Difficulty Transcending The Environment To Define Oneself English Literature Essay

Identity is a set of features that person identifies as belonging unambiguously to him or herself. Identity, besides known as singularity, individualism, peculiarity, and features is complex, incarnating both mutable and unchangeable traits harmonizing to outside and internal influences including school, the universe, civilization, relationships, values, strengths, failings, moral clime, theoretical accounts of behaviour, etc. These outside and internal influences shape one ‘s individuality.

Harmonizing to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, individuality is defined as: the separating character or personality of an person. To repeat, an individuality is shaped as a consequence of a coaction of societal and personal experiences a individual endures during the class of their life. A individual is born with a specific DNA, which includes specific features. But what determines who a individual is, how they act, etc, are the societal, personal, outside, and internal influences and experiences that they go through.

There are many types of individualities that shape one ‘s individuality. For illustration, household individuality is an individuality made up of the traits a individual has inherited from their parents. No two people have the same DNA. Deoxyribonucleic acid is alone to each individual and although certain features can be given to a kid, one ‘s individuality is shaped based on their personal experiences and what one may meet in their life

In the book, A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah, the book recounts Ishmaels life narrative and what it was like to be 13 old ages old and populate a life where it seemed as if you had two options: “ to kill or to be killed ” . The memoir of his childhood took readers on a ‘touching ‘ journey, which shaped him into the individual he is today. In peculiar, Ishmael encountered the adversities of losing his household, seeing his brother get executed, every bit good as holding to go a child soldier-a soldier who forced to utilize drugs, kill guiltless people, every bit good as put up with hapless life conditions. But his strength to preserver through all of these difficult times finally shaped his individuality. The influence of the war every bit good as the influence of losing his household is what caused Ishmael to develop in the manner he did. By that fact, in no manner is Ishmael a bad individual. Ishmael showed us that kids who have been traumatized by the war and turned into the most soulless slayers, can besides, with aid, have their humanity restored. When he took the action to travel to the United Nations to talk about the usage and affects of kid soldiers, he identified himself as a leader, one who wants good for his state, every bit good as person who wants to do a difference.

The war, which shaped his individuality every bit good as shaped his life-whether prior to fall ining the ground forces where he “ aˆ¦had learned to last and take attention of himselfaˆ¦ ( 153 ) ” to being in the ground forces and utilizing drugs and killing people-Ishmael ‘s individuality is shaped through the experiences he encounters on his pursuit for retaliation, freedom and safeness. His bravery to be able to compose about events of his childhood, which could traumatise him, shows readers that he is a strong and passionate individual.

Beah is able to exceed his environment and define himself when he takes the following stairss after his rehabilitation at the UNICEF cantonment. When Ishmael travels to the United Nations Conference in New York City, he is able to cast visible radiation on the convulsion and devastation throughout his state. In add-on, he is able to hopefully raise consciousness every bit good as portion his heart-wrenching experience with other kids who may hold gone through and battle similar obstructions. “ I am from Sierra Leone, and the job that is impacting us kids is the war that forces us to run off from our places, lose our households, and aimlessly roll the forestsaˆ¦I was sad to go forth, but please to hold met people outside Sierra Leone. Because if I was to acquire killed upon my return, I knew that a memory of my being was alive someplace in the universe. ” Although, at first, it is difficult for Ishmael to go forth his old wonts and province of head, since he struggled to recover his humanity every bit good as reenter the universe of civilians, who viewed him with fright and intuition, through the rehabilitation cantonments and support that was offered to him, he was able to exceed from his environment and go an single with a “ narrative of salvation and hope ” to state.

As noted earlier in this paper, one ‘s individuality is mostly formed in response to the events that occur around them, to them, and the affects that they have on person. In Ishmael ‘s instance, losing his household made him into a strong willed individual, being a kid soldier made him unstable and inhumane, nevertheless his actions after being released and holding the chance to re-enter the ‘civil universe ‘ , place him as a character who has overcome the obstructions in his life, preserved, and will everlastingly be emotionally touched and/or traumatized by his childhood. Similarly, in the book City of Thiefs by David Benioff, Lev Beniov ‘s individuality is shaped by the universe and experiences that he goes through. Primarily, his individuality and assurance is shaped through the war every bit good as through his friends.

