God Cares About Our Anxiety English Literature Essay

And it ‘s based on 1 Peter 5 poetries 6 and 7. God cares and what I want to seek and make Brenda, is to take some of the practical countries of life where we struggle and acquire a grip on merely how much God cares about us in that load, that uncertainness, that existent point of concern – but more than that – what He can make to assist us through it. That ‘s the truly of import thing.

That ‘s what Word Alive is all about truly. We tackle life issues by seeing what the Bible has to state and how it can assist. And I ‘ve been involved with the Bible and people long plenty now to cognize it truly does aid.


So this series is for us all and Derek tackles merely how much God cares about our anxiousness. I ‘ll be making my usual thing of citing from the Bible here and at that place and throwing in the uneven remark or inquiry – But – Lashkar-e-Taiba ‘s get started. Derek!


Well Lashkar-e-Taiba ‘s get down this manner Brenda.

DEATH was walking into a metropolis. LIFE asked, “ Where are you traveling? ” “ To claim 10,000 people by dark autumn, ” replied DEATH. “ That ‘s atrocious. ” “ It ‘s my occupation ” , said DEATH.

Subsequently that flushing DEATH was seen walking out of the metropolis. ” LIFE saw him and said, “ You lied. You said that you would claim 10,000 people but 20,000 dies today. ” DEATH replied, “ I did merely claim 10,000. Worry and anxiousness killed the remainder. ”

In footings of engineering we have an easier life than any old coevals. And yet there is more uneasiness than of all time before.

I want to guarantee you God cares for you, and He has some profound words to state to you. They are found in 1 Peter 5:6-7.


Listen to this: “ Humble yourselves, hence, under God ‘s mighty manus, that he may raise you up in due clip. Project all your anxiousness on him for he cares for you. ”


Verse 7 is such a powerful statement it can non be ignored. It has merely 11 words, and 10s of them are one-syllable words-only the word “ anxiousness ” has more than a individual syllable. It ‘s a simple poetry, but carries a profound message. It ‘s a message this stressed-out coevals demands to hear.


So – if you ‘ve merely joined us or got mentally switched on to what you ‘re hearing – Dr Stringer is undertaking the job of anxiousness. The Cadmium of this series is available and there are ( as of all time ) free transcripts which we ‘ll direct to an electronic mail reference.


Well now – A batch of us are enduring from emotional overload. Have you of all time felt the same manner David did when he wrote these words? “ My hurting has overwhelmed me like a load excessively heavy to bear. ”

You may be believing, “ I ‘m holding to transport more than I can bear. ” I want to portion with you how to drop your loads.

The Bible word for anxiousness means “ to split ” or “ to deflect. ” Anxiety is holding a

disturbed and distracted head. It ‘s a fright or apprehension about some existent or perceived menace. This definition of anxiousness is n’t from a medical diary, but it describes anxiousness in a manner most can understand: Anxiety is a gnawing apprehension in your intestine that something bad may go on.

Some of the seeable symptoms of anxiousness are restlessness, crossness, weariness, trouble in concentrating, and trouble sleeping.


In the Bible, Job was a adult male who suffered terrible anxiousness. In a individual twenty-four hours he lost his luck, household, and his wellness. This is how he described his feeling of anxiousness: “ The churning inside me ne’er stops ; yearss of enduring confront me. ”


Now, if Job had known in the terminal God was traveling to honor his fidelity with twice every bit much wealth, and another house full of kids, that interior churning would n’t hold been as hard to manage.

Our civilization is sing an infective anxiousness epidemic. But medical surveies have shown much of what we worry about constitutes gratuitous anxiousness.

Surveies reveal 40 per centum of what we worry approximately will ne’er go on.

30 per centum of what we worry approximately is from the yesteryear and ca n’t be changed.

12 per centum is worry about unfavorable judgment from others, much of it untrue.

10 per centum of the things we worry about are wellness issues, which really are worse when we worry.

And merely 8 per centum of what we worry about constitutes existent jobs we have to face.

So, 92 per centum of your anxiousness is gratuitous. And the Bible says we are to project 100 per centum of our anxiousness on God!

