Death Of A Salesman Journal Entries English Literature Essay

For such a long clip you have been populating under the feeling that popularity and handsomeness gets you through life. Let me be the one to state you that you need to wake up and recognize that you are neither. Because if you were so I ‘m certain they would non hold removed you from work. You are incapable of making a good occupation and that ‘s what matters when it comes down to it. Neither popularity nor good looks affairs when 1 ‘s purpose is to do money. You have to be the best, and merely your best is good plenty.

Your false feeling hinders you from seeing that you have destroyed the relationship you one time had with your boy. Not because of anything he has done, but all because of you. You are a bogus and this is the manner he sees you. Your compulsion with the “ American Dream ” has turned you into a unsighted adult male. Reality is strike harding at your door. Stop disregarding it and allow it in. You need to be realistic. It ‘s about clip.

Today I suspected my hubby of desiring to kill himself. I do n’t cognize what to make. What should I make? I ‘m afraid. I wanted to assist him, but so I got scared of what he ‘d state if he knew I knew he wanted to kill himself so I put his “ arm ” back where I found it. I hope he sees the error he ‘ll be doing before it ‘s excessively late. Dear God help him.

And a few yearss back he came place and told me he lost control of the auto on the route! Journal, I ‘m afraid for him. My hapless hubby. What is go oning to him? I ca n’t take it any longer but I ca n’t merely walk out on him. He ‘s my hubby for goodness interest! In my bosom I ‘m hankering to assist him but at the same clip I ‘m a small petrified of making it. I keep my lingua whenever I can. Just do n’t desire to upset the hapless psyche. I will merely pray for him.

Do n’t you experience a small if non an utmost sum of green-eyed monster about the fact that your male parent from you were younger preferred your brother Biff over you? You are now 32 old ages old and he still does. If I were you I know I would, because parents are n’t suppose to demo favouritism towards their kids and your male parent surely does it. I ‘m presuming you were a small disturbance every bit good that your male parent put Biff before you all the clip. He merely does n’t look to see that you are his boy excessively and you need him every bit much as Biff may necessitate him.

It ‘s a good thing though that you ‘re independent ; populating in your ain flat and have a occupation. At least you know that you do n’t hold to depend on that male parent of yours. Because if you had, he would hold most surely allow you down. Merely as Biff had let him down. It ‘s a commiseration to see how much he prefers Biff who ca n’t keep a steady occupation nor has a topographic point to name his place. But life goes on Happy. Keep your caput high and do n’t brood excessively much on the fact that your male parent has a front-runner and he is n’t you.

I hate that my male parent prefers Biff over me. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. But what can I make? I ‘ve tried my best but he still prefers Biff. But I do n’t understand him. Biff is no longer the popular child, he ‘s a nuisance to my male parent every bit far as I can state and yet he ‘s preferred over me. What a confusion! I merely detest that he prefers my older brother but what can I make? I ‘m merely traveling to populate my life. At least I know Biff is n’t such a captivated 1 with the ladies. He might hold charmed his manner into the bosom of many people when he was younger, but I ‘m thinking by the manner he gets along with our male parent it ‘s no longer that manner. Serves him right. Always acquiring what he wants. That Biff.

Of all people, Linda had the strength to convey Willy out of his illusive universe and back to world, but she fails to use this. Linda has small personal enterprise and would instead be led than disturb affairs. Linda ‘s function in the drama is non so complex. She is a simple individual who can non convey herself to move when she must make so. When she realizes Willy has been contemplating self-destruction, she does non truly face the job and seek to discourse it with him. This is the worst thing that she has done in the drama. When she told her boy, she even encouraged him non to make anything about it. We see this in Act I, scene 10 we see the conversation between her and Punch:

Arthur Miller in the drama, Death of a Salesman uses his characters to portray the difference between the success and failures of the American system. Willy is the salesman whose imaginativeness is much larger than his ability to sell, while Linda is Willy ‘s married woman who stands by him even in his absence of pragmatism. Biff and Happy are their nescient boies who follow in the psychotic belief of Willy ‘s footfalls. Ben, Willy ‘s dead brother is the lone Loman that achieved the ‘American Dream ‘ . Charlie and his boy Bernard were besides successful in carry throughing the dream.

Social category was besides one of the major factors during Miller ‘s clip. That is why he has mad Willy to believe that success comes from being good liked and popular. Willy had tried urgently to transfuse his impressions to his two male childs Happy and Biff, Willy ‘s biggest aspirations in life. Linda is highly supportive, and is Willy ‘s lone connexion to world. While raising the male childs, and seeking to transfuse the ‘American Dream ‘ he fails to learn them any sense of morality, taking them down to what he feels is the incorrect way. Willy ‘s end throughout life was to mount out of his societal category. As a salesman, Willy was a failure and he tried urgently to do his boies ne’er end up like him. As a consequence, he loses his head and his appreciation on world.

Miller portrays the functions of the married woman to her hubby and household during this period. Before World War II began, adult females were subservient to their hubbies, taking attention of the place and her household. Linda ‘s character is an illustration of this. She was a homemaker who was up to do her hubby ‘s breakfast before he went off to work ; she mended things that needed mending and she washed. These are a few of the functions of adult females during the 1940s, even though non much has changed during that clip.

Apart from taking attention of her hubby, she besides had the duty of taking attention of the remainder of the household, intending her two boies. Biff and Happy ‘s character are portrayed as work forces but we see where they are still scolded by their female parent. That was besides one of the functions of the female parent. With the aid of the hubby, it was her responsibility to transfuse regard in her kids. They were taught to hold subject for their parents every bit good as for others.

The other unfavorable judgment, Feminist Criticism, states that this is concerned with, “ aˆ¦the ways in which literature reinforce or sabotage the economic, political, societal, and psychological subjugation of adult females. ” This critic refers to Linda, as she is the lone major female character in the drama. Because she is a adult female, her character in the drama is seen as a stay-at-home married woman and female parent. Women during the clip this drama was written were non allowed to travel out and work. They believed that taking attention of the place was a adult female ‘s occupation, and nil more. In Act II, we see where Willy goes into the kitchen and sees Linda mending stockings. Even though he had become ferocious it is non for the ground that we were conceive ofing. It is merely because he feels a sense of guilt that Linda is repairing old stockings while he normally buys new 1s for his secret lover.