Foreign Direct Investment and its determinants in Russia


Nowadays the construct of investing comes into our socio-economic life. It is used non merely by politicians, faculty members, bankers and directors nut besides with specializers of endeavors and organisations. Investing and its position in the Russian Federation screen all aggregate media. Attention in the jobs of investing has increased bit by bit.

Development of society demands changeless growing of productive forces in quantitative and qualitative sense. Reproduction is supported by a steady flow of new fixed and working capital, the usage of scientific and technological advancement, giving the steady addition in the efficiency of societal production. The public assistance of people requires creative activity and execution of societal plans. The solution for the whole composite of jobs is impossible without investing, hence, the relevancy of this subject is important.

The chief properties of investing are investing of its ain or borrowed capital in a particular undertaking and is non intended for ingestion which are designed for long-run aims of economic and societal development. Therefore, if investing additions, it will be the key to the economic development and public assistance of people. The trouble of investing – is chiefly a hunt for resources. In the recent yesteryear, the chief beginning of investing in Russian Federation was from the province budget. With the passage to a market economic system brought approximately extremist alterations in the economic system of the Russian Federation, new beginnings of investing, particularly foreign direct investing. In the public policy of a particular function in pulling foreign investing in precedence sectors while supplying revenue enhancement benefits and insurance warrants, to better the system of legal ordinance of foreign investing, betterment of statute law.

Aim shows that the investing procedure is complex and diverse economic system, every bit good as it reflect the position and way of investing activity in Russian Federation. Besides in the class work I have tried to do the analysis of foreign investing in Russia. I have considered the kineticss of foreign investing, their chief types, province of the investing clime and other facets related to foreign investings in the Russian economic system. For a better apprehension of the provided information, peculiar information is presented in tabular arraies, graphs and saloon charts.

Categorization and chief types of Investings

Investing can be divided into three classs:

Direct investing, in which the foreign investor additions control over the venture on Russian district or actively involved in pull offing them.

Portfolio investing, in which the foreign investor does non take part actively in the direction of endeavor, merely gets dividends. To the class of portfolio besides includes investings of foreign investors on the province and municipal securities.

Other investings including bank sedimentations, trade credits, etc.

Functions of foreign direct investing

FDI as an economic class performs several of import maps that are indispensable for normal development of the economic system of any state. Investings at the macro degree are the footing for:

aˆ? Increasing of scientific and technological advancement, bettering the quality and fight of domestic merchandises

aˆ? Structural accommodation of societal production and the balanced development of all sectors of the economic system

aˆ? Making the necessary natural stuffs industries

aˆ? Civil technology, health care development, civilization, higher and secondary schools, every bit good as the enlargement of other societal jobs

aˆ? Resolve the job of unemployment

aˆ? Protect the environment

Investing plays an of import function at the micro degree. Initially, following aims must be achieved:

aˆ? The enlargement and development of production

aˆ? Raising the proficient degree of production

aˆ? Improve the quality and fight of single endeavors

aˆ? Acquisition of securities and investings in assets of other companies

aˆ? To guarantee the proper operation of the endeavor in the hereafter, a stable fiscal place and net income maximization.

Consequently, foreign direct investing is an of import economic class and plays a important function at both macro and micro degree.

Literature Review

2.1 The function of investing in the neoclassical and Keynesian theoretical accounts of the economic system

In theory, there are different accounts to actuate the behavior of investors in the economic system: neoclassical, Keynesian, theory of the mechanism of the gas pedal ( J. Clark ) .

From the position of neoclassical constructs as the chief motive for the determination of enterprisers to put serves the desire to maximise net incomes. The job of net income maximization is solved through a comparing of fringy gross with fringy costs. In order to obtain the greatest net income, economic agents tend to bring forth more, which in bend requires extra investing, which means enterprisers are forced to put in the production of extra volumes of goods.

This procedure will happen every bit long as the value of fringy merchandise of capital ( investing ) is equal to the cost of last unit attracted capital ( the fringy cost of the acquisition of this last one ) .Thus, enterprisers are doing determinations about puting, these determinations are motivated by a desire to convey the value of their capital to a certain coveted optimal value.

In this instance, enterprisers tend to do determinations on a phased in over several old ages, increasing the size of their capital. With that said investing demand map can be represented as follows:

Where K * – the optimum sum of capital

Kt – current ( at clip T ) the sum of capital

b – a step of estimate of the current capital value to the optimum

At the bosom of the Keynesian construct of investing is the net income motivation, based on the psychological science of enterprisers. That psychological constituent distinguishes the Keynesian attack motivations of investors from the neoclassical. The determination to put based on an appraisal of the enterprisers to increase the expected net income as a consequence of any specific investing undertakings.