I had to smile when person said, “ Do n’t state me ‘worry does n’t make any good. When I truly worry about something, it does n’t go on. ”


Let ‘s look into out what anxiousness does to us.


Well – It does n’t empty tomorrow of its sorrows but today of it ‘s strength.

It does n’t let you to get away problem but it does do you unfit to get by when the problem comes. Anxiety is like a swaying chair. It will give you something to make but you ‘re traveling nowhere with it!

Let me do a confession to you. Right now I ‘m disquieted! But what I ‘m disquieted about is that I will stack guilt on you by stating you non to worry. We need something more helpful than that – and we have it!

Peoples were dying in the clip of Jesus, excessively. Even people who knew Him personally suffered from concern. Jesus one time visited the place of Mary and Martha for a repast. Because of the heat, many repasts were eaten out-of-doorss in a shaded atrium. Imagine Jesus is speaking to Mary, sitting at his pess, merely basking their conversation. We frequently assume Jesus was making all the talking-like giving a discourse on the porch or something. But holding been a hubby for a long clip, I suspect Mary was speaking at least every bit much to Jesus-probably more. She was sharing her ideas, her feelings, and her hurting.

Martha merely explodes at this. She said to Jesus: “ Lord DO N’T YOU CARE that my sister has left me to make the work by myself? State her to assist me! ”

Freeze frame those four words for a minute: ‘Lord, do n’t you care? ‘ Have you of all time said or thought those exact words? I know I have. “ Lord, I ‘m aching here. Thingss are tough. It ‘s as if you have your dorsum turned to me. Lord, do n’t you even care? ” But Jesus does care. He replied to Mary in words that contained both the diagnosing and the prescription for anxiousness: “ Martha, Martha, ( reiterating person ‘s name was a mark of fondness ) you are disquieted ( the same word in 1 Peter 5:7-a distracted, fearing, attitude ) Jesus continued, “ You are upset about many things, but merely one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will non be taken from her. ”

The one thing I need when I ‘m full of anxiousness and disquieted about many things is to fall at the pess of Jesus and project my attentions and anxiousness on Him. Let me underscore that – When I ‘m full of concern and disquieted about many things I need to acquire on my articulatio genuss and give my anxiousness to Jesus, because He cares for me! ”


1 Peter 5:7 enchantments it out: “ Cast all your anxiousness On Him because he cares for you. ”


Merely notice two of import truths in this poetry.


“ Cast all your anxiousness on Him. ”

We try to transport our ain loads, but God invites us to project them on Him. It ‘s easier said than done.

I can personally associate to the small verse form that says:

It is His will that I should project

My attention on Him each twenty-four hours.

He besides bids me non to project

My assurance off.

But oh, how unwisely I act

When taken unaware ;

I cast off my assurance

And transport all my attention!

Think about that word ‘cast ‘ . ‘The Grecian word for dramatis personae means “ to flip or to throw. ” The adherents of Jesus threw their cloaks onto the dorsum of a borrowed colt for Jesus to sit into Jerusalem. It ‘s the same word that ‘s used here.

Projecting your anxiousness on the Lord is like seting a saddle on a Equus caballus before you ride it. It would be absurd for you to sit a Equus caballus while transporting the saddle on your shoulders. But that ‘s what many of you are making today with your problems-you ‘re seeking to transport them yourself alternatively of fliping them on the Lord.


So – Lashkar-e-Taiba ‘s acquire a grip on how we do that. How do we project attentions, or throw them on the Lord?


Make you cognize this small ditty?

“ I ‘ve joined the new ‘Do n’t Worry ‘ nine

And now I hold my breath.

I ‘m frightened I ‘m traveling to worry,

So I ‘m scared half to decease. ”

Will-power entirely wo n’t acquire us free from anxiousness or concern.

Golfers talk about ‘learning on the other cats ball. ” In other words seeing the flight of his ball and reading it for your ain effort.

