English Book Report Slam By Nick Hornby English Literature Essay

I think the narrative is set in the beginning of the twenty-first century, because they have autos, computing machines and Mobiles. They besides go to the film and the Mac Donalds.

“ She looked at the negligee.

’21/05/09, it says ‘ .

( If you ‘re reading this in the hereafter, so I should state you that all this was go oning long earlier 21/05/09. We had plentifulness of clip to utilize that rubber, old ages and old ages. ) ”

Time: how much clip does the narrative take? Does it take hours, months, old ages?

The narrative takes about 2,5 old ages. In the beginning of the narrative is Sam 16, but in the terminal of the book he ‘s 18. The biggest portion of the narrative takes about one twelvemonth ; the clip before Alicia gets pregnant and when Alicia is pregnant.

I found two quotation marks:

“ Before I go on with this conversation, I have to halt and state this: I ‘m 18 old ages old now. I was merely 16 when this conversation happened. So it was merely two old ages ago, but it feels more like ten old ages ago. ”

“ I ‘m 18, and so is Alicia, and Roof is about two, and my sister is one, and even my Dendranthema grandifloruom and pa are n’t old yet.

Topographic point: Where is the narrative set?

The narrative is set in England ; London but besides in the skate park Grand City and Hastings.

It takes portion in a metropolis. Sam and his female parent are standard citizen.

They are non really rich, because his female parent and male parent are divorced. When his female parent was 16, she got pregnant of Sam and hence she did n’t hold a good instruction. She does n’t hold a good calling. She is struggle to raise Sam. His male parent is a pipe fitter and he has no involvement in raising his boy.

And Hastings was the first topographic point I thought of when I woke up that forenoon, the forenoon after I ‘d been whizzed into the hereafter. I was positive that Alicia was pregnant, and I knew I did n’t desire to be a male parent. So I had to travel out of London and ne’er come back, and Hastings was the lone other topographic point in the whole of England that I knew. “

Alicia and her parents live in the rich side of the metropolis.

“ They lived in one of those large old houses off of Highbury New Park ‘ . ‘I ‘d ne’er been in one before. Everything about her topographic point was different signifier ours ‘ . ‘Hers was large, and we lived in a level ‘ . ‘Hers was old, and ours was new. Hers was untidy and a spot dust-covered, and ours was tidy and clean. ”



Sam goes with his female parent to a party, and his female parent introduces him to Alicia. They fall in love with each other and they have sex. But after a piece they break up and Alicia finds out that she ‘s pregnant.

So you read about the clip before Alicia is pregnant.

Main portion:

Sam ca n’t manage the force per unit area, so he runs off to Hastings. But so he realizes that he has to be a good male parent for his kid. He decides to travel back place. Together with Alicia they tell their parents that Alicia is pregnant. Both parents do n’t wish it.

So you read about the clip during the gestation.


Everything is quieting down. Sam and Alicia acquire back to each other, and he moves in with Alicia. They get a boy, named Rufus.

So you read about the clip after the gestation.

Fictional characters

Main Fictional characters:

Sam Jones: He ‘s a 16 twelvemonth old skateboarder. He knocked up with his girlfriend but he is scared and unprepared to be a male parent. In the beginning of the book he is a small spot a still kid because he does n’t desire to take duty for his ain actions. His graven image is Tony Hawk. He has a posting of him to whom he talks about skate fast ones and his life. He has legion dreams in which he ‘s in the hereafter, raising a kid with Alicia.

Alicia Nathan birnbaums: She ‘s 16 old ages old. She had met Sam at her female parent ‘s birthday. They fall in love with each other and they have sex. After a piece they break up, but Alicia finds out that she ‘s pregnant. She does n’t desire an abortion, so she is traveling to maintain the kid. They raise their boy, Rufus, together. At the beginning of the book she is amusing and brainsick, but in the terminal she is smart and about grown-up.

Annie Jones: She ‘s the female parent of Sam. She ‘s 32 old ages old. She does n’t hold a good relationship with her ex-husband ( Sam ‘s male parent ) . She struggles to raise Sam, and she is really huffy when she discovers that Sam ‘s girlfriend, Alicia, is pregnant. She thinks he is throwing his life off. She is believing so because she besides has got a kid when she was 16 old ages old. She becomes involved with Mark, a adult male she one time knew through work, and subsequently in the book it ‘s revealed that they have a kid together.

