Dream And Reality An Irreconcilable Conflict English Literature Essay

Jane Austen is an extraordinary English novelist, specialising in romantic fiction. For more than 200 old ages, Jane Austen ‘s pragmatism and seize with teething societal commentary have earned her historical importance as a author among bookmans and critics. Pride and Prejudice is her most successful work. The heroine, Elizabeth, becomes one of the most charming female literary figures. With the related fame, Austen gets more and more attending and eventually she besides becomes a new favourite of Hollywood screen. Then, more remarks and unfavorable judgment about Jane Austen and her plants follow of course. Among these, there is the comparing between Jane Austen and Elizabeth. Beyond the high grade of similarities, an disconnected difference appears between these two images. It is an wholly different stoping. In this paper, there will be farther comparing among Jane Austen, Elizabeth and the silver-screen Jane Austen. Their similarities and differences will be given a farther analysis. Their cause will be discussed. A Q Spirit will besides be applied for an account taking readers witness the writer ‘s interior unreconcilable struggle between dream and world and experience the writer ‘s strivings. The thesis concludes that Jane Austen is a happy dreamer but a despairing struggler in world.

Key Wordsi?s Jane Austen ; Elizabeth ; Silver-screen Jane, dream and world, A Q Spirit


Writers, particularly the successful authors are the minds of the human history and society, such as Jane Austen. Their woks are the concrete representation of their relentless thought. So when reading Austen ‘s plants and experiencing what the authors had in head, the readers can touch one of the centralised parts of the societal psychological science.

Jane Austen is one of the most outstanding novelists in history. She has written many celebrated books, particularly Pride and Prejudice. The portraiture of Elizabeth, the heroine of Pride and Prejudice, is really successful. She additions the bosom of infinite readers all over the universe.

The well-known literary critic, Edmund Wilson said, in the past century, there were several revolutions in English literature and the altering literary gustatory sensations caused great impacts on the reputes of about every author, but non Shakespeare and Jane Austen ( Edmund Wilson, qtd. in c™??•? & A ; a”?cZ? 2002 ) .

Her excellent plants besides gain Jane Austen immortal celebrity, which brings Austen to the populace. In 2008, Austen ‘s life film, Becoming Jane was released.

When Jane Austen and Elisabeth are being mentioned together, it is easy to promote people to do series of comparings. The similarities between Jane Austen and Elizabeth can be seen anyplace. The connection of Jane in the film enriches the comparing.

In this paper, based on the researches which have been made, the farther comparing will be made. A few inquiries will be asked. What makes this difference between Austen and Elizabeth? What is the writer ‘s intent? About the comparing of Jane Austen and Jane in film, Becoming Jane, the purposive deformation of the Jane exists: the rational Jane Austen loses her head and commits a barren-ending elopement. What inspires this deformation?

Literature Review

Before replying the inquiries above, some overview on the research about Jane Austen are needed.

2.1 Surveies on Jane Austen Abroad

Before Austen died, her plants brought her really small personal fame because they were published anonymously though they were really popular at that clip. Gradually Austen was praised for its pragmatism and dramatic qualities of her narrative. Then she was ranked by some critic with Shakespeare and Carvantes, Hernry Fielding. She was called one of “ the all right painters of life ” ( Southam, 1986 ) . Later some of memoir about Jane Austen written by her relations was published. All these name up a lifting tide of public involvement that exceeds her “ Intrinsic virtue and involvement ” ( Southam, 1986 ) . These alterations about Austen ‘s literature position brought her many fans called “ Janeites ” . After the first books of unfavorable judgment on Jane Austen were published in the last one-fourth of the nineteenth century, more unfavorable judgment followed. As clip moves on, several of import plants make Austen ‘s novels a focal point of academic survey. By and large regarded as the starting point for the serious academic attack to Jane Austen, the Oxford Shakespearean bookman A. C.Bradley is the leaden milepost. After his part to Jane ‘s research, there are more and more surveies about her authorship manner, her narrative art, sarcasm, pragmatism and sarcasm and so on. Since World War Two, the feminism theory and the postcolonial theory are being used in the research of Jane Austen. She is compared to the widely accepted women’s rightist Wollstonecraft and it is said that she should be given the feminist rubric, excessively ( Kirkham, 1983 ) . Now, the academic grasp of Austen has been widened than of all time before.