In a metropolis cut off from all supplies and enduring incredible want, Lev and Koyla embark on a Hunt to happen the impossible. They “ embark on a hunt that takes them through the desperate anarchy of Leningrad and the devastated surrounding countryside, which creates an improbable bond between the earnest, lust-filled adolescent and an endearing Lothario with the gifts of a conman ” ( Book ) . Even though his brave Acts of the Apostless prior to their hunt for the twelve eggs, as seen by remaining in Leningrad without his household every bit good as interrupting his curfew and salvaging his friend, finally giving himself, Lev ‘s individuality is shaped by his privation for freedom, by the impact of being in a war zone, every bit good as the impacts of being and going with two complete aliens who, in the terminal, go his friend.

As antecedently mentioned, Lev was one time a brave character. However, as the book returns, Lev loses his sense of bravery and his feature of assurance and becomes a frightened male child, in modern terms-to be known as a poulet. When Koyla and Lev are faced with man-eaters, non to advert that Lev had a knife, Lev “ aˆ¦ranaˆ¦I was bewraying Koyla, abandoning him when he was weaponless and I had a good knife. I tried to will my pess to travel, to transport me back to the conflict, but I was agitating so difficult that I could n’t maintain my knife manus steadyaˆ¦ ” After being taken to gaol and knowing that his life was over and that he could perchance confront executing, Lev is given a 2nd opportunity to obtain his freedom. However, when he is faced in scaring scene, an emotion of being scared and confronting decease, Lev ‘s individuality of being brave goes out the window. Alternatively, he runs for his life.

With that said, nevertheless, when Koyla and Lev meet up with Vika, a sharp-shooter portion of a partizan group, Lev is able to alter his interior feelings, addition assurance, every bit good as the strength to kill a Abendroth, a commanding officer of the German ground forces. “ This was non a rush of bravery, but the opposite-my fright of Vika ‘s decease overpowered all my other fearsaˆ¦I cried out and reached for the barrel of the gun with my left handaˆ¦ ” In context, it may be seen as if Lev was merely making a baronial act, nevertheless, in world, because of the war, because of losing his household and being displaced, because of holding to walk, conceal, run from the Germans, and because of his end to return with the twelve eggs, Lev ‘s individuality of continuity, assurance, and ability to get the better of obstructions is evident because of the experiences/conflicts/actions he is put in. Lev ‘s actions were controlled by the war. His personality was changed because of the war. But besides losing his friends and household caused him to go a strong person. Koyla and Vika bring out Lev ‘s qualities of bravery, that was lost prior to the expedition of the eggs, every bit good as support Lev-allowing himself to reconstruct and go a hero.

Additionally, Lev rises above his environment and defines himself by returning to Leningrad and finishing his journey. Because he was forced to go forth Leningrad to acquire back his freedom, he ne’er would of go forth his environment. However, he ne’er had to return to Leningrad. He could hold merely joined the partizan group or flee to a different state. The regard he has for his state is outstanding. He non merely completes a hard undertaking at manus, in an unfamiliar environment without the proper tools, nutrient, shelter, etc, but he steps out of his comfort zone and returns with what was asked as him.

In the book The Loath Fundamentalist by Moshin Hamid, how one ‘s individuality is shaped is clearly expressed and analyzed. Changez, the chief character in the book, is a immature Pakistani adult male who moves to America to prosecute his dream of going a successful man of affairs. However, even though he obtains a work visa, rents an flat, graduate an elect college, and falls in love with a miss, Changez ne’er loses his Pakistani individuality. Alternatively, he adapts the individuality of being a Pakistani and a New Yorker, but ne’er an American.

Even though Changez left Pakistan to analyze in America, his Pakistan individuality remains with him. In peculiar, Changez keeps his face fungus, his apparels he wore, every bit good as his native tongue-meaning linguistic communication. In add-on, Changez ne’er loses touch with his Pakistani individuality. This can be seen in the sense of how much he refers to his childhood throughout the book. For illustration, in one memory about his childhood, he tells Erica “ When I was a kid, there were eight of us, eight cousins, all in the same compound-a individual boundary wall surrounded the secret plan of land my gramps left to his sonsaˆ¦ ” However, unlike the old books mentioned in this paper where the environment dictated 1s individuality, Changez specifically would non encompass the individuality of being American.

