Freedom Writers Diary Analysis Diary 34 English Literature Essay

The Freedom Writer ‘s Diary was one of my favourites books I have read so far. I could truly associate to a batch of these narratives and I felt like I knew them on a personal degree. The diary entry I related the most with was Diary figure 34 “ Adolescent Alcoholism ” . I one time had to cover with an dependence similar to what the author did, the author truly opened up my eyes to what is truly traveling on in high school and that I am non the lone 1 who deals with state of affairss like this, I noticed that I was believing and experiencing the same things she felt. This diary entry truly made me experience like my life is on the right way, and reminded me of how far I have come to acquire here.

Now granted that intoxicant dependence and analgesic dependence are two different things physically, there are eldritch and many similarities emotionally. In The Freedom Writer ‘s Diary, diary figure thirty-four has a feeling of hopelessness, “ I have been making it for so long, it ‘s merely a day-to-day modus operandi like acquiring up in the forenoon, traveling to the bathroom, and brushing your dentitions ” ( Freedom Writer ‘s Diary, by: Erin Gruwell, p. 67 ) I felt like this besides sometimes, like this is my life it is ne’er traveling to alter, merely trade with it. She besides had an image to up keep and the fact that she knew that image was false made her feel bad about herself “ I ‘m more defeated in myself for the manner I ‘m flim-flaming people into believing that I ‘m something I ‘m non. Since I ‘ve been in Ms. Gruwell ‘s category, everyone thinks I am “ Small Miss Goodie Goodie ” aˆ¦.. If they merely knew that on the interior I am merely hardly maintaining it together. ” ( p. 67 ) . She and I both felt like we were populating a life that was meant for person else, like there is no manner I could hold let my life spiral this far out of control, what have I done to myself. I besides like her felt like no 1 would wish the existent, the sober, me “ I am populating a prevarication. I am fighting with a deep secret-being a “ cupboard drinker. ” aˆ¦ . I fear that people will non wish the sober me. ” ( p. 67 ) . So we continued with our lives as they were, until one twenty-four hours sufficiency was plenty I wanted my life back I and was traveling to take it back no affair what or who stood in my manner. I have come so far to acquire where I am today and I have worked so difficult but that merely makes me appreciate all I have accomplished that much more. I can merely trust that Diary figure 34 felt the same manner and got her life back excessively.

Addiction is a awful, atrocious, gross outing monster. It will construct and construct inside you until one twenty-four hours it explodes and comes out to play, but you do non believe in monsters, such things are for kids ‘s faery narrative books, until that is, this monster knock you in the face and on to your butt. And when you get back up on your pess you realize that it was non a monster it was you standing in your ain manner.