Examining The Characters Of Phineas And Gene English Literature Essay

To this point in the narrative the most of import characters are still Phineas and Gene. They are still the most of import characters because the whole narrative ( to this point ) is being told from Gene ‘s point of position and every bit involves both Gene and Phineas. As the narrative has progressed therefore far both of their actions have had an consequence on the secret plan of the narrative greatly, this makes them the most of import characters. However Leper Lepellier still remains to be an of import portion of the narrative. Although between chapters 5-8 non much has changed with Leper. However his determination in chapter 4 to leap off the tree set up a really of import event in this narrative, which is when Finny breaks his leg when he jumps at the terminal of chapter 4. This had a great consequence oh what happens to the characters in the 2nd portion of this narrative. We are besides introduced to a 2nd of import character in this subdivision of the book, Brinker Hadley. Brinker can be described as really self confident and is really “ distinct ” and he sticks to the regulations. Brinker has a sense of duty that would come along with maturity and this is clearly shown when he is walking with Gene back to the residence halls and he says that he has chosen to enlist in the ground forces. This is an act that takes a batch of duty and in my sentiment shows adulthood. In portion 2 we are besides introduced to another character Cliff Quackenbush. Although he is n’t really of import he helps to bring out a side of Gene which we have n’t seen to this point, which is his choler. It is easy to see that Quackenbush abuses his power. He is the director of the crew squad and since Gene was adjunct director ( a lower rank than him ) he started to order him about. This is seen when he orders Gene to acquire towels. Gene and Quackenbush get into a small battle which exposes Gene ‘s “ angry side ” .

B ) Where and when is the narrative now go oning? Are at that place several times and topographic points involved?

At the terminal of portion 2 it is now a few hebdomads before the Christmas vacations of 1942. However portion 2 has taken topographic point at assorted times throughout the twelvemonth. It starts out at the terminal of the Summer Session, and so moves into the summer holiday/break which takes topographic point in September 1942. This is where Phineas spends clip at his place in Boston get bying with his hurt and Gene spends clip down south with his household. At the terminal of the interruption in September on his manner back to Devon Gene stops in at Phineas ‘ house in Boston for a visit, so he returns to Devon to get down the Winter Session. For the most portion after his return to the Devon School Gene spends most of his clip in his residence hall room which is the same 1 he had shared with Finny during the summer session. Some noteworthy scenes around the school campus are Gene ‘s residence hall, the Devon gym, the Chapel, and the railway path. These are all locations in which the narrative has taken topographic point throughout this subdivision of the narrative.

degree Celsiuss ) How of import are the events of the gap chapters now? Why? What other events have become of import? Give inside informations.

The events in the gap chapters have truly helped to put the tone for the remainder of the narrative. The most of import event from the gap chapters is the formation of the Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session by Finny. This is the most of import event because it is what sparked the whole thought to leap from the tree and as a consequence of its formation created so many facets of the book. For illustration without the creative activity of the society there would be no “ blitzball ” or there would n’t be a day-to-day meeting of the society where Gene and Finny leap from the tree. If there was no society at that place would n’t be the assemblage to leap out of the tree and as a consequence Finny would n’t hold gotten injured by leaping from the tree. So in kernel without the Super Suicide Society none of the chief events of the narrative would hold occurred. Another event that is of import is when Finny breaks his leg by leaping from the tree. This event is of import because it leads to him uncovering to Gene his dreams of take parting in the 1944 Olympics. However now that he is injured he is unable to accomplish his end. This leads to Finny get downing to develop Gene to accomplish the athletic ends that he is now incapable of making.

2. When the book began you made some anticipations. Now that you have had a opportunity to see how they turned out, state me:

Which 1s turned out and which 1s did n’t? Give inside informations.

I have merely made one truly solid anticipation to this point in the narrative. That was that the tree would be a chief constituent of the narrative and it would be used to explicate the metaphor/moral of the full narrative. My anticipation was partly true but non precisely right. I was right in the sense that the tree was a chief point in the narrative due to the fact that it was used as scene for Finny ‘s hurt. Since Finny ‘s hurt is a important portion of this narrative ( this far ) my anticipation was partly right. However, where I predicted that the tree will be used as the lesson of the narrative, I believe I am incorrect. First, I have non read sufficiency of the narrative in order to find the moral yet. Second, after Finny ‘s hurt we see really small of the tree as the Suicide Society is now abolished. So there are n’t meetings at the tree any longer. From my anterior cognition I can state that the lesson of the narrative is seeable throughout the narrative and does n’t merely vanish. This leads me to believe that my anticipation of the tree being a portion of the lesson of the narrative as being incorrect.