If you want to larn how to make something good, you should seek out person who is already making it good and allow them learn you. The Apostle Paul was an expert at

projecting his anxiousness on the Lord. He had been stoned, shipwrecked, and crush with sticks. He had plentifulness to worry approximately but he refused to be dying. When he was in prison he wrote to learn us how to project our anxiousness on the Lord:


“ Do n’t fuss or worry. Alternatively of worrying, pray. Let requests and congratulationss shape your concerns into supplications, allowing God cognize your concerns. Before you know it, a sense of God ‘s integrity will come and settle you down. It ‘s fantastic what happens when Christ displaces worry at the Centre of your life. ”


When you are worrying about something, you ca n’t be praying about it. But when you are praying about something you ca n’t be worrying about it. Too many Christians make the error of acquiring on their articulatio genuss and stating God about their jobs ; so they get up and maintain on transporting the load themselves.

Like the old vocal says,

“ Take your loads to the Lord and leave them at that place. ”


There ‘s a short narrative called “ The Trouble Tree. ” ( We do n’t cognize the writers name ) . I ‘ll state it in the first individual voice of the author.

Some old ages ago I hired a local carpenter to reconstruct this old cabin. When he arrived he was frustrated because a traffic jam had made him tardily. The twenty-four hours merely got worse. Some of the edifice stuff I had ordered ne’er arrived, and so the motor in his electric proverb burned out. Then, when he got ready to travel place, his truck would n’t get down. So, he was reasonably disquieted when I offered to drive him place, but he accepted my offer. I could still hear the hints of choler in his voice as he talked about the occupation. When we arrived he thanked me for the drive and invited me to run into his household. Merely before he walked into his small house, he stepped over to a little tree and paused for a minute. He took his strong custodies and touched the tips of several of the subdivisions. As he opened the back door an astonishing transmutation occurred. A smile split his bronzed face as he hugged his two girls and married woman, so as if he did n’t hold a attention in the universe he introduced me to his household.

As he walked me back to my auto I pointed to the tree and asked him about it. He said, “ Oh, that ‘s my problem tree. It ‘s non usual for me to hold the sort of thwarting problem I experienced today, but one thing ‘s for certain, those problems from the occupation do n’t belong in the house with my married woman and misss. So every afternoon I merely hang my problems on this tree and so I pick ’em back up the following forenoon when I leave for work. ”

He smiled and said, “ It ‘s a amusing thing, though. When I come out in the forenoon to pick ’em up, there ai n’t about every bit many as I remember hanging at that place the dark before-and they ai n’t about every bit heavy as they was yesterday. ”


Would n’t it be great if you had a problem tree? We ‘ve got something, or really, Someone much better than a problem tree. Jesus Christ hung on His really ain problem tree at Calvary. He did that because He cares for you. He cares for you so much He invites you to project all your anxiousness on Him.


In her book, You Can Too, Christian businesswoman Mary Crowley writes about how she learned to project her anxiousness on the Lord. She wrote: “ When things go incorrect, I merely do n’t travel with them. Every flushing I turn my concerns over to God. He ‘s traveling to be up all dark anyhow. ”


Our job is anxiousness. God ‘s proposal is to project all our anxiousness on Him.

Let me state something of import in this respect. There is a difference between a job and a fact. God does n’t cover with jobs he deals with facts.

Dogs bark, that ‘s non a job that ‘s a fact. Cats mew, that ‘s non a job that ‘s a fact. Leaves autumn from trees in Autumn, it ‘s non a job it ‘s a fact.

You have a wellness job – what can you make about it, make it and work it down to a fact so give it to God.

You have a money job – what can you make about it, make it and work it down to a fact so give it to God.

You have a relationship job – do what you can and so give it to God.

Where we are dying we must face the job and ever work it down to a fact we so give to God.

How can we give it to God and go forth it with Him? We must allow it travel unit of ammunition and round our heads – GOD ‘S Promise: HE CARES FOR YOU!

There are 100s of promises in the Bible that assure us God truly does care for you and for me. I want to portion merely a few statements about God ‘s character to turn out merely how much He cares for you. For those of you who like English grammar, these four statements are similes. A simile is a figure of address in which two basically different things are compared-often utilizing the words “ as ” or “ like. ” If you remove the first “ I ” in the word simile, you ‘re left with the word smiling. It ‘s true in the Christian life besides that whenever you take your self-importance, ( the large “ I ” who tries to be foremost ) you ‘ll smile at the consequence.