Accelerator – an index that reflects how many units of extra capital required to bring forth an extra unit of end product. The volume of investing demand in the theoretical account of the gas pedal is determined by:

Where IN – investing demand

I”Y – alterations in income

Investing clime in Russia


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The authorities must make a positive investing clime to trip the influx of foreign investing to Russia. The standard for the attraction of its economic system to foreign investors is the degree of concern hazard and profitableness of investing undertakings. The followoing factors needs to be considerate: political stableness, capacity and demand in the domestic market, entree to natural natural stuffs, development of legal ordinance of foreign investors in the state ‘s macroeconomic policies and economic growing, production costs and quality of the work force, the creditworthiness of concern entities.

Positive factors that contribute to pull foreign investing in Russia are:

aˆ? Market size is about 150 million possible consumers, the comparatively high skilled and inexpensive labor

aˆ? beginning of economic growing

aˆ? Reducing the budget shortage and cut down rising prices

aˆ? implementing revenue enhancement reform aimed at take downing revenue enhancements on concerns and persons ;

aˆ? Further liberalisation of the economic system in connexion with come ining into international economic and fiscal organisations.

Established by now the macroeconomic state of affairs improves investing clime. Forming a positive GDP and industrial production, to beef up the “ existent ” solvency of endeavors, down unprofitable production, bettering external economic environment for a figure of industries, developing

the import-substitution. In add-on, Russia has undertaken a figure of stairss aimed to make a favorable investing clime.

In order to better the stableness of the investing procedure has besides been established: the rates of import imposts responsibilities on the same goods ca n’t be changed more often than one time every six months, erstwhile alteration in rates of imported imposts responsibilities ca n’t transcend 10 per centum points or the equivalent of absolute values, national system of penchants is reviewed no more often than one time a twelvemonth, and the alterations will take consequence no earlier than 90 yearss after their official publication. Despite some positive stairss in the overall investing clime remains negative, which is determined by the undermentioned factors. First of wholly, there is a important external and domestic debt, which limits province engagement in the investing procedure.

Lack of authorities engagement in the investing procedure as a consequence discourages foreign investors in financing the existent sector of the economic system.

Low recognition evaluation, high investing hazards may adversely impact the investing clime and impede the execution of borrowing recognition resources on universe capital markets and pull foreign investing.

High investing hazards and low rate of profitableness of most concerns in the existent sector of the economic system make it attractive plenty for foreign investors. The refinancing rates ( 25 % ) were non comparable to the degree of profitableness of most concerns in the existent sector of the economic system. State of the investing clime is exacerbated the slow gait of reconstituting the banking system, deficient ain capital to impart to even medium-term investing for most subsisters of the fiscal crisis, Bankss.

Better the investing clime will lend to the creative activity of a banking establishment, which has accumulated to the fiscal province warrants. Such a structural unit may be created as portion of the Russian Bank for Development. Development Bank, a bulk of which will belong to the province, is a specialised fiscal establishment, designed to roll up financess internal and external beginnings for development of the existent economic system.

In order to make a favorable investing clime to implement appropriates steps to promote foreign investors. The primary among them are:

– Natural the current limitations ( 50 % ) revenue enhancement reinvested net incomes. Execution of this benefit should be done by supplying an investing revenue enhancement recognition for a fee, return and competitory footing of net incomes, exempt from revenue enhancement ;

– Introduction of “ revenue enhancement vacations ” for a period of 3-5 old ages in regard of endeavors presenting a basically new engineering, machinery and equipment for their proficient equipment ;

– Exemption from VAT and imposts payments are non viing imports of technological equipment for the debut of new engineerings ;

– The debut for the intents of revenue enhancement of endeavors engaged in overhauling production, increased rate of accelerated depreciation of machinery and production equipment, introduced and used in the new engineerings.

Therefore, the overall investing clime of the Russian economic system remains negative. Due to the high degree of competition in the planetary capital markets, deficiency of nest eggs in the Russian economic system which need to follow-up steps aimed at its betterment.

These steps, along with the accomplishment of the state ‘s economic and political stableness, will increase the evaluation of Russia and the assurance of foreign investors, cut down the hazards of puting.

Empirical Discussion

In this portion of work, I discuss about Investment ( I ) , Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI ) , GDP, Interest Rate ( R ) . Besides all day of the months found from the Ministry of Statistics of the Russia and utile to analyze the kineticss of the chief socio-economic indexs for the period from 1990 to 2009.

It can be seen in statistic day of the months as of March 2010, whole FDI in Russia economic system amounted to $ 265.8 billion dollars. Besides as of December 31, 2009 statistic day of the month shows that the volume of accrued FDI in Russia is took at 19th topographic point in the universe. In add-on, in 2005 Russia received $ 53.65 billion of FDI. The biggest sum of money invested to Russia were Luxembourg $ 13.8 billion dollars, Netherlands $ 8.9 billion, UK $ 8.6 billion, Japan $ 5.1 billion and Germany $ 3 billion.


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Degree centigrades: Userspol_murayDesktopFIRF19952009.png

Harmonizing to this tabular array, the FDI line somewhat increased from 1995 to 2000. But after 2000 the line dynamically increased to 2007, so a small spot collapsed and it ‘s related with planetary crisis. Consequently, FDI in Russia in 2009 reduced by 41 % compared with 2008 up to 15.9 billion dollars. Besides in 2008 the sum of direct investing was 27 billion dollars, down 14.2 % compared with a twelvemonth earlier. Entire volume FDI in Russia in 2009 amounted to 81.9 billion dollars. Subsequently the volume of portfolio investing decreased to 21.4 % compared January to September 2008. Besides portions investors have invested 348 million dollars and it ‘s 65.8 % lower than 2007. Other trade credits declined by 27 % .

