Fear And The Monsters Of Life English Literature Essay

In Frank Langella ‘s essay “ The Monsters in My Head, ” Langella describes fright as a monster our imaginativeness that changes as we get older, Langella besides describes how one should face and command the “ monsters ” that are in our caputs. I agree with Langella, that one should non fear the “ Monsters ” of life that one should face or get the better of fright itself because, if one does non get the better of these monsters, these monsters will stop up eating us or runing us for the remainder of our lives.

In Langella ‘s essay “ The Monsters in My Head, ” Langella describes that when he was a immature child, a ma would come into his room every dark to run him down, but so one dark the ma did non demo up for its every night everyday, it had disappeared. Old ages and old ages passed till, one dark when Langella already had a boy, a four twelvemonth old. Another monster showed up to eat up his boy ‘s slumber. Langella went into action with his butch scheme of contending his boy ‘s monster with a pillow. So, from that dark on he would ever make his heroic accomplishment, contending his boy ‘s monster off. After hebdomads of this go oning conflict, Langella realized that the monster would return every clip his boy wanted it to return. Langella so reflected on his ma ‘s disappearing and realized that his ain monster had ne’er gone off, it was ever at that place following him, but it had changed forms and sizes every bit quickly as he grew older. As he grew older, Langella ‘s monster went from a ma to a winging object. Then it changed to a first day of the month, a first rejection and so to marriage and now paternity. Then Langella told his boy that he was non traveling to contend the monster any longer because it was his boy ‘s monster and he had to contend it himself since the monster was in his boy ‘s caput, and merely his boy could command it. The monster ne’er returned to run and eat up his boy ‘s sleep. It really changed its signifier. The monster became his boy ‘s new favourite playfellow. So, Langella attempts to propose schemes to get the better of and command the “ monsters ” or the frights of life.

Langella ‘s statements of commanding and get the better ofing 1s frights are true because I have experienced these “ monsters ” or these frights myself through my life-time. When I was approximately 10, I used to fear watching horror movies because after watching these gruesome-massacring movies, I would ever live over those scary-horrid scenes in my ain dreams or as we well known them as incubuss. So, every clip when my household wanted to watch these crimson-thrillers, I would merely travel to my room and ticker sketchs to occupy these things we call incubuss or monsters, that will come in the pitch-dark dark to eat us or run us down. One dark, my uncle Rodolfo came over to watch the Boogeyman. My uncle told me non to be afraid of fictional-monsters that merely existed in my caput. So, I stayed that dark to watch this terrifying -cliffhanger film. As I uneasily watched the film, I realized that the chief character, Tim, was besides afraid of this monster, the bogeyman, which Tim believed that it lived in his cupboard, and would come out at dark to terrorize Tim ‘s sleep off. The point is that one twenty-four hours Tim decided that he wanted to face this monster, so in other words he wanted to be courageous and take control. As I watched the film, I reflected and realized that I could besides command and get the better of my fright for screaming-suspense moving images or in other words horror films. Then I told myself everything is in my caput these monsters do non be, they are fanciful. So, from that dark on, I ever enjoy the thrilling esthesis of acquiring my hairs spike up after seeing a great chilling film without holding any monsters occupying my fantastic dreams. Like Langella said, we should get the better of, control, and fight our ain monsters, merely like how I had to larn to contend and command my fright of holding incubuss runing me down after watching a horror film. One has to ever retrieve that these “ monsters ” or “ frights ” are merely in our caputs.

Langella ‘s argues that these “ monsters ” still stand following to us side by side every twenty-four hours, every hr, every minute that the redstem storksbills runs, these monsters ne’er go off. They merely change forms and sizes. My monsters are ever with me. They are my favourite comrades with whom I go to school, my categories, and my every twenty-four hours activities. My monsters are my challenges and frights, my ups and downs ; they are what maintain me traveling. The “ monsters ” that merely be in our caputs are what makes us better individuals. Some of the many monsters that have accompanied me through my long journey of life scope from high school to adulthood and now to UCR. High school was like that long double distorted rollercoaster that ne’er ends but irony it went by in a flash. High school was like the “ IT ” of the fantastic carnival of life. The “ monsters ” of high school and maturity were really judging and responsible for runing me down but, I was able to suppress them by altering their visual aspects. High school became my stepping rock to high instruction and maturity became my sense of responsible and adulthood. Now UCR will go my dearest best friend and one of my new comrades in this long journey. Like Langella said, we should non allow the monsters in our caputs command us we should take control of our frights of losing or neglecting.

Therefore, Langella ‘s suggestions on how the “ monsters ” in our caputs are merely fictional characters of our imaginativenesss traveling wild. That alteration as we grow older in adulthood and responsible. Last we should non allow the “ monsters ” of life control us, we should really take cogwheel, control, and overrule them or else they will run us over.