Minor Fictional characters:

Dave Jones ( Sam ‘s male parent )

Andrea Burns ( Alicia ‘s female parent )

Robert Burns ( Alicia ‘s male parent )

Tony Hawk ( Sam ‘s graven image, a profession skater )

Rabbit ( Sam ‘s skater friend )

Rubbish ( Sam ‘s skater friend )

Rufus ( Roof, the boy of Sam and Alicia )

Mark ( The fellow of Sam ‘s female parent )

Emily ( the babe of Annie and Mark )

Alex ( Sam ‘s girlfriend in the hereafter )

Carl ( Alicia ‘s fellow in the hereafter )


The clearest message of the book is adolescent gestation. The author wants the reader to cognize in what sort of problem you can acquire if you ‘re traveling to be a adolescent parent. He shows you that you have to cover with household ‘s who are traveling to be huffy at you, because you are really immature to be a parent. Their besides comes fiscal jobs and relationship jobs.

Sam ‘s female parent besides gets pregnant when she was a adolescent so she gives the incorrect image to Sam. The parents of Alicia besides said: “ Do n’t you people of all time learn anything? ” . The parents of Alicia are better raised. In the remainder of the book Sam thinks about the gestation and how it effected his female parent ‘s life.

This is a quotation mark, when Alicia and Sam tell the parents of Alicia that she is pregnant. Her male parent ask Sam a inquiry about his female parent.

‘Can I inquire you something, Sam? ‘ said Alicia ‘s Dad. He had n’t spoken for a piece.

‘Yeah. Course. ‘

‘I retrieve your female parent at the party where you met Alicia. She ‘s really reasonably, is n’t she? ‘

‘I dunno. S’pose, yeah. ‘

‘young and reasonably. ‘

‘yeah. ‘

‘How old is She? ‘

‘she’saˆ¦ Well, yeah, she ‘s 32. ‘

‘Thirty-two. So she was 16 when you were born. ‘

I did n’t state anything.

‘Jesus Christ, ‘ he said. ‘Do n’t you people of all time learn anything? ‘

I think Nick Hornby wants to larn adolescent kids that they have to be careful with holding sex when they are immature, it brings a batch of jobs with you. Of class it besides have good things, but it ‘s better to wait with holding kids ‘s when you are a small spot older.

Bacilluss: Your sentiment

Which character ( s ) did you like?

I found Rabbit sympathetic. He ‘s so stupid that it ‘s amusing. Sometimes he made truly stupid remarks, but he besides gives Sam good advice about his relationship with Alicia.

“ David Beckham and Posh Spice have sex in Brooklyn. And nine months subsequently they have a babe. What ‘s the word? Brooklyn was something in Brooklyn ‘ ‘Conceived. ‘ ‘Exactly. I was inquiring whether yours was conceived on the roof. ”

‘What the screw are you making, Rabbit? ‘

‘What am I making? ‘ he said. ‘Me? What about you? ‘

‘I was skating, Rabbit. In the Bowl. That ‘s what it ‘s for. Who goes to kip in the center of a concrete bowl? Where people skate? ‘

Rabbit laughed.

‘It ‘s non amusing. I might hold broken my carpus. ‘

‘No. yeah. Sorry. I was express joying because you thought I was asleep. ‘

‘What were you making so? ‘

‘I was merely snoozing ‘ .

‘what ‘s the bloody difference? ‘

‘I had n’t really gone to bed at that place. That would be eldritch. ‘

I besides found Annie Jones sympathetic. She ‘s a good female parent, she wants the best thing for Sam, because she wants him to be happy. I found it sad for her that she has a bad relationship with her ex-husband.

‘No, ‘ I said. ‘Sorry. ‘ There was no point in explicating it all. She was n’t traveling to believe I was being heroic. ‘Do you want to populate at Alicia ‘s house? ‘

‘It ‘s gone past what I want, has n’t t? ‘

‘No, ‘ she said. ‘You must n’t believe that. You ‘re a child. You ‘ve got your whole life in forepart of you. ‘

( aˆ¦ )

I could n’t believe what I was hearing. My silent! Stating me I should run!