Off the mainstream, in 2004, Kellye M. Nye wrote an essay to indicate out that Austen is utilizing the fairy narrative secret plan construction to show her feminism and said that Elizabeth was like the a princess waiting to be rescued ( Kellye M. Nye, 2004 ) .

With such a definition, Austen is decidedly non the Centre of Kellye ‘s research. So even the fairy-tale stoping has been mentioned, but no comparing has been made. In this essay, in this analysis, Kellye neglects Austen ‘s personal feeling but caputs to the feminist decision.

2.2 Surveies on Jane Austen in China

Jane Austen is besides really popular in China because of her novels, as a fantastic novelist, as a women’s rightist. Recently, under the push of the Hollywood, both her plant and her personal anecdotes have been a hot subject.

Most of the clip, when Austen ‘s significance is discussed by the critics, her attitude towards matrimony is ever a mainstream subject. For illustration, Wen Hulin and Yang Guiqin said, “ Pride and Prejudice has been interpreted as a work praising those adult females who fought for a happy marriagei????©e™Z?z- & A ; ?????‚c?? , 2006i?‰ . ” Here, Austen has been classified as a women’s rightist.

The comparing between Jane Austen and Elizabeth has been made in rather a batch researches. Once Bai Min and Tang Ling list the similarities between them from assorted facets and they claimed, Elizabeth is Austen ‘s self-portraiti??c™??•? & A ; a”?cZ? , 2002i?‰ . In Ye Xiaolin ‘s research, she finds out Austen ‘s rationalism and idealism. In her apprehension, the writer ‘s Cinderella composite is because Austen is taking a commiseration on her heroine and so gives them a happy stoping ( a?¶?™“c?? , 2002 ) .

The restriction is here. When the research workers are speaking about the writer, their visions will be locked by the writer. When they discuss something else, their visions are beyond the writer.

Dose the integrating of these two positions mean that Jane Austen is sorrowing for herself?

After the overview, most of the critics about Austen are similar knives, cutting her work or her life into pieces for the interest of happening the accomplishments she applied in her novels. The researches are like hoes that are ever seeking to delve out what is far off from the writer herself but have connexion to the literary significance that can reflect the history and society. In all, all the ranges are about esteem and critics.

No thoughtful and warm apprehension is for the author. Furthermore, the domestic and abroad researches do non cover this subject and no replies for those inquiries are seting frontward above.

In consideration about this, it is clip for the readers to come back and refund the necessary attending to the interior of the writer. It means reading with understanding, because the writer is the 1 who write the book. Her hurting with joy and wants has been included.

When the reading has been finished and the cognition about Jane Austen is equal and the all-sided comparing has been developed, the author is still a portion of what the readers are believing about, more will be seen.


In world, Jane Austen has “ great sugariness of manners ” , “ sort, sympathizing, and astonishing ” . “ Her figure was instead tall and slender, and her whole visual aspect expressive of wellness and life ” ( James-Edward Austen, 1869 ) .

To a grade, both Jane in movie Becoming Jane, acted by Anne Hathaway and the Heroine, Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice, are sharing most of the features of the novelist.

3.1 Jane Austen and Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen was born in a closely knit household located on the lower peripheries of English aristocracy. She is the 2nd girl of the household and was raised merrily and enjoyed her pleasant in-between category life. Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice is besides from a in-between category household of a small small town of the southern England. Before the demoing up of Mr. Darcy, she is merely like her other sisters to travel to balls and haunt with friends, holding a unworried life ( Jane Austen, 1946i?‰ .

Austen ‘s male parent, George Austen, served as the curate of the Anglican parishes at Steventon, Hampshire. He is knowing and has a really good gustatory sensation on literature. During Austen ‘s place tutoring clip, her male parent has great influence on her and she respects her male parent really much. Mr. Bennet is besides a thoughtful individual who spends most of his trim clip in his survey and tickers what is go oning in his household through his glass softly unless outgrowth. Here Elizabeth is his favourite girl. About her female parent, Cassandra is a common female parent merely like other female parents at that clip. We can see similarities between her and Mrs Bennet, so that Austen ‘s feeling to her female parent is like Elizabeth to Mrs Bennet, complicate. They both love their female parents but do non accept their old value.

