Effects Of Globalization On China And The Uk Economics Essay

In the last 20 old ages, international concern and trade has increased throughout the universe and many states have developed knowing nexus as globalisation additions. The United Kingdom and China have a long history by trading. In the 1840s, the traded trade goods were chiefly opium, the indulgence on which was thought to be straight linked with the mental impairment of the populace in China. With the revolutions launched and the opium trade prohibited, the Opium War broke out, ensuing in the taken over of sovereignty on Hong Kong by the UK. Business between these two states so came to a constriction due to the issue of district. However, such state of affairs shortly came to a arrest. During the 1950s to 1970s, the 3rd industrial revolution was initialized and boosted the economic system to a trade name new degree. However, due to the “ closed door ” policy adopted by the swayers, China had shut down contacts with the universe, and logged far behind other states in the economic system. In face with such job, Comrade Deng proposed the reform and opening up policy to turn to the economic depressions in China. He pointed out that “ Developing Is an Dogged Principle. ” With more and more concern contacts and exposures to latest developments in the planetary market, concern and trade between the UK and China have marched towards a wellness development ( Eberhard, 2008 ) . This essay will discourse how current tendencies in globalisation are affects concern between the UK and China. First the late trade between the UK and China will be analyzed. Following this it will discourse the communicating between the UK and China. Finally, this essay will analyze the conveyance links between the UK and China.

2.0 The trade between UK and China

Since China has implemented the reform and unfastened policy, China ‘s communicating with the foreign states becomes more and more frequent. Furthermore, the globalisation development farther cement trade dealingss between UK and China. Especially since China has entered the WTO, the trade contacts between the two state becomes more and more frequent. Furthermore, with the peaceable handover of sovereignty on HongKong administration, the relationship between China and UK has since so maintain on good impulse. With the official visits between China ‘s Premier Zhu Rongji and Prime Minister Tony Blair in 1998 bespeaking a good start of the bilateral dealingss ( Xinhua News Agency, 2002 ) , Sino-British cooperation on countries such as economic system and trade, instruction and cultural exchanges, international personal businesss, etc, has become more and more frequent, and yielded great benefits to both parties ( Xinhua News Agency, 2008 ) .

The imports of assorted manufactured articles and trade goods from China and the exports of uneatable petroleum stuffs except fuels have systematically been the major gross beginning for both states in the past 10 old ages ( see Appendix ) . China has now become UK ‘s largest beginning state of imports by ruling 56 % of UK ‘s entire imports in 2009. The entire Sino-British trade volume had amounted to US $ 28 billion, with a twelvemonth on twelvemonth growing rate of 4.33 % and a dramatic 264 % addition when compared with that in the twelvemonth 2000. The 2009 import and export volume from/to China stood at around US $ 23 billion and US $ 5 billion, with a twelvemonth on twelvemonth growing rate of 18 % and 35 % severally. Meanwhile, the increased rate in export of transit merchandises was 14 % in 2009, such growing rate jumped to an amazing 81 % in 2010, after projecting the nine-month period figure into a full twelvemonth unit of ammunition figure ( UKtradeInfo, n.d. ) . The increased degree of exports on conveyance equipment is in line with the Chinese authorities ‘s increased inputs on railroad and subway building to carry through the demands triggered by urbanisation.

The information and information about the import and export of UK and China reflects the increasing commercial intercourse between the two states. The expert and import between UK and China non merely meets the production and building demands of the both states, but besides brings much net incomes through the concern to the two states ( Xinhua News Agency, 2002 ; Foreign and Commonwealth Office, 2008 ) . The frequent and smooth trade between the two states is chiefly resulted from the globalisation development. The globalisation provides the advantageous environment for the trade.

3.0 Culture communicating

Globalization has been described as the increasing interconnection of people and states through economic integrating, communicating, and cultural diffusion ( Appadurai, 2000 ) .

Along with the development of globalisation, the civilization communicating between UK and China becomes more and more frequent. More and more foreign exchange pupils that come from China would wish to travel UK to larn the cognition and civilization, and the figure of abroad pupils of UK who prefer to travel to China to analyze is increasing. The travellers of the two states will prefer to see each other after they have a small realisation of each other ‘s civilization, tradition, usage and some other facets ( Samovar, Porter & A ; McDaniel, 2009 ) . These facets will drive the UK and China ‘s transit and touristry industry development and connexion with each other. With the assorted industries communicating, the concern work forces or endeavors both in UK and China may wish to put or seek cooperation to each other ( Leung et al. , 2005 ) .

Furthermore, the civilization communicating makes the people in the tow states have a better apprehension and realisation to each other in the facets of civilization, tradition, usage, wont, societal value and so on. Therefore, in the existent communicating and connexion, there will be less misunderstanding and embarrassment, and the communicating will go smoother. This will lend much in the concern between the two states ( Leung et al. , 2005 ) . Because it easier for people to understand the significance of each other, therefore in the concern dialogue and communicating, it will non be hard to show the personal sentiments, and do the other people to understand the purpose. This will advance the concern development and successful trade between UK and China. Therefore, the concern can non go forth the civilization communicating, and the civilization communicating can non go forth the globalisation. In other words, the globalisation provides conditions and environment for the civilization communicating and information exchange, and these two facets promote the concern between the two states ( Alfons & A ; Charles, 1998 ) .

4.0 Transportation system

In order to run into the increased concern contacts and cultural communicating, China and UK have both increase their inputs on the building on transit system ( Mackerras, 2003 ; Hummels, 2007 ) . For pulling more foreign investings, China has built a figure of seaports in the coastal metropoliss such as Yantai, Dalian, and Qingdao, etc. With the increased transit capacity from these seaports, the goods and trade goods can be shipped out to finishs or imported from foreign states with greater clip efficiency. In add-on to the attempt on H2O manner building, the development in air hose concern besides benefits concern communications to a great extent. In the yesteryear, conveyance costs were among the most of import explanatory factors in economic geographics and industrial development ( Pederson, 2001 ) . Peoples in the two states had to run into each other by ways of seafaring, which might by and large take a twosome of yearss. The high clip cost might by and large coerce concern to be conducted domestically. However, with the convenient means by air transit, restraints from geographic location are limited to the lowest degree.

Apart from traditional development in waterway and land transit, practical contacts via cyberspace, ocular picture meeting, and other advanced IT techniques besides help hike instant communicating on the planetary broad footing. Companies no longer need to carry on concern on a face to confront contact, which has enabled concern with any spouses from all around the universe ( Mackerras, 2003 ; Hummels, 2007 ) .

This can non go forth the part of globalisation. The globalisation makes the information exchange and concern in the graduated table of the whole universe. Therefore, China can pull foreign capital and convey in the advanced engineering and accomplishments to do the transit building. And the transit building will advance the concern and communicating between UK and China.

5.0 Decisions

In drumhead, based on the analysis of the facets of the trade between UK and China, cultural communicating and transit between the UK and China, the essay has explained the manner in which globalisation affects concern between China and the UK. The globalisation provides the good conditions and advantageous environment for the tow states to do the trade. Besides, the globalisation promotes the information exchange and civilization communicating, therefore the facets provides convenience for the concern. Furthermore, the globalisation is helpful for the transit building and development, and so promotes the concern between UK and China. In a word, the globalisation has great influence on the concern between UK and China, the concern development of the two states can non go forth globalisation.


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