( aˆ¦ )

‘I ‘m stating, you know, go at that place every twenty-four hours. Look after your child. Be a male parent to him. Justaˆ¦ do n’t populate in Alicia ‘s sleeping room. ‘

Which character did you dislike?

I found Andrea Burn unsympathetic. She thinks that she is better than other peoples, because she is rich. She thinks that Alicia does n’t merit Sam, she besides acted so average to his household. She is so chesty. When Sam and Alicia told her parents that she ‘s pregnant, her female parent wants to travel to Sam ‘s female parent and state her the intelligence. She does n’t give Sam the opportunity to state it his female parent by himself.

‘Alicia? Are you up at that place? ‘

‘She came in with person about half an hr ago, ‘ her pa shouted. He ‘d been in all the clip, holding a batch or reading in his sleeping room or something.

she walked out of her room and I followed her.

‘we ‘re here, ‘ she said.

‘Who ‘s we? ‘ said her silent all cheerful. And so, non so cheerful, as she saw us coming down the steps, ‘Oh. Sam. Hello. ‘

I found Sam Jones besides unsympathetic, good I mean, some stupid actions of him. You can see he ‘s a kid, because he acted so infantile. In the beginning it looks like that he does n’t take the gestation serious, he brought himself in a muss. He should take duty but alternatively of that he is walking off. First he thought that Alicia could take attention for everything, but finally he changed his head. After that I started to wish him more, because he is smarter so earlier.

“ Merely before Mum got place from work, I realized that I could hold done anything apart from thin on one side of the lamp-post. I could hold knocked on Alicia ‘s door, and asked whether she was pregnant, and how she was, and how her parents were. And so I could hold got on with the following portion of my life. But I did n’t desire to stud that yet. I had seen what the following portion of my life looked like, when I was whizzed into the hereafter, and I did n’t like the expression of it one spot. If I sat at place and watched Television, so the following portion of my life would ne’er come. ”

“ Did I have to travel and watch the babe being born, because I was the pa? I did n’t desire to. I ‘d seen a babe being born on Television and it was awful. Would Alicia do those noises? Could I inquire her non to? ”

What did you experience when you read the narrative?

The book made me laugh but it besides surprised me and I learnt a batch of it.

It made me laugh because they are truly soft about this issue. Nick Hornby wrote it in a amusing manner and I like that. He exaggerated some things and he made the character Sam as a really unusual but besides amusing character.

“ A twosome of other things, before we go on. First of wholly, my Dendranthema grandifloruom was 32 old ages old at the clip I ‘m speaking about. She ‘s three old ages older than David Beckham, a twelvemonth older than Robbie Williams, four old ages younger than Jennifer Aniston. She knows all the day of the months. If you wants she can provide a much longer list. The list has n’t got any truly immature people on it, though. She ne’er says, ‘I ‘m 14 old ages older than Joss Stone, ‘ or anything like that. She merely knows about people round about her age who look good. ”

The narrative made me experience surprised because I did n’t truly anticipate a batch from this book. A adolescent male child becomes a male parent and that ‘s a ground why I ‘ve learnt from this book. You have to be careful. But Sam besides talks to a posting of Tony Hawk and so he gets whizzed into the hereafter. There were more surprising things that I did n’t anticipate.

“ When I got into skating, my silent bought me a Tony Hawk posting off the Internet. It ‘s the coolest nowadays I ‘ve of all time had, and it was n’t even the most expensive. And it went directly up on to my sleeping room wall, and I merely got into the wont of stating it things. At first, I merely told Tony about skating – I ‘d speak about the jobs I was holding, of the fast ones I ‘d draw of. I reasonably much ran to my room to state him about the first stone ‘n ‘ axial rotation I managed, because I knew it would intend much more to a image of Tony Hawk than it would to a real-life Dendranthema grandifloruom. ”

( aˆ¦ )

“ After a piece, I started speaking to Tony Hawk about other things – about school, Dendranthema grandifloruom, Alicia, whatever, and I found that he had something to state about those things excessively. ”

What is your favorite portion?