Now that you know the narrative, make two or three other anticipations and give your grounds for them.

Some anticipations I can do at this point are that Gene and Brinker will come into some kind of an affray with each other. I predict that it will be a physical affray as we have seen Gene acquire into a battle with Quackenbush before. I predict they will acquire into a battle because of Brinker ‘s changeless innuendo that Gene purposefully caused Finny ‘s hurt. Another anticipation I can do is that Phineas will hold a full recovery and be able to play athleticss once more. Although this is extremely improbable harmonizing to physicians in the narrative this far, I merely have a “ intestine feeling ” that this will go on. I think this because of the manner Finny is moving, even though he is injured he still wants to make things on his ain ( e.g. He refuses Brinker ‘s aid to acquire him into the shower. ) Since Finny is a natural Rebel and he defies orders I believe he can besides withstand the physicians ‘ orders that he will be unable to play athleticss once more. A 3rd anticipation I can do is that Leper will stop up traveling to war and even though he is a fearful individual he will still pull off to contend. I think this because he is of age to travel to war so it ‘s a given that he will fall in the ground forces. I think that even though Leper has a fearful demeanor he will be successful in the ground forces because integrity brings out the best in everyone and by him uniting with the other soldiers he will be less frightened and he will hold a sense of integrity and trueness to his state and he will hold the will power to battle.

3. Personal Response: What extra life experiences or thoughts have you been believing about while reading? What were your ideas about them? Give inside informations.

When I read the portion of the narrative when Phineas had broken his leg it instantly reminded me of the clip in class 3 when I fractured my olfactory organ. It happened around the same clip of twelvemonth right before the summer vacations. I thought of this because although Finny ‘s hurts were more utmost than mine they both had similar effects on us. As a consequence of my hurt I was told non to play any athleticss for 6-8 hebdomads while my nose heals as this was a athleticss related hurt. This is similar to how Finny is restricted from playing athleticss at all, although more utmost it is still similar. So as I was n’t allowed to play athleticss I began to promote my brothers to play hoops more frequently so I could watch them play ( because I evidently could n’t play ) . This is merely like how Finny wants to populate his dreams of going an Olympic through Gene. That is the chief ground why I connected my nose break to Finny ‘s broken leg, because we were rather similar in the fact that we both could n’t play athleticss so we began to populate through others and told others to make the things we enjoyed making. This was n’t really difficult for me as both of my brothers enjoy basketball more than I do but with Finny I believe it ‘s more hard because Gene does n’t wish developing more than he did and Gene did n’t hold the same dream that Finny did.

4. Now that you ‘re in the center of the book, state me about its manner.

a ) Through my research on the novel I was able to happen out that this narrative is being told as a narrative that has happened to the novelist. The writer of this book went to school in New Hampshire during WWII like the characters in the narrative. He besides has attended schools during summer Sessionss like the characters in this book and besides has been a portion of a nine which required you to leap off a tree as an induction to the nine. These are all things that both occurred to the writer and the characters in the narrative, therefore doing this a narrative of something that has happened to the novelist.

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B ) My favorite character in the novel is Phineas “ Finny ” . At first I did n’t wish Finny because of his defiance but he has easy come to turn on me. Some things I like about Finny are his ability to acquire out of problem. I like this because I would truly wish to be every bit lucky as him and be able to acquire away with some of the material he does. Second I like the fact that even though Finny is hurt, he is n’t giving up on life and he still attempts to be independent. I like this because it reminds me of myself when I fractured my nose. Third, I like Finny ‘s creativeness. When Finny came up with the construct of “ blitzball ” it reminded me of a more simple clip in my life when I was truly immature. It reminded me of how my friends and cousins along with me would merely spontaneously create a game to play merely to entertain us for a piece. I would wish to hold Finny as a friend because he would convey a batch more interesting minutes to me. While Finny is more of a Rebel and I am non, that entirely will convey involvement to me.

5. The chief character of this narrative, Gene encounters struggles that are individual versus individual and individual versus ego. His individual versus individual struggles are seen when he gets into a battle with Quackenbush and becomes angered while in the fume room with Brinker. Gene can be considered as short tempered, although non acquiring angry often when he does acquire angry he is speedy to respond. Gene ‘s individual versus self conflict arises after Finny ‘s hurt occurred. He begins to hold emotional disclosures about him doing Finny ‘s issues. His individual versus ego issues are truly him versus his ain emotions. Gene lets his emotions get the best of him after Finny ‘s autumn and he is short tempered. So when every he gets in a struggle with another individual I believe his first inherent aptitude will be to move physically, like he did during his affray with Quackenbush.