Diagnosis Of Ms Rosa Lee Cunningham English Literature Essay

Rosa Lee Cunningham is a Black American adult female who has lived a hapless life being a victim of utmost poorness, kid maltreatment and want of love and nurturance from her female parent. The traumatic experiences in her life has led to her dependence to a life style that farther degrades her as a individual alternatively of lifting from her unfortunate state of affairs.

From childhood, she has learned the harsh world that black misss needed to be “ trained ” to care for the household and family while black male childs are pampered. Rosa Lee underwent difficult labour for the household under the alert oculus of her severely rough female parent, Rosetta.

Education was non given a precedence in Rosa Lee ‘s turning old ages. Her female parent would prefer that work and jobs were done good and schooling was non as of import, as she inculcated to Rosa Lee that she would ne’er amount to something more than prosecuting in domestic work. Rosa Lee felt deprived of drama in her childhood, as she needed to chop wood, carry heavy things, scrub a room spotless and cater to her household ‘s every demand. As an grownup, being overly clean with the house became her manner of get bying with emphasis.

Rosa Lee craved for her female parent ‘s blessing. Her efforts to be near to her female parent were frequently met with ill will. When she learned to shoplift nice things to offer her female parent, she would be reprimanded, but subsequently, as her female parent would inspect the merchandize, would throw her weaponries around her with grasp. Such Acts of the Apostless of familiarity were ephemeral, as Rosetta did non waver to bring down physical injury at Rosa Lee whenever she displeased her. On the other manus, her male parent, Earl Wright, an alky had better respect for her and indulged her with whatever coins he can save for her whenever he was rummy.

In school, Rosa Lee felt that her poorness was keeping her dorsum from going what she was destined to be. In her pubescence, she noticed that other kids had nice apparels while she wore shreds. At this age, the demand to belong and be noticed by other kids becomes really strong. Her first shrinkage episode was borne out of this desire to be upgraded in footings of manner. From so on, stealing became a manner of life, and she became better and better at it until such clip when she managed to subtly slip merchandize in her waiting bag or under her skirt.

Rosa Lee fared ill in school, non recognizing that she was a slow scholar until she had the unfortunate episode of being thrown out of a category with a instructor she admired. With Mrs. Whitehead, she felt that she was larning, and enjoyed her instruction schemes. However, when she was caught in her category, she was instructed to fall in another category which Rosa Lee wanted to get away from in the first topographic point. This prompted her to go awol in school. Since she ne’er took school earnestly after Mrs. Whitehead, she did non develop her literacy accomplishments to the fullest. This deficiency of reading accomplishments proved to be disadvantageous to her.

Her misdemeanours have brought her to troublesome state of affairss, taking to an early gestation at age 13. She had to halt schooling to hold her first Born which her female parent cared for. Soon after, she found herself pregnant once more, and once more and once more, doing her a female parent of multiple kids before she reached her 20th birthday. Her promiscuous behaviour is a despairing call for aid to be released from her female parent ‘s clasps. Once, she succeeded in holding a adult male marry her merely because he was threatened by Rosetta, but a few months subsequently, Rosa Lee found herself back in her female parent ‘s house as she had no other manner to travel because her hubby beat her.

To feed her kids, she had to fall back to harlotry and selling illegal drugs. She ever justified such ways of bring forthing income as agencies of “ endurance ” for her eight kids. Her steady income came in the manner of public assistance cheques which her female parent had full control of.

Rosetta ‘s thought of child-rearing was to Rosa Lee, inappropriate. The baronial cause of puting the kids on the consecutive way ( ex. that stealing is bad ) is frequently implemented by violent Acts of the Apostless. Such whippings or rough cursing became a basic state of affairs in Rosa Lee ‘s family. The traumatic events and painful feelings that semen of it made Rosa Lee vow that she would ne’er make injury to her ain kids.

Because Rosa Lee had no believable function theoretical account for morality, she set her ain criterions, which unluckily were easy dead set. She herself taught her kids to steal apparels so they had something nice to have on or other things so they had something to sell to purchase nutrient. Later on, she would affect her kids and grandchildren in the drug trade because police officers do n’t normally travel after immature kids. She ne’er expected that they would acquire hurt in the procedure, but failed to see that she was seting them at high hazard.

When Rosa Lee finally became a drug nut herself, it became so natural to her and her kids to portion the illegal drug usage. Their joint drug Sessionss impressed upon the kids her tolerance of such a wont, doing it convenient for them to warrant it and even depend on their female parent to provide it or money to acquire it from their drug traders. This series of substance maltreatment shared by Rosa Lee and her six kids merited them gaol sentences and even geting the HIV virus for Rosa Lee and her two kids she shared acerate leafs with.