Investing in fixed capital in Russia amounted to 8.8 trillion rubles in 2008 and the volume index of capital investings from 1999 to 2008 increased 3 times. Besides including:

Investings in edifices ( excepting residential ) and structures – 3.9 trillion rubles ;

Investing in machinery, equipment, vehicles – 3.1 trillion rubles

Investing in homes – 1.2 trillion rubles.

The entire volume of investings in fixed assets 8.8 trillion rubles was send to a:


Conveyance and communications – 24,8 % ;


Real estate, rental and concern activities – 16,7 % ;


Manufacturing – 15.6 % ;


Mining operations – 14,1 % ;

Production and distribution of electricity, gas and H2O – 7,7 % ;

Agribusiness, runing and forestry – 4,4 % ;

Construction – 3.4 % ;

Sweeping and retail trade, fix of motor vehicles, bikes, family goods and personal goods – 3,1 % ;

Health and societal services – 2.4 % ;

Education – 2.0 % ;

Government and military security- 1,7 % ;

Financing activities – 1.0 % ;

Hotels and eating houses – 0.4 % ;

Fisheries and aquaculture – 0,1 % .

Russian Federation GDP

The volume of GDP in Russia amounted 256.0 billion rubles in 2008. The growing rate of its existent end product relative to 2007 was 108.1 % . Besides, GDP deflator index for 2007 relation to the monetary values in 2008 amounted to 113.5 % . Russia ‘s GDP per capita and per worker in fabrication in 2007 was 14 704.987 dollar.

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It can be seen in GDP saloon chart that the lowest GDP was in 1998 ( fiscal crisis ) , but after 1998 Russian ‘s GDP steadily increased.

This saloon chart provides information about the most invested states in 1998 to the Russia. The highest sum of money invested USA ( 29.9 million dollars ) so follows Switzerland ( 14.5 million dollars ) . 3rd topographic point took United Kingdom ( 8.6 million dollars ) and etc.





Million dollars

Share %

Million dollars

Share %

Million dollars

Share %

Million dollars









Conveyance and communications








Trade and providing








Commercial operations to function the market








Finance, recognition, insurance, pensions








Other industry








For this tabular array I provide information in short periods from 1996 to 1999.For the ground that it ‘s more helpful to understand investing in Russia.

This tabular array shows that in 1999 the portion ( 42 % ) of investing increased in trade and catering, conveyance and communicating. Following this analysis of this tabular array, gives information that investors more prefer to put in industrial sector, which give a high return.


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???° ?»?°N‚??????N†?µ


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Reorganization of investing in industry in 1999 was due to the reorientation of the investors with the capital market for investing in export industries of Russia and, above all in the fuel industry, every bit good as a significant addition in investings in the nutrient industry. Therefore, the fuel and the nutrient industry in 1999 had 82.7 % of the volume of foreign investings from direct investors, the way trolled in the industry.

Policy Deduction

In this instance to ease the state of affairs for foreign investors, consecutive authoritiess in the recent yesteryear have developed a series of undertakings and reforms that are presently expecting consideration in the authorities. In add-on, their impact on economic modernisation and coordination of macroeconomic policy may be important.

Long-run success of the Russian FDI-policy will be determined by progressive transmutations in the undermentioned constructions:

Political system

Legal system

Administrative system

Fiscal system ( including banking, renting )

Socio-economic system

Education system



The major way of authorities economic policy of Russia state is to make a favorable investing clime for pulling and efficaciously utilizing foreign investing.

Russia offers possible investors are its major advantages as an advantageous geographical location near of Europe, favorable climatic conditions, political and societal stableness, macroeconomic stabilisation, skilled and comparatively inexpensive work force, high scientific, proficient and industrial potency, and capacious domestic market, legislative and organisational support of the investing procedure.

The economic state of affairs in the state is characterized by stable rising prices rates, the predictability of exchange rates, and the revenue enhancement and imposts privileges for foreign investors, increasing export potency, the banking system, turning market of fiscal and insurance services.

Presently, the accent in the investing policy of the Russia is bit by bit switching from discriminatory intervention to the creative activity of cosmopolitan general economic conditions that determine the common regulations for domestic and foreign investors, licensing, and foreign trade and in regard of the stabilisation regulations.

The fact that in the whole state created favourable conditions for foreign investors, confirms the current and turning sector of the economic system based on private investing. At present the Government with a position to bettering the investing clime in a series of steps for organisational and informational support investing activities of foreign investors in the state.

In order to increase foreign investing and ease the execution of specific investing undertakings created National Investment Agency. Formed and invariably updated database of investing undertakings of Belarusian endeavors interested in pulling foreign investing.