File to debug programs, mainly to solve

File synchronization software utility can be used to create backup copies and help to carry your multimedia on other mobile devices by maintaining consistency between two sources.
• The backup software will make copies of the information that is stored on a disk and restore r the entire disk (if disk failure occurs) or selected files (e.g. if files are deleted by accident).
• Debuggers are used to debug programs, mainly to solve any programming errors that have occurred. They can be utilized for reverse engineering of software or systems.
• Disk partition editors are used to divide drives into multiple logical drives, with each logical drive having its own file system which the operating system will recognise s an individual drive.
• File manager provides a way to perform routine data management, email recovery and management tasks, such as deleting, copying, merging, renaming and modifying folders.
• Memory testers will check for any memory failures that occur.
• Network utilities will analyse the computer’s network connectivity, configure network settings and check data transfer or log events.
• System monitors will monitor the computer resources and performance.