It is hapless that Rosa Lee and her kids do non larn from the effects of prosecuting in their drug wont, since upon release from gaol, they are shortly at it once more. Even the menace of the AIDS disease did non discourage them from continued chase of the following high.

Waking up to a painful world of poorness and hopelessness after the high has worn off, her kids simply exist. They do non hold the thrust to travel out and do something of themselves to populate normal lives. Alternatively of being employed in a nice occupation, they would instead depend on Rosa Lee who pushes herself to make what she does best – merchandising drugs and shrinkage merely so her kids are fed, housed and even given money to acquire their drugs. For Rosa Lee, this is her manner of demoing love for them.

Prolonged usage of unsafe drugs, and her high degree of emphasis have resulted in some physical unwellnesss in Rosa Lee as manifested by ictuss, memory oversights and tummy hurting. To pull off it, she has been having her day-to-day dosage of Methadone at the community clinic. However, at times, such symptoms go excessively much to bear and she ends up confined in the infirmary.

This paper attempts to analyse Rosa Lee ‘s psychological profile and name her psychological state of affairs utilizing a multiaxial rating from the informations gathered from her life narrative by Leon Dash and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders ( DSM-IV ) .

Axis I: Substance Abuse/ Dependence

Rosa Lee ‘s manifested symptoms may be diagnosed as Substance Abuse/Dependence. Under DSM-IV-TR ( text alteration of 2002 ) . Following are the usual behaviours exhibited by substance abusers/ dependants:

SUBSTANCE Maltreatment:

A A A A A A A A A A A Manifests one or more of the undermentioned behaviour: A

Failure to carry through major duties: Rosa Lee has been habitually belated in settling her measures, ensuing in cut-off of services. She is unable to pull off her fundss, as she misappropriates her budget to her and her kids ‘s drug supply alternatively of nutrient for everybody or payment of public-service corporations.

Use when physically risky: In malice of the menace of her HIV virus turning into a full-blast AIDS disease, or merely when she knows that her physical status makes drug usage lethal for her, Rosa Lee continues to indulge in drugs.

Perennial legal jobs: Rosa Lee has been arrested several times for shrinkage or busted for selling or utilizing drugs.

Perennial societal or interpersonal jobs: Rosa Lee is unable to command her kids ‘s habit-forming behaviour. She continually supports their drug wont by passing them the money to purchase drugs and so attempts to salvage them whenever they get in problem associated with their drug usage. Personally, she is frustrated with how they treat her but she seems incapacitated as she keeps her feelings normally bottled up inside and on occasion pushed to the bound. Since she has vowed ne’er to be like her opprobrious female parent to her kids, she alternatively indulges their caprices even if it brings black consequences for them.

A ” With SUBSTANCE ABUSE the user has a pick: he/she uses in malice of illegal, insecure effects, or wrongness of the drinking/drugging experience. ” ( DSM-IV-TR, 2002 ) . With Rosa Lee ‘s history of drug usage, she continues to utilize drugs despite her consciousness of its effects to herself or her household.



A A A A A A A A A A A Manifests three or more of the undermentioned behaviour:


Tolerance: Rosa Lee tolerates the effects that follow her drug usage – hurting, inability to work usually, even her kids ‘s apparently opprobrious behaviour towards her.

Withdrawal: Rosa Lee ‘s organic structure responses to drug usage backdown are normally associated to how she takes medicine to command the accrued and related symptoms that the usage of unsafe drugs have caused. Since her reading accomplishments are unequal, she is non accurate in following the dose of the prescribed medicine, doing her organic structure to respond with ictuss, memory oversights, etc.

Large sums over a long period: Rosa Lee ‘s consumption of drugs/ illegal substances depends on its handiness. The more drugs available for the pickings, the more she can devour. This has gone on for most of her grownup life.

Unsuccessful attempts to cut down: Despite her legion attempts/ proclamations to halt and reform her life by avoiding drugs, she would normally fall back into the drug wont.

Time spent in obtaining the substance replaces societal, occupational or recreational activities: Rosa Lee ‘s legion committednesss have normally been missed due to her drug job.

Continued use despite inauspicious effects: Rosa Lee has gotten herself in dire fortunes because of her substance abuse/ dependence. Her insistent parturiencies in the infirmary, the menace of AIDS, the hazard of being hurt by drug traders may coerce her to halt utilizing drugs, but when a nerve-racking event comes to her life, or when her defences are down, she would weakly give in to the enticement of taking drugs when it presents itself.

