Born inventor / engineer and businessman Nobel’s

Born in Stockholm, Sweden
Lived: 1833 – 1896
He worked as a scientist, inventor / engineer and businessman
Nobel’s most known achievements are the Nobel Prize, the dynamite, and the detonator
Born into bankruptcy
Father started a business in St. Petersburg with underwater mines
Alfred’s family moved there and the children received good education
He later studied chemistry and began working with the explosive liquid nitroglycerin
Started a factory in Stockholm with Emil, one of his brothers where he experimented with nitroglycerin
During one of his experiments, there was an explosion which killed many people including his brother
At the beginning of the 1860’s he invented dynamite
He travelled lots and didn’t have much time so Nobel advertised in the newspaper
His most adequate contestant was Bertha von Suttner
Left all his fortune for the establishment of international prizes for peace, economic sciences, medicine/physiology, physics and literature
Dynamite is made by mixing diatomaceous earth and nitroglycerin
Paste is shaped into rods
Rods are then covered in paper
A blasting cap is added to each rod of dynamite as well as an electric wire for fusing
Dynamite has to be used up within a year after manufacture
Boxes containing dynamite rods must occasionally be flipped
It was invented at the same time as the diamond drilling crown and the pneumatic drill
Reduced to cost and difficulty of blasting rock
Impacted the…
…military (for a short term)
…way of construction and demolition
…mining industry
…fishing industry (blast fishing)
Changed the government views about selling and manufacturing explosives