Frankenstein And Alice In Wonderland English Literature Essay

In a universe where the lines between normal and unnatural are rapidly being blurred with a society tilting to a more false or manufactured manner of life we still see things as portion of the group or non. The credence from society is a subject I am traveling to explorer in my essay. We fight, argue, and draw off from what we fear or do non understand, and the exiled members are left to experience their emotions. The characters of Mary Shelley ‘s Frankenstein and Lewis Carroll ‘s Alice in Wonderland in their ain manner must cover with being friendless, culls, or foreigners of the society as a whole. What is acceptable in a society? What is unacceptable in a society?

The Monster on a different point of position dreams of being portion of the society but rapidly finds it about impossible to work in a normal life. The stairss he takes to better his intelligence so the people in the town would accept him did nil to maintain the towns people from eschewing him to populate as an castaway. In an effort to happen some signifier of a life within a society the Monster goes to his Godhead to bespeak him to make him a comrade, but Victor is non antiphonal to the thought of a 2nd error. Victor begins to conceive of the kids if there were kids “ a race of Satans ” ( Shelley ) .

The forsaking by society is a cardinal subject with the three chief characters of Frankenstein, besides Victor and the Monster the narrative is besides narrated by a navigation captain named Robert Walton. Victor at his nucleus is withdrawn and obsessional in nature which alienates him from the society and at the same clip the readers besides become foreigners to the society. The Monster in a contrast to Victor does everything he can to alter, to suit in with the society ; he educates himself and even implore his Godhead for a comrade. Walton has a physical forsaking spends old ages at sea and his personal failures drive his journeys.

Mary Shelley uses confessions as a rhetoric device for her characters concluding behind the awful actions the confessor do through the narrative. The monster confesses the slaying of Victor ‘s brother as a ground for him to have a comrade. “ You are in the incorrect aˆ¦ I am malicious because I am suffering ” ( Shelley ) . We as the reader are left to experience sorry for the monster and his solitariness. Victor confesses to Walton that he has a big sense of guilt due to the monster and a strong sense of duty for the deceases his creative activity caused. Walton ‘s confessions are throughout the novel has he retells the narrative.

Another device used in this novel was the verse form by John Milton “ Paradise Lost ” which was used by Shelley for her characters to derive credence. The monster finds himself like Satan, “ The Fallen angel becomes a malignant Satan. Yet even that enemy of God and adult male had friends and associates in his devastation ; I am entirely ” ( Shelley ) . He besides finds some commonalties with Adam, “ Like Adam, I was seemingly united by no nexus to any human being… I was wretched, helpless, and entirely. Many Timess I considered Satan as a fitter emblem of my status ” ( Shelley ) . You can besides feel a connexion between Victor and Satan due to him moving has God to make the Monster. Each of these devices is used to put these characters on the exterior of society.

In the fresh Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll places the reader in an unlogical universe ; where the functions are wholly turn on its ear. The sarcasm of a normal kid placed as the castaway to a universe of misfits and culls. The charming universe of Wonderland forces Alice to come up with a new manner to encompass her new found world. She must mentally judge the unlogical replies to assist her logically come up with who she is and what she needs to make. In the challenge with the Mad Hatter, and the March Hare, Alice ‘s impression of intelligence is thrown in the air when her logic does n’t suit with the unlogical replies of Wonderland. She is educated, and is an active member for her society outside of wonderland but when she is inside Wonderland she is a complete foreigner in a universe of madmans.

Alice is lost in a universe of the unlogical and she finds that these backwards logics cause her to be seen as an castaway, or as a cull to this foreign land. Using devices such as sarcasm and pandemonium Lewis Carroll shows his readers how different Alice is compared to the animals of Wonderland. Alice ‘s is forces to cover with holding to calculate out the differences between the “ Illogical ” and nonsensical. During the brush with a mouse Alice mistakes the Mouse ‘s “ Tale ” with his “ Tail ” which is usage to demo how in Wonderland deformation of linguistic communication is a consistent and sing characters to this universe like Alice, must larn to understand the unlogical system commanding the universe.

Alice is forced to oppugn her personal beliefs of worlds on the hierarchy of animate beings as the White Rabbit is seen as an authorization figure. She begins to oppugn the experiences and if she would carry on herself otherwise when she gets back place. Her sense of world begins to film over with the world of the nonsensical universe of Wonderland, which causes her to fall farther off from the society of Wonderland.

In the concluding chapter of the fresh Alice is seen in full appreciation the universe of Wonderland as the King reads the Knave ‘s Poem. Her apprehension of the universe when she corrects the King when he attempts to add intending to the nonsensical words of the verse form. It is Lewis Carroll manner of utilizing sarcasm once more because through her travels through Wonderland she was systematically seeking to do sense of the Universe of wonderland. In the novel unlike the old novel of Frankenstein, Alice becomes balanced with her society and is let in to full enjoyment of others.

How deadening would society be if everyone were all the same? The criterions of a society should ne’er be made of the point of what is or is non normal. These two novels, though in wholly different in tones and position, characteristic characters on the exterior of their several worlds and to talk to the culls, castawaies and the socially exiled members of society. One character a Mad scientist of compulsion and retaliation ; another a Monster filled with solitariness and fury ; a 3rd failure feared Captain ; and the last a good mannered kid of wealth. We all must happen our topographic point in this universe and if we do non we could happen ourselves as an castaway, a cull, or as a foreigner to the 1s we love the most.