Comparative Analysis Of The Element Of Love English Literature Essay

On an introductory note love, I feel it is a universally accepted feeling which explains the really intent of life in more than one manner. This feeling is something which every homo can associate to. Through this assignment I propose to research different aspects of love through the literary plants of Federico Garcia Lorca and William Shakespeare. These several authors have without an component of uncertainty written several plants of art and have in the procedure immortalized themselves through their creativeness. The thematic component of love is prevailing in “ The Merchant of Venice ” by William Shakespeare and “ Blood Wedding ” by Federico Garcia Lorca. The of import facet which draws a line of difference between these two dramatic pieces is the fact that Merchant of Venice ends on a positive note whereas Blood Wedding, as the rubric itself suggests the tragic coda. My aim is to understand love in entire through the plants of Federico Garcia Lorca and William Shakespeare i.e. Blood Wedding and Merchant of Venice.

Bassanio is the secondary lead character whose perceptual experience of love is instead superficial in nature. He has misspent all his wealth and is in great debt and love is a manner of escape from the awful passs he his is in. He has formulated a program to court and get married Portia, the widow of Brutus. She is a beautiful lady who stays at Belmont. Bassanio wishes to get married her as he claims to love her but the fact of the affair is that Bassanio plans to settle all his debts by impairing Portia which would give him complete entree to her wealth. For the fiscal support of his trip, he urges Antonio to impart him money and Antonio neglecting to see ground agrees to come in into a bond with Shylock who is seeking retaliation. Bassanio needs three 1000 ducats and since Antonio is non in a place to impart him money, he someway agrees to the status of giving Shylock a lb of his flesh if he fails to refund him.

Shakespeare clearly draws out each character ‘s perceptual experience of love. Antonio ‘s character is projected as on which is put on the lining his ain really ego for love whereas Bassanio ‘s character is shown as misapplying the emotion of love in order to raise financess to back up a trip to capture a lady in the name of love. Therefore he is a character who instead misuses the term of love for his ain ego centre ends.

Trick and fraud is mode used to get love is good applied by Shakespeare through the other characters that are non the cardinal one yet are important plenty for the plot line to be comprehended in the right context. Jessica, the girl of Shylock, a large clip Jew and hatreds Christians elopes with Lorenzo, a Christian. Here Jessica foregoes fatherly love ( Shylock ) , for the love of Lorenzo. Shylock, though the adversary is highly swearing every bit far as his girl Jessica is concerned but is betrayed towards the terminal by Jessica where she elopes with Lorenzo by taking off all her male parent ‘s wealth.

Shakspere here makes an effort to demo that love and fraud at times go manus in manus. In order to get the love of one, one has to allow travel the love for the other. Such struggles add kingdom to this dramatic presentation as it reflects life in all kernel.

“ If it be so,

How small is the cost I have bestowed?

In buying the gloss of my psyche

From out the province of beastly inhuman treatment! ”[ 2 ]

Portia, Act 4, Scene 3.

Recognition of love is good projected by the word picture of Portia. When she realizes Antonio ‘s problems and his trap by Shylock and the fact that Bassanio, her to be hubby is responsible for the state of affairs, she puts the nuptials on clasp in order to deliver Antonio from Shylock. She dresses of a attorney and utilizes tact and process to salvage Antonio. She acknowledges his love and his forfeit.

The component of love is seeable in every character of the drama Merchant of Venice. Their actions are driven straight or indirectly to carry through the facet of love and we are introduced to love in different signifiers and bonding.

On the other manus, “ Blood Wedding ” nowadayss us with the tragic elements of such a Godhead feeling universally known as love. Love in “ Blood Wedding ” is shown to convey approximately unhappiness, restlessness and being at a loss of one ‘s ain saneness. Federico, the author in all these ideas shows us that love encompasses a journey of tests and problems.

The cardinal characters are the Bride, Leonardo and the Bridegroom. Love ; here is an emotion which seems to hold hurt in all these characters which leads them to their eventual terminal. The author shows us that the emotional bond of love ne’er ceases to be even though Leonardo is married to person else and the bride still yearns for him.

The bride hopes to acquire away the stabs of her bosom by come ining into marriage with the groom. Here Federico clearly explains the fact that people who fail to accomplish love, effort to acquire away their feeling by get marrieding other people and yet fail in the procedure. The author desires to do his base clear that love is a feeling that controls you and non you commanding the love.

Leonardo, though married, has genuinely ne’er forgotten the bride and mutely pursues the bride cognizing really good that holding her is impossibleness and since Equus caballus siting trips in the vicinity of the bride ‘s house validates the fact that he is non at peace, and love is a beginning of ne’er stoping torment.

Hatred the other side of love good explored and depicted by Federico Garcia Lorca. The groom and his female parent hatred Leonardo for holding killed their household members i.e. the groom ‘s male parent and brother. When they learn that the bride runs off with Leonardo, her lover, they are ferocious and the groom seeks retaliation by prosecuting the twosome with a squad of people with nonsubjective to put to death Leonardo for running off with his bride and for holding killed his household ( brother and male parent ) . Love here gives manner to avenge.

The struggle consequences in the decease of the groom and Leonardo. The bride returns place but is disconsolate as she lost out on Leonardo who loved her really much and risked everything he had for her. She lost out on the groom who presented a hope for a better hereafter.

“ It ‘s as though I ‘d imbibe a bottle of Pimpinella anisum and fallen asleep wrapped in a comforter of roses. It pulls me along and I know I ‘m submerging — but I go on down. “ A[ 3 ]

Bride, Act 2, Scene 3.

Love in Blood Wedding, is a force which is the beginning of sadness and discontentedness. The cardinal characters of the bride and Leonardo lead lives which seem meaningless and painful as their lives lack love which would hold been there had they had the company of each other in marital pleasance. In the instance of the groom and his household love is a beginning of extreme hatred directed at Leonardo who was responsible for the deceases in their household. His running off with the groom ‘s bride intensifies this hatred which would hold subsided had the bride married the groom.

On a conclusive note, I believe “ Merchant of Venice ” by William Shakespeare and “ Blood Wedding ” by Federico Garcia Lorca explore love in all its dimensions and significances. We, the readers are familiar with love which has many deductions and the fact that it lacks simpleness is the thought which the respective authors want to convey place.

Love which is attainted with no trouble fails to appeal and in all chance might lose its lustre, significance and appeal could besides be a concealed message to the readers. Love subjects itself to several trials and people who claim to be in love must digest trials is the message in conformity to me of these dramas.

I am confident that this assignment has helped me germinate as a individual capable of giving huge love.