Axis II: A Developmental Disorders/ Personality Disorders

From the information gathered, Rosa Lee seems to show a figure of developmental upsets. From childhood, it was shown that she was a slow scholar and her unequal literacy accomplishments has led her to troublesome effects ( e.g. misreading prescribed doses of medicine has caused her aggravated physical unwellnesss ; her deficiency of apprehension of simple systems such as charge or legal effects has pushed her further in deeper jobs ) .

Her poorness and feelings of want has pushed Rosa Lee to impetuously steal from shops. Deriving blessing from her household members due to the ware she has stolen has become the wages for this inappropriate behaviour. Her usual alibi for it is “ merely seeking to last ” , a rationalisation she has passed on to her kids and grandchildren.

Rosa Lee shows some obsessive-compulsive behaviours when she is stressed. She cleans her house in earnest to the point that it is immaculate.

Axis III: Physical Conditionss

Rosa Lee ‘s drawn-out substance abuse/ dependence has caused her a batch of physical unwellnesss such as memory loss, organic structure strivings, ictuss, general unease and most of all, HIV from sharing acerate leafs when shooting unsafe substances to the organic structure. Such unwellnesss has made Rosa Lee increasingly weaker physically restricting her to her bed whenever these onslaught.

Axis IV: Badness of Psychosocial Stressors

The prominence of her female parent ‘s function in her life has greatly affected the formation of her character and personality. Rosa Lee was awfully afraid of her exploitatory and barbarous female parent who forced her to make things against her will. She was physically and verbally abused. In malice of this, Rosa craved for her love and fondness. When she already felt suffocated of her female parent ‘s clasp on her and her life, she found ways to acquire off from her such as acquiring pregnant and get marrieding early, which backfired and led her back to her female parent.

Bing a breadwinner of the household ( both her ain kids and her female parent and siblings ) pushed Rosa Lee to work harder at geting income to back up them all. In malice of this, she felt thankless and taken advantage of, but she passively accepted her destiny.

Continuously back uping her kids even in their maturity was besides a strong psychosocial stressor for Rosa Lee, as they were really much dependant on her that they even expect her to salvage them from the damaging effects such as bailing them out of gaol, covering for their evildoings and taking their topographic point to endure the effects of their ain misdemeanours. Rosa Lee ‘s thought of maternal love is merely to give and to give, as her selfish and inconsiderate kids continually take and take, giving their female parent nil in return.

The environment where she lives in is another beginning of emphasis for Rosa Lee, as it eggs on her uninterrupted battle in the drug trade. If she or any of her kids is guilty of traversing anyone, the menace of injury becomes prevalent.

Axis V: Highest Level of Functioning

Upon the thorough and acute coverage of Leon Dash, Rosa Lee has been portrayed as a street-smart adult female who is genuinely a subsister in the context of her personal state of affairs. She knows how to pull strings the sentiments of Judgess or other people who easy autumn for her delusory demeanour. She manages to get the necessary income for her household to last in desperate fortunes. When things are carefully explained to her and made sure that she understood the effects of her behaviour, Rosa Lee does the necessary action to normalise her life and go drug-free for a certain period of clip. Her weak will may be made stronger with careful staging of reminders and even menaces to her safety. She besides needs to be prodded to asseverate herself when it comes to her kids who control her emotionally by forcing the right buttons.

Proposed Treatment Plan

In coming up with an appropriate intervention program for Rosa Lee, many factors are to be considered. Like in most instances, intervention demands to unite psychological therapy with the intervention of the physical dependence.

Before any intervention program is attempted, Rosa Lee ‘s intrinsic desire to be reformed must be expressed. The determination to be healed of her dependence should assist her commit to being concerted with the concrete vision that she will so be free from the bondage of the dependence.

To cleanse her organic structure of the chemicals she has ingested, Rosa Lee needs to travel through medical detoxification. “ While detoxification entirely is seldom sufficient to assist nuts accomplish long-run abstention, for some persons it is a strongly indicated precursor to effectual drug dependence intervention. ” ( National Institute on Drug Abuse, n.d. ) . As it is, Rosa Lee has been taking her doses of Methadone, a drug that helps her in stabilising her life and cut downing her illicit drug usage. Her intervention program must likewise include intervention and direction of her HIV positive province to forestall it from going a full-blast AIDS disease. Precedence should be assisting Rosa Lee regain her physical energy and plucky spirit.

Since her immediate environment is one factor that encourages her dependence, she must be moved to a less baleful environment that promotes wellbeing. Being in a stress-free environment greatly helps in accomplishing peace. A contributing environment besides facilitates deep self-contemplation and coming up with an action program to prosecute a drug-free and positive life style after the intervention procedure.