“ Phase Two of my mission was over, and I could n’t see how there could be a Phase Tree, so I walked back to the coach halt. I spent the remainder of the twenty-four hours watching ‘Judge Judy ‘ and Deal or No Deal ‘ , and eating rubbish nutrient which I paid for out of the money that was supposed to back up me in my new life in Hastings. That was merely one of the great things about approaching place. I could pass the remainder of my 40 lbs in one twenty-four hours on chip if I wanted to.

Merely earlier Mum got place from work, I realized that I could hold done anything apart from thin on I one side of the lamp-post. I could hold knocked on Alicia ‘s door, and asked whether she was pregnant, and how she was, and how her parents were. And so I could hold got on with the following portion of my life. But I did n’t desire to stud that yet. I had seen what the following portion of my life looked like, when I was whizzed into the hereafter, and I did n’t like the expression of it one spot. If I sat at place and watched Television, so the following portion of my life would ne’er come.

And for possibly two yearss, it worked, and I felt powerful. I could halt clip! At first, I was careful: I did n’t travel out, did n’t reply the phone, non that it of all time rang much anyhow. I told Dendranthema grandifloruom I had picked up a bug from the icky hotel and coughed a batch and she allow me remain off school. I ate toast and messed around on YouTube and designed a new Jersey for Tony Hawk. ”

Sam is back from Hastings and is afraid of the hereafter. He merely truly wants to halt the clip. In his ‘new hereafter ‘ he spends the remainder of the twenty-four hours watching Television and eating rubbish nutrient.

This portion is before all the play, that ‘s why I like it and why I chose for this portion. It ‘s before that Alicia told Sam that she is pregnant and that they told their parents about the gestation.

What do you believe about the subject?

Teenage gestation is a really existent subject. Besides on Television they give a batch of attending to it, there are different plans about it. In America they have ‘Sixteen and pregnant ‘ , ‘Teen ma ‘ . But in the Netherlands they have ‘Tienermoeders ‘ , ‘Babyboom ‘ , and besides a batch of films. Despite that they give so much information about it, still there are a batch of adolescent mas.

I find it really good that he wrote a book about this subject. He does n’t demo merely the good side, but besides the bad side. As you can acquire fiscal troubles and your young person is truly fucked up, it changes your life.

Questions to the author.

Why did you take for the subject adolescent gestation?

What would you make, when you where in this state of affairs?

Do you like skating?

I like to inquire these inquiries because in the book you read a batch about this. Maybe it has a connexion to the author. Possibly he knows person who ‘s besides a adolescent parent. In this state of affairs you can make a batch of things. But would the author do the same thing as Sam? Or would he make some truly different? Sam is a male child who truly likes skating, it could be that the author besides likes skating.

Degree centigrades: The sum-up

Chapter 1.

Sam introduces himself. He tells that he likes to skate and that his graven image is Tony Hawk. Besides he tells that his life is eventually coming together because his female parent broke up with her fellow and that it ‘s traveling all right in school.

Chapter 2.

Sam explains the state of affairs with his female parent. That she got Sam when she was 16 old ages old, and that his friends Rabbit and Rubbish like her. He besides talks about the twenty-four hours that he met Alicia, and how they flirted with each other. They should travel to the bios, but they are traveling to Alicia ‘s place and have sex at that place.

Chapter 3.

Sam tells about the clip that everything is all right between Alicia and him, and that they were in love.

Chapter 4.

But so comes the clip that the relation between him and Alicia is n’t traveling so good. He does n’t wish the parents of Alicia and his female parent got a new fellow, Mark.

Chapter 5.

The relation between him and Alicia is decidedly over. He met Nikki and they got a day of the month, but every bit he did n’t liked her. On his birthday he got a text from Alicia that she needs to speak to him. He does n’t desire to speak to her, but she said that it is really of import so he comes to her. She told him that she was late with her period and that he needs to purchase a gestation trial.

Chapter 6.

Sam wakes up in the hereafter. He lives with Alicia and they have a boy, named Roof. He besides finds out that his female parent is pregnant. Sam does n’t cognize why he ‘s here, likely Tony Hawk did this.

Chapter 7.

Sam runs off to Hastings. He got a occupation, so he helps Mr Brady and he sleeps in a hotel. He wants to acquire off from world.

