Ender’s Game

Saba Nematymarch 25, 2009Elements of narrative Ender’s game Narrative voice and point of view- 3rd person, subjective to Ender (Reveals Ender’s feelings throughout novel)-Point of view switches to Valentine on earth and reveals her feelings (subjective)-Most chapters start with a conversation between two unidentified characters, usually colonel Graff and Major Anderson discussing current events-Story mostly follow Ender WigginConflict-Character vs. self – Ender’s internal fear/struggle to being like Peter, a killer-Character vs. self – Ender’s self doubt-Character vs. character – Ender is forced to fight and kill Stilson-Character vs. haracter – Ender hates Peter-Character vs. Society – The bugger war is being alerted-Character vs. Self – Ender must decide to go to battle school for the society or stay at home-Character vs. character – Ender hates Bernard (launchies)-Character vs. character – Ender vs. Bonzo (rivalry)-Character vs. Other – Ender find difficulty beating the Giant’s drink-Character vs. self – Ender wants to just be a normal kid, but knows the world is depending on him to save the human race-Character vs. society – Ender learns that the IF and Adults are the real enemies and when he needs them they wont be there to help EVER-Character vs.

Society – Demosthenes takes down Warsaw pact on the nets-Character vs. self – Valentine hates that she’s helping Peter-Character vs. Others – Ender is hated by all the army commanders because of his new tactics to victory-Character vs. character – Ender hates Mazor Rackham -Character vs. self – Ender suffers from horrible dreams-Character vs. Self – Ender cannot forgive himself for all the deaths that he caused PlotNarrative hook: Ender’s monitor is removed Main exposition: After Ender’s monitor had been removed he goes home and to what awaits him is his brother who hated him. Ender is a third who was only made by the command of the IF.

He had a loving sister valentine but his brother wanted him dead. After having his monitor removed, Ender gets forced to fight Stilson, in result almost putting Stilson out for good. The next day Colonel Graff offers Ender the opportunity to join the battle school and they leave together after saying his goodbyes. Rising Action: Ender is a isolated from other launchies therefore he is hated by his fellow companions. After all of Ender’s hard work in making some friends by overcoming Bernard the bully, Ender is promoted very early and is transferred to Salamander army with a commander as Bonzo Madrid. Ender inally defeat’s the giant in his personal mind game. Bonzo hated Ender for the reason that he had to give up a good man for and early launchie with no battle experience. Bonzo sets a strict standard with Ender therefore he cannot take part in any battles he must enter 4 minutes late and stand by the entrance till the end. Petra Arkanian, one of Ender’s army members teaches Ender how to shoot with percision. During a battle Salamander army was about to be defeated and Ender disobeying the rule had entered the battle and resulted in a draw. Ender is then transferred to Rat army, with Rose the nose a jewish boy as the commander.

Ender makes friends with a Dink Meeker, his toon leader. Soon after Ender is traded to Pheonix army lead by Petra. After reviewing different strategies Petra and Ender lead Pheonix army to number one in the rankings. Then Ender is promoted to commander of his own army. He leads the dragon army, with no veterans Ender is forced to cooperate with kids fresh out their launch groups. After creating a strong relationship between him and his army and gaining their trust they have gone undefeated with strategies that the battle school has never seen before. After Ender humiliates all other armies one by one the commanders start to hate Ender.

The teachers being to throw almost impossible battle situations at Ender but he still manages a great victory. He is know being pressured more then ever by battles everyday with other team advantages and also being bullied by other commanders lead by Bonzo. Enders final battle in battle school is 2 armies vs. Dragon army. Very unfair, Ender manages to sneak through and get the victory. Bonzo wanted Ender DEAD! Crisis: the commanders all who hate Ender, want to kill him. Lead by Bonzo they all surround Ender while he is in the shower and prepare for a beating. Ender using his physiology convinces Bonzo into fighting him 1 on 1.

Ender outsmarting Bonzo in the fight beats him and accidently kills him. Falling action: Ender is graduated to command school, but is sent home before take off. He sees his sister who convinces him to go to command school for the sake of the human race. Ender is being trained by Mazor Rackham for the bugger war. He beats all challenges thrown at him with his fleet leaders: Petra, Dink, Bean, Alai, Crazy tom and others. Finally Ender is told that the final war is the humans attacking the bugger world. False Climax: Ender defeats the baste bugger fleet by destroying their home planet killing every single bugger queen in existence.

Climax: Ender finds a Pupa the only remaining bugger queen, he could destroy it wiping out the bugger race for good. The queen communicated with Ender through his mind forgiving him and apologizing for all the past events. The buggers want to live in a world of peace with humans. Ender finally forgives himself for the deaths he caused. Denouement: Ender becomes the speaker of the dead and writes a book about the buggers and their feelings. He travels with Valentine to newly discovered bugger planets to find a home for the Pupa to restart the bugger race.

CharactersEnder-Third child-Genius-Aggressive-Responsible-Heroic-Great Leader-Determined-Committed-Quick thinker -Not a killer-Loves Valentine-Hates Peter-Ashamed of his actions-Cannot be defeated-Ender doesn’t procrastinate if he has a problem and is forced to deal with it he will END IT -Wants to be a normal kid-Complex childPeter-Violent-Power hungry-Ruthless-Hates Ender because Ender was chosen over him to get sent into battle school-Manipulative-genius-The bad side of Ender-Cruel-ColdValentine-Caring -Kind -Loves Ender-Protective-Genius-Peaceful-Understands others-Empathic-Gifted writerAlai-Ender’s best and first friend-Trustworthy-Good leader-the next best thing to Ender-A great friend-ResponsibleSettingWho: Ender WigginWhat: War between the humans and the buggersWhy: lack of communication, caused by the first and second invasion by the buggers (almost wiped out all of china)When: In the FutureWhere: The earth and also at battle school in outer spaceAtmosphereMood: Very emotional towards Ender’s feelingsAlso the story is very serious because of the intensity of the problem. Tone: The story is in much detail in describing violence and the result in the storyThemes and MessagesTheme: bildungsroman it is a self discovery novelMessage:All conflicts can be resolved through communication