n’t desire to kip, because other kids frequently teased him.

The Silent One

Finally he became friendly with a male child called the Silent One, because no 1 had heard the sound of his voice since he had come to the orphanhood. They do a batch of mischievousness, to be respected

Mum and pa

Then the male child has to come to the office of the principal. They had a surprise, his parents where at that place. They recognised each other, and he every bit traveling unrecorded by them and his 4 twelvemonth younger adopted brother. His beat is gone, so he sleeps by twenty-four hours and in the twilight he prefers to be on the streets. The physician advised him mountain air and a batch of exercising because he ‘s really thin and non turning. So they moved to the mountains

Old ski teacher.

When the first snows came, the male child was traveling to populate by an old sky teacher, he merely sees his parents one time a hebdomad. On a twenty-four hours the male child falls by a snow storm in a deep ravine. He s up in a infirmary, where the phone keeps pealing. No 1 reply it, so he picked it. He spoke to it, and so realised that he had his voice back! He was so happy and owing at this could be now no longer taken off.