Chapter 8.

Sam decides to travel back place. When he got home, there is a constabulary auto, because his female parent was really disquieted about him. He lies and says that he got scared about school, and that ‘s the ground why he was gone to Hastings. She besides talks to Alicia, but she did n’t state that she ‘s pregnant. He wants to cognize how it ‘s traveling with Alicia, but he ‘s scared to inquire it.

Chapter 9.

Sam does n’t travel to school for a twosome of yearss. Alicia goes to Sam ‘s house, and tells him that she is pregnant en she ‘s traveling to maintain it. They tell their parents that Alicia is pregnant, and they get truly huffy.

Chapter 10.

Sam and Alicia acquire back together but Sam is non truly glad about it. They besides had a echogram and they go to parentage categories. Sam ‘s female parents tells him that Mark is traveling to travel in with them.

Chapter 11.

Sam and Alicia negotiations about populating with each other. Sam is traveling to skate with Rubbish and after that he is traveling to speak with Tony Hawk. His female parent finds out their hereafter programs, and she tells him non to life together with Alicia.

Chapter 12.

Sam wakes up in the hereafter once more. He and Alicia does n’t life together any longer. Sam is now 18 old ages old, and he has a boy ( Rufus ) who is about two old ages. He besides has a sister ( Emily ) .

Chapter 13.

Sam sweeps with skating, and needs to travel to the infirmary. His female parent thinks that he need to halt with skating, because it ‘s better for his hereafter with Alicia. He besides finds out that his female parent is pregnant! ( but now in the present clip ) .

Chapter 14.

Sam is skating and so his female parent runs to him to state that Alicia has contractions. She will give birth. On 12 September Rufus is born. After childbirth the two grandmas have a treatment about the household name.

Chapter 15.

Rufus is at place and Sam goes to Alicia. He lives now with her. But his female parent is n’t wholly happy

with it.

Chapter 16.

‘It ‘s the dark of the hereafter ‘ , but a small spot different. It ‘s midnight and Rufus wakes up. It ‘s Sam ‘s bend to alter him. Rufus is now 3 hebdomads old. Sam goes to school and acquire a battle with the ex of Alicia. When he is back place, he talks with Alicia and after that he ‘s traveling to skate.

Chapter 17.

A twelvemonth after the birth of Rufus, Sam ‘s male parent get back in touch. They meet and have got a good conversation. That dark Sam is back place because he has a cold. He has doubts about his hereafter with Alicia.

Chapter 18.

Sam looks at the cyberspace and finds a batch of information about adolescent gestation and that the male parents will lose their kid. He does n’t desire that and goes to Alicia to state her that.

Chapter 19.

In this chapter Sam answers some inquiries, that you get when you read the narrative. Questions like ; ‘What about your Dendranthema grandifloruom ‘s babe? How did all that turn out? ‘

‘Do you still speak to Tony Hawk? And does he still speak back? ‘

‘And what about you and Alicia? ‘ .

Chapter 20.

Sam wakes up in the hereafter once more. He and his girlfriend ( Alex ) are traveling to Alicia and his fellow ( Carl ) . Sam is still traveling to college but he finished the skating. Eventually is everything traveling to be all right!


Write down which outlooks you had for the class of the narrative while you were reading the book. Make the book stop the manner you had expected it to? Would you hold liked it to stop in a different manner? How?

When it was clear that Alicia was pregnant, I did n’t anticipate that Sam would ran off from it. I thought that they might see for an abortion. But merely Alicia did so, but she wanted to maintain the babe. I wish the stoping of the book was a small spot different, I would wish it when they get back to each other and that they could be a happy household. Unfortunately Alicia and Sam did n’t acquire back together. But for the narrative it ‘s perfect, because that ‘s what you expected and so it will be deadening.

Overall sentiment:

Did you like the book? Why / why non?

I truly liked the book, the topic besides truly sparked my involvement. There is besides a telecasting plan about, ’16 and pregnant ‘ , it is n’t the same but it looks like it. I found is easy to read because the author keeps the narrative simple and there were non many inside informations in the book. I besides liked it because the individuals in the book were about my age so I do understand them.