Examining The Expectations Of Female Characters English Literature Essay

Though adult females were considered inferior in romantic, the female supporters play a polar function in the secret plan. Both dramas depict the outlooks society topographic points on these adult females. Manders expects Regina to assist her male parent whereas Arnolphe expects Agnes to get married him. In both dramas, the adult females do n’t rather populate up to the outlooks of the work forces ( Manders and Arnolphe ) . Both Regina ‘s and Agnes ‘ actions help to travel the actions of the dramas conveying them to their flood tide.

In the beginning, Regina is portrayed as a retainer and so as the secret plan develops, we come to cognize that she was populating as a retainer in her ain place. Arnolphe being Agnes ‘ guardian attempts to coerce her to bury her love for Horace and marry him. However, towards the terminal of the drama, Agnes ‘ existent male parent appears who was Chrysalde ‘s ( Arnolphe ‘s friend ) neighbor and co-incidentally he had agreed for the matrimony between Agnes and Horace long ago without even inquiring them.

Regina is portrayed as housemaid to Mrs. Alving. Everyone including Regina believes that she is the girl of Jacob Engstrand and Late Joanna ( Mrs.Alving ‘s former amah ) . But, really she is the girl of Late Mr. Alving and Late Joanna which she merely comes to cognize towards the terminal of the drama. Though she is disrespectful to her male parent, she is full of regard to the curate, Mr. Manders and Mrs. Alving excessively. She does return some sort of fondness to Oswald but maintaining in head non to step out of the bounds as to what is proper and what is non.

Agnes has been portrayed as being really naif, guiltless and wholly incognizant of the universe. She is moulded by Arnolphe from the age of four with the aid of nuns to be what she is at present so that Arnolphe can get married her and avoiding the hazard of going a cuckold. But the flood tide comes when he really becomes a cuckold even after taking so many safeguards as to non to go one and waiting patiently so many old ages for Agnes to turn up. Agnes comes to cognize that she was deprived of cognition and from going wise. After this, she was cautious of what she was making, how and where. Fortunately, at the terminal of the drama Agnes gets to get married the individual of her pick.

Both Manders and Arnolphe seek to acquire Regina and Agnes to adhere to the regulations and norms of the society. Manders does this through the strength of his verbal accomplishments while Arnolphe attempts to suppress this through the aid of Maxims.

Both Regina and Agnes hate their defenders from the beginning of the drama. Regina thinks of herself superior from her male parent and does n’t give him the regard which he deserves “ I am non traveling to hold any one discovery you here ; so now you know, and you can travel ”[ 1 ]and she does n’t cognize about his favor towards her and her female parent till the terminal of the drama, whereas Manders wants Regina to stand by her male parent “ But a girl ‘s responsibility, my good kid ”[ 2 ]. Agnes on the other manus, does non detest her defender from the really beginning of the drama but as the drama returns, she comes to cognize about the connotations of her guardian and hates him.

Both Regina and Agnes leave their defenders towards the terminal of the dramas. Regina leaves Mrs.Alving stating “ I know one house at any rate where I shall experience at place ”[ 3 ]and Agnes foliages Arnolphe when she is approximately to acquire married to Horace.

Both Regina and Agnes autumn in love with person whom their caretakers would n’t hold as their spouses. Regina falls in love with Oswald ( her step-brother ) and Agnes falls in love with Horace, Arnolphe ‘s good friend.

“ Oswald. Regina is traveling off with me, Mr. Manders.

Manders. Traveling off! With you!

Oswald. Yes, as my married woman – if she insists on that.

Manders. But, good celestial spheres — — — — – !

Regina. It is non my mistake, Mr. Manders. ”[ 4 ]

Manders does n’t anticipate her to fall in love with Oswald as he knows about their existent relationship “ Manders. But, good celestial spheres — — — — – ! ”[ 5 ]

“ Agnes. He ‘s better at those things than you, for all your strategies: He made me fall in love, and with the greatest easiness. ”[ 6 ]Arnolphe excessively did non anticipate Agnes to fall in love with Horace as Horace was his good friend and he thought that Agnes knew nil about love. He thought she was naif “ You wicked miss! You know it ‘s incorrect to love him. ”[ 7 ]

While Regina does non esteem her male parent in the beginning of the drama “ Do n’t clop about like that, stupid! The immature maestro is lying asleep upstairs. ”[ 8 ]Agnes respects her false male parent ( Arnolphe ) in the beginning and tells him everything “ Oh, goodness, delight do n’t wager, because you ‘ll lose your interest! ”[ 9 ]Both of them come to cognize truth about their defenders as we proceed towards the terminal of the dramas and the truth is precisely opposite of the position that they held in the beginning of the dramas.

Agnes thinks of Arnolphe as her male parent but Arnolphe does n’t desire her to believe in that manner “ I planned to get married you myself ”[ 10 ]. Whereas Regina does n’t desire to believe of Engstrand as her male parent while Engstrand wants her to believe of him as one “ He ‘s the fellow to state you what a kid owes to its male parent. For I am your male parent, anyhow, you know. I can turn out it by the registry. ”[ 11 ]

When Manders asks Regina to assist her male parent out, she denies it giving the ground that “ But I do n’t cognize whether Mrs. Alving could make without me – most of all merely now, when we have the new orphanhood excessively see approximately. ”[ 12 ]– But Manders expected Regina to travel with her male parent and assist him out as he is in most demand of her.

Whereas, Agnes wants to go forth her guardian whom she was indebted to, Arnolphe expected her to be with him when he needed her for his matrimony.

If we compare both the dramas where The Ghosts was written in 1881 while The School for Wives was written in 1700, both the dramas have some sort of similarities and unsimilarities. After reading both the books, I feel that there is a strong portraiture of society, yet it is portrayed in their ain single ways. Some facets of the society have been highlighted in both the books. One of the chief being matrimony, function of work forces and adult females, jurisprudence and order, the thought of free love and the manner the retainers are treated. During the periods when these books were written, work forces merely used to believe about themselves and cared largely about the money. Women though were really crisp minded and intelligent, were rather submissive in nature.

By maintaining all of the above points in head, we can easy come to a decision that despite the fact that Regina and Agnes are two characters from two different dramas, still they have rather a few similarities every bit good as contrasts. Where Regina seems to be pretty intelligent and cognizant of her milieus, Agnes seems to be enormously naif yet a spot witting of her milieus through the aid of her lover Horace. While Regina hates her male parent in the beginning of the drama and realises that her hatred towards him was incorrectly, Agnes likes her false male parent ( Arnolphe ) in the beginning and realises that her likeness towards him was non apt.

I feel that without an of import function of adult females in a drama, a drama can neither be complete nor interesting. Womans are the 1s who add the suspense, confusion and the avidity which leads the reader to read the full drama and bask it without acquiring bored. Womans are the 1s who sometimes help us in understanding the existent character of a individual in the drama. Therefore, harmonizing to me, if adult females do non play a comparatively of import function in the drama, the drama wo n’t be as interesting to read as it could hold been and many facets of the society and the characters would stay unrevealed.