Book Report Go Ask Alice English Literature Essay

a ) The narrative takes topographic point in the 60 ‘s, because the book had been published two old ages after Alice decease in 1972. B ) The narrative starts when Alice is 15 and ended when she is 17, so it ‘s about two old ages in the life of Alice. degree Celsius ) The narrative takes topographic point in America. The names of the topographic points are n’t mentioned, but a portion of the narrative takes topographic point in San Francisco, that ‘s where she goes with her friend Chris. She besides goes to Denver and Coos Bay. She mentions traveling to a mass meeting in Southern California, and traveling back East with her household. Where Gran and Gramps and her household live is non mentioned in the narrative.

Sometimes she writes down what a topographic point looks like ( for illustration a room ) , but non really frequently. When she ‘s in the State Mental Hospital, she describes what her room looks like and the hallway, that makes the narrative really existent, it ‘s like you ‘re in there when you read it.

‘Then they took me down a smelly, ugly, dingy, paint-peeling old hallway ‘ .

‘She was stretched out doltishly under the pinball machine in the dayroom, and at that place

was besides a adolescent age male child who kept resiling his caput and mumbling idiotically ‘ .

3 Plot

Alice moves to another province where she does n’t suit in. In the summerholiday she

experiens with drugs and acquire a piece after that addicted to the drugs. She moves

from place, because the drugs and at the terminal of the narrative, she died.

4 Fictional characters

– Alice is the existent chief character. She is the author of the journal. She is 15 old ages

old and dies when she merely turned 17. Her name is non known, her name is

non mentioned in the book, so they gave her the name Alice. She is non really self-

confident in the beginning of the narrative, she is non really happy with her weight and it

takes a long clip to finf new friends when they move to another metropolis. After she meets

a batch of new people and did a batch of things, she learned really much. She is truly

turning up during the narrative. She gets a batch of life-experience which gives her more

assurance. In the terminal everything is traveling good, she eventually got what she wants

and she eventually turned her back to drugs. And so she dies…

– Tim is Alice ‘s small brother, foremost she thinks he is really annoying, but during the narrative

she finds out she can speak with him about a batch of things. He is a really helpful brother.

( Minor character )

– Alexandria is Alice ‘s small sister, she is really sweet and Alice frequently wants to be like

Alex, because she has non got jobs like her. ( Minor character )

– Her female parent is harmonizing to Alice ever teasing her about everything, that is one of

the grounds why Alice has non got much assurance. ( Minor character )

– Alice ‘s male parent is a university professor, he loves her really much, is ever seeking to

make the best he can to delight Alice. He is the 1 who worked really hard to acquire Alice

out of the Mental Hospital. ( Minor character )

– Alice ‘s grandparents are really of import. Alice loves her Gran and Gramps really

much and I think the 1 who misses them the most when they both die. ( Minor

characters )

– Jill, at a party of Jill Peters, a classmate from her old school, she gets in contact

with drugs fot the first clip. ( Minor character )

– Beth, Gerta and Fawn are her new friends at her new school. ( Minor characters )

– Roger is the male child she loves at the Begin of the narrative. ( Minor character )

– Joel Reems is the pupil that Alice hopes to get married. ( Minor character )

– Jan and Marcie are drug-users at her new school. ( Main characters )

– Richie and Ted are thrusters, Alice falls in love with Richie. ( Minor characters )

– Bill, Joe, Lane and Jacky are besides drugs-users at her new school, but they are non

really of import for the remainder of the narrative. ( Minor characters )

– Chris is the miss who is traveling to San Francisco with Alice. ( Main character )

– Mario Mellani is Alice ‘s employer in San Francisco. ( Minor character )

– Sheila is Chris ‘ employer in San Francisco. ( Minor character )

– Doris is a drug-user who with Alice lives in Coos Bay, Oregon. ( Minor character )

– Babbie and Tom are immature drug-users who Alice meets in the Mental Hospital.

( Minor character )

5 Subject

This book is a true narrative. It ‘s a diary from a miss, so it is n’t truly written with a ground

for the readers. The ground it was written is to show her feelings and non that other

people can read it. She did n’t desire anyone to read it. She merely wants to compose the

things that are in her caput. The ground it is published, is to learn the people who

read it about the effects of drugs. That is non ever merely one time. Once you ‘ve

tried it, you want more. Your life is n’t acquiring better when you ‘re utilizing drugs.

B Your sentiment

1 I like the character Alice most, because she is a good individual who wrote a really

good journal which lets us see really realistically how drugs can destruct your life and

that of others.

2 I do n’t cognize which character displeased me most, because the book does non state

much about the other characters ; you read the narrative through Alice her eyes, so you

do n’t cognize what the other characters think and why they do what they do.

3 Because the narrative is really realistic I can conceive of how Alice feels. Sometimes I had

sad feelings, for illustration when her grandparents died short after each other. Or

when Alice came back to school and all her old friends neglected her and were really

unfriendly to her. Besides she had no 1 who gave her some support with her effort

to discontinue the drugs.

4 I do n’t hold a favorite portion of the narrative, because there did n’t go on a batch of nice

things. There are no hard or deadening parts in the book. I think because there were

no things in it that I did n’t understand. Besides it was non deadening, because there were a

batch of things that happened in this book all the clip.

5 I did n’t larn anything from this narrative. What you could larn from this narrative is that

drugs ca n’t assist you from your jobs and it is non so nice as it seems in the

get downing ( when you make a batch of merriment with friends ) , because when you are addicted,

it is to late and the drugs can destruct you. All that I wrote above, I knew already.

6 The inquiry about this narrative that is non answered yet is: Why did Alice hold

overdoses though it seemed that she was no longer on the drugs?

C The sum-up

This book is about Alice. She is a fifteen-year old miss from the USA. She is non really popular at her school. Besides her weight is excessively high, she tinks. She loves Roger, a male child from her school. Her male parent is traveling to hold a new occupation and she is traveling to travel to another topographic point with her household. At her new school, she ca n’t acquire any new friends. Her first new friend is Beth. The summer after that, Alice goes to her Gran and Gramps, her grandparents. Then she is traveling to utilize drugs. The first clip was at a party with Jill. At that party she drank a coke with a sort of drug in it. At that party Alice meets Bill. Het teaches her more about drugs and after a short clip she is holding sex with him. That was the first clip she had sex with person. She decides non to utilize drugs any longer. After a short clip she met Chris. They are traveling to work in the same store. Chris has some friends excessively, which she met. Her friends, Richie and Ted, usage drugs, every bit good as Chris. After a short clip she is traveling to utilize drugs once more. She even sells drugs to immature kids. Chris and Alice run off from place and get down a store with jewelry, but they shortly quit running the store. After that they both go back to their household. She did non anticipate her female parent was pleased to see her once more, but her female parent is really pleased. Later she is in love with a male child who is called Joel. Alice parents send her to a head-shrinker. Then she goes off from place and she meets Doris. But shortly Alice goes home once more. Then she starts a new journal, because she is seeking to get down a new life. Soon Gran and Gramps dice. Then she used drugs once more and she comes into a infirmary. In that infirmary many kids are helped, because they used drugs before. At her birthday ( 20 September ) she meets Joel once more and it ‘s traveling good between them. Three hebdomads subsequently Alice died, at the age of 17, because of utilizing excessively many drugs.

Go ask Alice


A The narrative

2 Puting

a ) Quotation mark: September 17. School was a incubus. I was afraid I ‘d see Roger every clip I

turned a corner in the hall.

B ) Quotation mark: December 24.