In fact, nevertheless, he stands by his values, beliefs, and ethical motives to continue his individuality. “ I was, in four and a half old ages, ne’er an American ; I was instantly a New Yorker. ” Despite graduating a esteemed college every bit good as obtaining an elegant occupation, Changez ne’er adapts to the ‘American civilization ‘ .

Changez adapts to an un-American, difficult working, and maintain to himself individuality. After the 9/11 onslaughts, Changez becomes cognizant and about frightened at the fact that American military personnels are get downing to be gathered and deployed in countries around his place. He non merely becomes confused about why American military personnels would be aching guiltless civilians, but begins to recognize that he does non belong in America. “ aˆ¦In other words, my winkers were coming away, and I was dazzled and rendered immobile by the sudden widening of my arc vision. ” The possibility of his place land being attacked surpasses any trust Changez has for America, therefore altering his individuality from desiring to be successful in America to seeing how Americans thought they were better than everyone else. “ Now our metropoliss were mostly unplanned, insanitary personal businesss, and America had universities with single gifts greater than our national budget for instruction ” . In add-on, overtime, Changez drops the individuality of being a New Yorker, because he comes to the realisation that New York is a portion of America, which is occupying his state. His individuality of being relaxed, desiring to win and desiring an instruction alterations as the menace of war attacks and terrorist activity thickens.

Unfortunately, Changez faces a terrible quandary. His individuality is clearly based on the values and truths that he was brought up on, those being Pakistani, nevertheless, he is unable to go forth New York at first even though he faces racial favoritism. Whether it was at Underwood Samson, his occupation, or walking down the street, New Yorkers has strong positions against Changez because of his race. This non merely made it difficult for Changez to populate in New York, but besides led to his anti-New York individuality, as seen by him going back to the Middle East.

In all of these books, the commonalty of war alterations the individuality of all of these characters. Some have the ability to defy the outside and internal influences, refinisher, and continuously change their individuality while others are forced to exceed their environment because what is happening goes against their individuality. It is clear, that person ‘s individuality is non built or based upon one thing. There are a battalion of factors that require us to do certain picks, actions, or decisions, which leads to our individuality. Personally, I believe that my parents have shaped my individuality. Even though current events, friends, school, work, and among other activities have helped me determine my individuality, my parents have continuously taught me right for incorrect every bit good as have been first-class function theoretical accounts.

They have besides shaped my individuality by leting me to populate in New York every bit good as unrecorded in Melbourne, Australia. To be fortunate plenty to go to the other side of the universe has allowed me to acquire a new perceptual experience, new position, and see how others think. Unfortunately, I believe that we are stuck in a ‘bubble ‘ by life in the USA. We do non recognize what is traveling on around us, ( sometimes untrue ) , or how others are perceive us. For illustration, when I moved to Australia, I was able to larn and understand about different religions-such as Islam, see how Australians perceive Americans, every bit good as larn a new civilization and develop womb-to-tomb friendly relationships. The move non merely learn me how to remain organize, but has shaped me into being person more responsible, mature, and independent. Because of my parent ‘s pick to travel, I have the ability to accommodate to new things easy every bit good as start my life once more without vacillation.

My individuality is invariably altering. As new things happen, as I grow up, and as I hit new obstructions or challenges, my individuality is invariably altering. To be honest, my individuality is non shaped by anything in peculiar, it is shaped on what I know, what I was brought up on, every bit good as what is happening know and the decisions I draw from those events/experiences. But because of my Australian experience, I am able to exceed from my environment at any given tome and continuously restart and revamp myself. It was really easy for me to do the passage from Australia to New York, despite friends and household, but because of my move and because of my parents being a theoretical account for behaviour, I am really happy with the individual who I am today. I have defined myself to be a good pupil, to be organized, to by respectful, to be mature, every bit good as to make and set up an exchange nine and program-something that has ne’er been done earlier.