David came to the United States around

David Huang

The Chinese first came to the United States around 1815, however there weren’t many. Chinese immigration started to increase, in 1852, 20,000 immigrated, in order to fulfill their dreams. In 1882, the United States passed the Chinese Exclusion Act which banned Chinese laborers from immigrating to America for 10 years. It was renewed again in 1892 and was made permanent until 1943. This Act shouldn’t have been created yet passed since it wasn’t based on logical reasoning, but by people’s discrimination and biased emotions on the Chinese.

The Chinese left China in order to become wealthy and to support their families by sending them money. Many arrived in California during the Gold Rush hoping to find gold like most Americans. When there were still enough gold to make people rich, everyone are happy. However when Americans who came later weren’t able to find gold, they started to blame others. “In the bitterness of their disappointment they turned upon the men of other races who were working side by side with them and accused them of stealing their wealth.” Everyone who decided to goto the gold mines all had the same wish, to find gold and have a better life. So, just because one isn’t lucky, they should start attacking people who are in a different race than them. In addition, California passed Foreign Miner’ Tax Act in 1850 which made foreign miners pay 20 dollars a month and was replaced in 1851, instead of 20 dollars it became 3 dollars a month. John McDougal, governor of California in 1851, told the legislature in 1852, “the Chinese constituted one of the most worthy classes of our newly adopted citizens, to whom the climate and the character of California were peculiarly suited,” perhaps not remembering Chinese were prohibited from become citizens. During the 1850s, there were many positive news about the Chinese. Despite this, when it was believed that they can find gold easily, they were faced with hostility from Americans, thus moving to more urban areas such as San Francisco.

Americans started stereotyping the Chinese such as degraded, dangerous under the idea of they are stealing jobs from Americans. The Central Pacific Railroad employed 15,000 Chinese to help build the Transcontinental railroad. Soon it was completed on May 10, 1869, therefore many Chinese were now jobless and had to find a new job in order to make a living.