The most of import component in the intervention program is Rosa Lee ‘s psychological therapy. Pull offing the effects of her injury from childhood entails acquiring to the root of it. Therapy must include her revisiting of the past and stairss to accomplish closing from the psychological hurting inflicted by her overmastering female parent and the damaging socio-cultural environment that exploited her self-respect as a individual.

Family therapy is indispensable in the healing of Rosa Lee ‘s affliction. Since the dysfunctional members are likewise perpetrators in promoting Rosa Lee ‘s dependence, they themselves must undergo psychological therapy non merely for her but besides for their ain good. In making so, an sceptered sense of ego and duty is hoped to be developed.

Psychotherapy will assist in handling Rosa Lee ‘s emotional lesions. The demand to understand why things turned out the manner they are should be met so the person is equipped to decide the state of affairs and travel on. One illustration is for Rosa Lee to understand the kineticss she shared with her female parent and how she should pull off the strong feelings her painful relationship still brings approximately. Bing able to pull off it will assist her in covering with nerve-racking state of affairss associated with her female parent.

Rosa Lee ‘s strengths should be used in the intervention program. Among these are her deep love for her household and her originative and critical thought abilities. In assisting her understand how her dysfunctional behaviour puts her kids and grandchildren at hazard may assist her displacement her paradigm on love. Promoting her to be strong in denying her kids the caprices which may convey them injury by utilizing “ tough love ” may be effectual in likewise beef uping her character. She may happen it really hard at first sing giving in to all her kids ‘s caprice has been her parenting manner for a long clip and her manner of demoing love for them, but finally, as she reaps the fruits of her forfeit, she will finally be accustomed to it.

Her originative and critical thought accomplishments may be called upon whenever she feels tempted to get worse into her dependence after intervention. She may happen ways and means to avoid anything that would trip her impulses to take illicit drugs like old co-drug dependant friends, drug traders, or even topographic points she associates with her former life in the drug trade.

In the book, there were frequent mentions to the power of faith over her. This may intend that Rosa Lee finds it of import. Bing exposed to the instructions of her chosen faith may assist her get proper apprehension of moral values. It would be ideal if faith and spiritualty would be her replacement for the ultimate “ high ” she is perennially in hunt of.

Even at a late age, she may still be given tutorial Sessionss on developing literacy accomplishments. Not merely will she larn to read and compose, but her assurance and self-pride will be improved, giving her hope for a better hereafter. Vocational rehabilitation such as prosecuting in humanistic disciplines and trades, horticulture, cookery, etc. will non merely maintain her head off her dependence but besides equip her with more accomplishments. Such accomplishments will assist her discovery appropriate, nice and paid employment to get down her off in her Reformed life.

Rosa Lee is besides recommended to acquire into assertiveness preparation to enable her to non-defensively show her emotions. This will assist her non to be easy taken advantage of people, particularly her household members who are ever out to acquire a cut of her public assistance cheques. She will similarly be empowered to believe of herself positively, and even contend the social norms and beliefs she grew up on, which were partially responsible in take downing her self-pride.

An effectual intervention program attempts to administrate to her medical, psychological, vocational, societal, and even legal demands. Rosa Lee had left a batch of pending legal instances, and these demand to be resolved or if need be, she should be conformable to confront the finding of fact responsibly.

As Rosa Lee gets better in her intervention program, consistent monitoring of her advancement must be assessed continually and modified as necessary to guarantee that the program meets her changing demands.

“ Recovery from drug dependence can be a long-run procedure and often requires multiple episodes of intervention. As with other chronic unwellnesss, backslidings to drug usage can happen during or after successful intervention episodes. Addicted persons may necessitate drawn-out intervention and multiple episodes of intervention to accomplish long-run abstention and to the full restored operation. Engagement in self-help support plans during and following intervention frequently is helpful in keeping abstention. ” ( National Institute on Drug Abuse ) .

The complications in Rosa Lee ‘s life have contributed to the province she is presently in. Like a battalion of a wrongly- knitted ball of narration, her intervention program should carefully let go of the knots to unknot the strands so a more accurate weave may be started and completed before she eventually expires.

No affair how unfortunate one lives his life, there is ever hope for alteration. In Rosa Lee ‘s instance, if she is determined to turn her life around, no 1 can halt her from accomplishing the felicity and fulfillment a “ clean ” life and amend her ways and instructions she has antecedently imparted to her kids and grandchildren. She will go on to transport the load of being responsible for her household being the materfamilias, but alteration demands to get down with her. Hopefully, positive alteration will rub off on her kids and grandchildren. Merely so could a trans-generational woundedness Begin to mend, as she may be the first existent believable role-model they can of all time hold.