Dr. has always been excelled from school.

Dr. Maria Montessori, one of the most powerful women and one of the pioneer in the development of early childhood education. Throughout her life, Maria Montessori constantly pushed the boundaries of old-time gender roles. She was very driven in her education and following her dreams which lead her to being one of Italy’s first female to graduate from medical school. She also created one of the very successful educational theory approaches. Maria did not let anyone hold her back from improving educational system.
Maria Montessori has always been excelled from school. She was born on 1870 in Italy, with this same year Italy joined together to form one country where she grew up in a climate of change era. Maria has been pushing the gender barriers in education excelling in school and even enrolled to technical program of education to study for a career in engineering. Maria ended up switching her career path and decided to become a doctor, although she was denied form University of Rome’s, but that did not stop her to reapply for a second time. Maria excelled in her studies and became one of Italy’s first female physicians. After being recognized she was chosen as the delegate to represent Italy at an International Women’s Congress in Berlin. Her speech at the congress gained attention and address the issues that continues to be in the forefront today.
After graduating from medical school, she began working at the Psychiatric Clinic at the University of Rome. This is the start of her journey of become who she is now. After working clinics at an asylum, she began to notice that children were deprived of sensorial stimulation and activities. She was the first person who point out the problem and lead her to immerse herself in educational theory. She became very passionate and dedicated herself to improving child’s education by creating a child-centered approach. Her studies originally started to improve the lives of children with disabilities, but with her observation and method approach, it proved to be very effective even to children without disabilities.
In 1900, she was appointed co-director at Orthophrenic school to help children that are mentally disabled. She observed and experimented different method approach that worked best for the children in which most of the children made unexpected progress of success. She continues to use same approach and opened first children’s house in 1907 where she learned that children learned bet by absorbing knowledge from their surroundings. She designed classroom and materials that catered to children’s natural desire to learn. With that success, Montessori school were acclaimed worldwide. Her method of teaching has been a success in many different cultures. The Montessori method focused on developing the child as a whole through nurtured environment where they are capable in learning with supportive environment.
Maria Montessori was a driven, hardworking women who have strong passion in educational theory. She overcame old time gender roles and refused to settle for what society thought she should be as a woman. She stayed motivated and extend her knowledge to worldwide. She succeeded against all odds and was not only one of Italy’s first female physicians but was also one of the only women in her time to create a whole new, successful educational theory which is still widely spread its approach. Her theorical purpose of education was to give an aide to life to assist every child in the unfolding of his or her full potential.