Cassandra Elizabeth, Austen ‘s merely sister, was her closest friend and confidante throughout her whole life. Neither of these two sisters gets married. Today, most information about Jane Austen, it is from the letters they wrote to each other and Cassandra besides destroy some she thought it is impropriate to demo in the populace. In the novel, Jane and Elizabeth have the most pleasant relationship that can do every other sisters envy. They trust each other, and portion really thing with each other, even the most secret idea, such as merely Elizabeth can Jane state how much she admired Mr. Bingrey. Jane is besides the first one to be acknowledged of Elizabeth ‘s relationship with Mr. Darcy. Elizabeth ‘s first refusal to Darcy ‘s proposal is besides because of her purpose to protect her sister.

What is more, Jane Austen and Elizabeth portion the same value and the same position of matrimony. Both of them were born in the late eighteenth century, the clip followed Rousseau ‘s thought theoretical account that adult female were emotional animals who need to be kept by adult male:

The instruction of adult female should ever be comparative to work forces. To delight, to be utile to us, to do us love and respect them ; to educate when immature, to take attention of us when grown up, to rede, to command, to render our lives easy and agreeable- these are the responsibilities of adult females at all times and what they should be taught in their infancyaˆ¦ ( Rousseau, qtd. in Dhatwalia, 1988 )

At that clip, adult female had thought should “ be looked upon as deficient in mind and ground, given over to passion and impulse ” ( Brophy, 1991 ) , such as Charlotte and Kitty.

Both Austen and Elizabeth did it in the opposite manner. Both of them show us superexcellent sense. Austen did non hold her life as she was supposed to hold: giving up herself to the force per unit area of life and giving up her endowment to happen a rich and baronial hubby to back up her life. She stick to her ain rule and delicate her life to compose. This is what makes Austen an extraordinary adult female. About Elizabeth, her rational head is unmindful in the novel: she is decisive, unagitated and strong. When she is confronting the destiny that there will be no topographic point for her to populate when her male parent base on balls off, she do non give up to a matrimony without love, and eventually the misinterpretation between her and Darcy vanishes off and acquire a happy stoping.

3.2 Jane Austen ‘s Painful Cinderella Complex

Through the comparing, Elizabeth is about Austen ‘s self-portrait and Austen herself besides said, pride and Prejudice was her favourite 1. But in the novel, Elizabeth is no longer Jane Austen, because as the narrative develops, Elizabeth is changed into Cinderella measure by measure. In the terminal, she gets a fairy narrative stoping.

Austen dose non affect in any matrimony during her whole life. It does non intend that she had ne’er thought approximately matrimony. In a contrary way, she thought about the kernel of the matrimony all the clip, because most of her plants are speaking about the love personal businesss of the immature ladies and their attitudes about matrimony and their picks and the matched life establishing on their pick. Because of the intensive thought of the matrimony of her clip, it makes her remain individual.

No uncertainty, Austen has a really good apprehension about the restriction for the adult female at her clip. They do non hold alternate. As knowing and witted as Austen, she was trapped here. Though she was capturing and may hold at least one love matter and receive at least one proposal ( Le Faye, 2005 ) . She was so witted, possibly she was excessively witted, and was ever buying after the idealism, particularly the matrimony. In her head, love and a good luck are both necessary to a happy matrimony, if she can hold them both at the same clip that she would instead to be entirely to the terminal of her life. Austen ne’er chooses to compromise to the world. This transition foreshadows her hurting.

Actually, if Austen is well-prepared for the disappointment life throws at her, things may go easier. But on one manus, she refused the imperfect matrimony, on the other manus, she was maintaining woolgathering. This consciousness is concealing in Pride and Prejudice. Elizabeth without matrimony is about the novelist herself. But following the fairy narrative secret plan construction, there is a Mr. Darcy for Elizabeth. What is more, in her other plant, there is ever a Mr. Right for her heroine. But no prince comes to the existent Jane.

Writing and off-writing, to Austen, it is like a sweet dream and the rough world. At this point, a bold conjecture can be made: she is seeking to acquire the comfort from the familiar prince-and-princess stoping falling on the fabricated Jane Austen, Elizabeth. It is like pain-killer to her hurting caused by the existent life. Or morphia is more appropriate.

