Frustration At Myself In The Mirror English Literature Essay

Kate is my roomie, and she has chosen today of all yearss to yield to the flu.Therefore, she can non go to the interview she ‘d arranged to make, with some mega-industri-alist baron I ‘ve ne’er heard of, for the pupil newspaper. So I have been volunteered. I have concluding tests to jam for, one essay to complete, and I ‘m supposed to be working this afternoon, but no – today I have to drive a hundred and 65 stat mis to downtown Seattle in order to run into the puzzling CEO of Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc. As an exceeding enterpriser and major helper of our University, his clip is inordinately cherished – much more cherished than mine – but he has granted Kate an interview. A existent putsch, she tells me. Curse her extra-curricular activities.

Kate is huddled on the sofa in the life room.

“ Ana, I ‘m regretful. It took me nine months to acquire this interview. It will take another six to reschedule, and we ‘ll both have graduated by so. As the editor, I ca n’t blow this off. Please, ” Kate begs me in her rasping, sore throat voice. How does she make it? Even ill she looks

gamine and gorgeous, strawberry blonde hair in topographic point and green eyes brilliantly, although now red-rimmed and fluid. I ignore my stab of unwelcome understanding.

“ Of class I ‘ll travel Kate. You should acquire back to bed. Would you wish some Nyquil or Tylenol? ”

“ Nyquil, please. Here are the inquiries and my mini-disc recording equipment. Just imperativeness record here. Make notes, I ‘ll transcribe it all. ”

“ I know nil about him, ” I murmur, seeking and neglecting to stamp down my lifting terror.

“ The inquiries will see you through. Go. It ‘s a long thrust. I do n’t desire you to be late. ”

“ Okay, I ‘m traveling. Get back to bed. I made you some soup to heat up subsequently. ” I stare at her lovingly. Merely for you, Kate, would I make this.

“ I will. Good fortune. And thanks Ana – as usual, you ‘re my lifeguard. ”

Gathering my satchel, I smile wryly at her, so head out the door to the auto. I can non believe I have let Kate speak me into this. But so Kate can speak anyone into anything. She ‘ll do an exceeding journalist. She ‘s articulate, strong, persuasive, argumentative, beautiful – and she ‘s my beloved, dearest friend.

The roads are clear as I set off from Vancouver, WA toward Portland and the I-5. It ‘s early, and I do n’t hold to be in Seattle until two this afternoon. Fortunately, Kate ‘s Lent me her clean Mercedes CLK. I ‘m non certain Wanda, my old VW Beetle, would do the journey in clip. Oh, the Merc is a fun thrust, and the stat mis slip off as I floor the pedal to the metal.

My finish is the central office of Mr. Grey ‘s planetary endeavor. It ‘s a immense twenty-story office edifice, all curved glass and steel, an designer ‘s useful phantasy, with Grey House written discreetly in steel over the glass forepart doors. It ‘s a one-fourth to two when I arrive, greatly relieved that I ‘m non tardily as I walk into the tremendous – and honestly intimidating – glass, steel, and white sandstone anteroom.

Behind the solid sandstone desk, a really attractive, groomed, blonde immature adult female smiles cheerily at me. She ‘s have oning the sharpest wood coal suit jacket and white shirt I have of all time seen. She looks immaculate.

“ I ‘m here to see Mr. Grey. Anastasia Steele for Katherine Kavanagh. ”

“ Excuse me one minute, Miss Steele. ” She arches her supercilium somewhat as I stand self-consciously before her. I am get downing to wish I ‘d borrowed one of Kate ‘s formal sport jackets instead than have on my navy bluish jacket. I have made an attempt and have on my one and merely skirt, my reasonable brown knee-length boots and a bluish jumper. For me, this is smart. I tuck one of the at large tendrils of my hair behind my ear as I pretend she does n’t intimidate me.

“ Miss Kavanagh is expected. Please mark in here, Miss Steele. You ‘ll desire the last lift on the right, imperativeness for the 20th floor. ” She smiles kindly at me, amused no uncertainty, as I sign in.

She hands me a security base on balls that has VISITOR really steadfastly stamped on the forepart. I ca n’t assist my smirk. Surely it ‘s obvious that I ‘m merely sing. I do n’t suit in here at all.

Nothing alterations, I inside sigh. Thanking her, I walk over to the bank of lifts past the two security work forces who are both far more cleverly dressed than I am in their well-cut black suits.

The lift whisks me with terminal speed to the 20th floor. The doors slide unfastened, and I ‘m in another big anteroom – once more all glass, steel, and white sandstone. I ‘m confronted by another desk of sandstone and another immature blonde adult female dressed impeccably in black and white who rises to recognize me. “ Miss Steele, could you wait here, delight? ” She points to a sitting country of white leather chairs.

Behind the leather chairs is a broad glass-walled meeting room with an every bit broad dark wood tabular array and at least 20 fiting chairs around it. Beyond that, there is a floor-to-ceiling window with a position of the Seattle skyline that looks out through the metropolis toward the Sound. It ‘s a arresting view, and I ‘m momently paralyzed by the position. Wow.

I sit down, angle the inquiries from my satchel, and travel through them, inside curs-ing Kate for non supplying me with a brief life. I know nil about this adult male I ‘m about to interview. He could be ninety or he could be thirty. The uncertainness is chafing, and my nervousnesss resurface, doing me fidget. I ‘ve ne’er been comfy with one-on-one interviews, preferring the namelessness of a group treatment where I can sit inconspicuously at the dorsum of the room. To be honest, I prefer my ain company, reading a authoritative British novel, curled up in a chair in the campus library. Not sitting jerking nervously in a colos-sal glass and rock building.

I roll my eyes at myself. Get a clasp, Steele. Judging from the edifice, which is excessively clinical and modern, I guess Grey is in his mid-fortiess: tantrum, tanned, and blue-eyed to fit the remainder of the forces. Another elegant, cleanly dressed blonde comes out of a big door to the right. What is it with all the immaculate blondes? It ‘s like Stepford here. Taking a deep breath, I stand up.

“ Miss Steele? ” the latest blonde asks.

“ Yes, ” I croak, and clear my pharynx. “ Yes. ” There, that sounded more confident.

“ Mr. Grey will see you in a minute. May I take your jacket? ”

“ Oh please. ” I struggle out of the jacket.

“ Have you been offered any refreshment? ”

“ Um – no. ” Oh beloved, is Blonde Number One in problem? Blonde Number Two scowls and eyes the immature adult female at the desk. “ Would you like tea, java, H2O? ” she asks, turning her attending back to me. “ A glass of H2O. Thank you, ” I murmur.

“ Olivia, delight bring Miss Steele a glass of H2O. ” Her voice is austere. Olivia scoots up instantly and scampers to a door on the other side of the anteroom.

“ My apologies, Miss Steele, Olivia is our new intern. Please be seated. Mr. Grey will be another five proceedingss. ” Olivia returns with a glass of iced H2O.

“ Here you go, Miss Steele. ”

“ Thank you. ”

Blonde Number Two Marches over to the big desk, her heels snaping and repeating on the sandstone floor. She sits down, and they both continue their work. Possibly Mr. Grey insists on all his employees being blonde. I ‘m inquiring lazily if that ‘s legal, when the office door clears and a tall, elegantly dressed, attractive Afro-american adult male with short apprehensions issues. I have decidedly worn the incorrect apparels. He turns and says through the door. “ Golf, this hebdomad, Grey. ”

I do n’t hear the answer. He turns, sees me, and smilings, his dark eyes wrinkling at the corners. Olivia has jumped up and called the lift. She seems to stand out at leaping from her place. She ‘s more nervous than me!

“ Good afternoon ladies, ” he says as he departs through the sliding door.