Harmonizing to the comparing, besides the glorification of one of the most outstanding novelist, Austen is still a common adult female transporting the painful Cinderella composite. With so many similarities between Jane Austen and Elizabeth, the different terminations do non state how happy and how peaceable the writer is, but indicate what a hurting is burying inside her bosom.

Sing the societal circumstance, Jane Austen has minor opportunity to acquire what she is woolgathering approximately at her clip. It is prophetic. And her painful longing in her bosom is unvoiced.

At this point the ferociously struggle between dream and world is being shown.

3.3 Jane Austen and Jane in Becoming Jane

Becoming Jane released in 2007 is a movie based on Jon Spence ‘s life of Austen, Becoming Jane Austen. Jane Austen is performed by the celebrated Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway.

In the film, it is supposed to hold Jane Austen ‘s life reappeared. Although Hathaway is praised for her first-class public presentation as Jane Austen, she is decidedly non the “ Jane ” .


The manager Julian Jarrold was concentrating on the unproved relationship between Jane Austen and Thomas Langlois Lefroy. Furthermore, there are large differences between this silver-screen Jane and the existent Jane.

About Jane in film, do n’t advert that the actress Hathaway has no presence of the existent Jane idea she is a arresting beauty with large eyes and dazing smilings. Hathaway shows the audience the beauty of the modern clip. But about Jane, she is supposed to hold a sort of authoritative elegance. What is more incredible is that the shiver-screen Jane is even bold plenty to be after an elopement with a hard up pupil of jurisprudence who she fell in love deeply with.

It is true that the screenplay was inspired by the truly event of Jane Austen ‘s life. But as what has been known that Jane Austen was knowing even though most of her cognition did non derive in the traditional manner, from the school, but from the home-tutoring, from her male parents and brothers and a considerable measure of books she had read. She grew up to be a thoughtful and rational lady who is fond of and good at composing. Jane Austen did acquire married, but no one uncertainty that she is non a rational being. Once Christopher Gillie said, “ Jane Austen was every bit to laugh at those who thought it right to populate wholly by their emotion ( Christopher Gillie, 2005: P30 ) . ”

Here a decision can be reached. Harmonizing to Jane ‘s existent characters, matrimony dose non intend the act of unbridled passion but a complex battle between the get marrieding twosome and the modern-day fortunes. This sentiment can be found in Pride and Prejudice. For illustration, the matrimony between Lydia and Wickham is because of the unbridled passion and Charlotte marries William Collins under the force per unit area of the modern-day fortunes. Jane Austen used Elizabeth ‘s name to show herself that she disdains to make be one of them.

In conformity with all above, holding such a strong esthesia, it is impossible for the existent Jane to perpetrate an elopement with any cat.

So Becoming Jane can merely be defined as a semi-fictional life of the honored writer, even it incorporates people and events from Austen ‘s life.

3.4 Tellurians ‘ Painful Cinderella Complex

Analyzing about the comparing, the inquiry “ why ” jumps out once more.

Why “ Jane ” in Becoming Jane is non Jane? Is it the manager ‘s design or by accident?

At this point the nature of films should be taken in consideration. Movies are something commercial. Because Jane Austen is so celebrated and a batch of facets of hers are unknown, so that it gives the adequate infinite for the Hollywood to make a NEW Jane, who is entertaining to the “ Janeites ” .

Peoples have the Cinderella composite, excessively. That is why screen love affair ever has its undaunted market. Peoples love the novels written by Jane Austen and it stimulates the equaled involvement in the novelist ‘s personal life, excessively.

Here a stereotype is inserted in people ‘s head that an extraordinary adult female like Austen, her life should make full with uncommon narratives. Audiences are looking frontward dramatic comedy. Unfortunately, Austen ‘s life narrative seems holding no connexion with comedy. Once comedy is out of the program, calamity is brought frontward. A conventional pattern elopement can lend the indispensable component of a love affair calamity.

A rational head is evidently non good for the expected amusement, so the “ Jane ” can non be Jane once more. She is designed lose her head and commit an elopement with a adult male and they have to return with their empty manus. Now the calamity secret plan is completed.

This film is successful. The statistic from two of most popular film web sites in China shows: on MTIME, its mark hits the high point 8.2 and its grade is besides every bit high as 8.0 on Douban in 2010.

The successes of this film, it besides reveals the Cinderella ‘s composite of Earlling. Peoples are taking the advantages of the non-existed love affair to soothe them, merely as a impermanent interruption from ordinary life.

Jane Austen and A Q Spirit

In the film, Becoming Jane is a silver-screen tragic love affair which is created for the commercial intent. It is unbelievable narrative, but Jane ‘s life is still an unseeable calamity to herself. The paradox, which can be seen in the comparing between Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice and Jane ‘s existent life, is an indicant of the interior calamity of Jane Austen. Pride and Prejudice is the manner Jane Austen applied to project her ideal life and matrimony.

Elizabeth inherits about all features of the writer. Author ‘s existent life is the original of Pride and Prejudice. The inspiration of the novel is from the day-to-day life and the society which Jane was really familiar with. Elizabeth is like a mirror. She reflects the whole political orientation of her Godhead.

But in the terminal of the narrative, the heroine got everything what Jane Austen dreamed of but failed. For illustration, it is really easy to happen out that Mr. Darcy is the ideal combination of Lefroy with intelligence and the nephew of Lady Gresham with luck.

Normally, novel is a really good manner for a author to take to state others her ideas, particularly the dreams which they ca n’t hold them come true in world. To Austen. Elizabeth is standing for her ideal life theoretical account.

It is the comparing that shows readers the novelist ‘s strivings. In world, Jane was non happy.

Pride and Prejudice is a novel which Austen poured in all her personal apprehension of adult female ‘s life at that clip. This book is non merely brightly reproduction of her life-time but besides her unapproachable dream. It is a sort of solace. What Austen ca n’t hold, she can make one heroine, who has her face and character, to acquire it. It is a moral triumph, besides known as A Q Spirit in China i??e?†a†¬e?’ , 2002i?‰ .

In the novel, Austen thinks, a immature lady as wise and reasonably as Elizabeth deserves a perfect matrimony. From another angle to detect, she thinks, she deserves a happy stoping, excessively.

This phantasy or semblance is going a self anguish as clip goes by.

It could be a cause, taking Jane Austen to decease immature non merely of the disease. But this is besides what nourishes her to go a celebrated novelist and cements her tremendous celebrity, so that nowadays the universe can bask her wit and sarcasm. It is the fortune of literatus but the Austen ‘s hurting.

5. Decision

Now, the inquiry at the beginning can be answered.

It is Austen ‘s outlook for her ain life drives her to plan a perfect stoping, which is so different with hers, to her self-portrait, Elizabeth. She makes it on intent unconsciously as a self-consolation. Austen is a happy dreamer but a despairing struggler in world. So make the audience. That is why Jane in Becoming Jane is non 100 % of existent Jane Austen. The deformation is made to provide for the demands and gustatory sensations of audience, who have the same Cinderella composite.

Jane Austen may hold the consciousness of feminism or may non, but her life and her chef-d’oeuvres, particularly Pride and Prejudice, as a integrity, it introduces a strong feeling in that field: the females ‘ psychological battle about Victorian traditional matrimony value. It points straight to the struggle of the dream and the world inside the author.

When one novel is read, three beds should be expected. The first bed is the fresh itself, like tegument. The 2nd bed is the writer, like flesh and blood. The concluding bed is the societal and cultural significance of the novel, like castanetss.

In the traditional manner of Literary Appreciation, critics prefer to surgeon manner. Analyze the tegument, and so they cut to see the form of the castanetss. The writer is ever digesting a assorted grades of indifference.

A mild Chinese-pysical-therapist reading manner should be promoted. To touch the tegument, the form of the castanetss can besides be seen if the flesh and blood can be carefully felt how it wraps the castanetss.

If the readers pay more attending to the Author, it is non really hard to happen out, sometimes the beautiful and pleasant prince and princess narrative in the books do non bespeak the satisfaction of the existent life. On the contrary, the narrative in itself is like a bright Sun which drops a intimation of the dark shadow created by aureate sunlight. The brighter the sunlight it is, the thicker darkness the shadow may hold.

If it is true that “ to see a universe in a grain of sand, and a Eden in a wild flower ” ,

The writer herself must be the “ grain of sand ” or the “ wild flower ” . ( William Blake, 1995 )