A smile takes 17 musculuss, a frown takes 43. You truly are doing your face work harder with a frown! Christian have more to smile about than anybody else.

Each one of these similes about God should do you smile:

Number One: God cares for you like a dada numbering his kid ‘s first stairss.

I remember how exciting it was when my babe misss took their first stairss. One, two, three stairss on her ain. We were so aroused! And so in a flash it seemed as

if she had her driver ‘s licence and she was gone!

Parents, do you retrieve how aroused you were when your babe took those first stairss? You likely called the grandparents and said, “ John took four stairss today. ” But you likely stopped numbering the stairss and started seeking to trail them down!

God is like that. He counts your stairss, and He ne’er stops numeration.


The Bible says: “ For what is adult male ‘s batch from God above, his heritage from the Almighty on high? Does he non see my ways and count my every measure? ” … “ Surely so, you count my stairss but do non maintain path of my wickedness. ”


Is n’t that fantastic? God counts our stairss, but He does n’t maintain path of the times we fall. You ‘ve already taken many stairss, and possibly you have many more stairss to take-rest assured that God is watching and numbering your every measure. Your stairss may take you into a infirmary room where you sit by the side of a agony loved one-God counts those stairss. Your stairss may take you into a funeral place to look at the human remains of person you loved-He counts those stairss. Your stairss may take you through divorce, catastrophe, and despair-God ‘s numbering them.

Few people work harder than birds. But they do n’t worry, they sing!


“ Said the Robin to the Sparrow,

I should truly wish to cognize,

Why these dying human existences haste and concern so.

Said the Sparrow to the Robin,

Friend, I think that it must be,

That they have no Heavenly Father,

Such as attentions for you and me. ”


Who cares? God cares for you, like a male parent numbering his kid ‘s first stairss!

Second: God cares for you like a female parent quieting her pain kid.

Every female parent has an natural desire to protect her kids from danger and to soothe them when they ‘re aching. A female parent ‘s touch and voice can comfort a troubled kid like nil else.

Mothers besides want their kids to be happy. You might non retrieve it, but there was likely a clip when your female parent bounced you on her articulatio genus and chanted, “ Ride a small horsy, down to town ; Watch out babe, or you ‘ll fall down! ”

Did you know the Bible says God cares for you like a female parent resiling her kid on her articulatio genus?


In Isaiah 66 God says, “ I will widen peace to her like a river, and the wealth of states like a flooding watercourse ; you will nurse and be carried on her arm and dandled on her articulatio genuss. As a female parent comforts her kid, so will I soothe you. ”


We all know the Bible Teachs God is our Heavenly Father, but did you cognize God reveals He relates to us as a female parent every bit good?

If you ‘re a silent, I think you ‘ll hold that there is an astonishing connexion between a female parent and a babe. It goes deeper than merely a physical relationship. A psychological science professor conducted a trial to find this mother/child connexion at a university infirmary. Forty six female parents who gave birth in the old five to seventy hours participated. Each female parent was blindfolded and asked to place which of three kiping babes was hers. They were non told in progress, so they could n’t fix by analyzing their kid. In this trial about 70 per centum of the female parents right identified their babes.

This cryptic connexion between a female parent and her babe is profound. Now multiply that connexion a trillion times and you will get down to hold on how much God cares for you. He created you in love so you could be His kid. Who cares? God cares for you like a female parent soothing her aching kid!

And allow me give you another simile – God cares for you like a biddy covering her scared biddies.

Of all of God ‘s animals, the biddy is one of the most protective of her immature. The

Bible affirms that God will “ cover you with his plumes, and under his wings you will happen safety. ”

Before His apprehension and crucifixion, Jesus walked down the Mount of Olives and as He surveyed the view of the metropolis of Jerusalem, He wept because the people rejected His offer of love and forgiveness. Today there is a chapel in that really topographic point on the Mount of Olives called the Chapel of Tears. Inside you can happen a mosaic of a biddy protecting her biddies.


Jesus said, “ How frequently I have longed to garner your kids together, as a biddy gathers her biddies under her wings, but you were non willing! ”


A wood fire burnt down a farmhouse. As the coals cooled, the devastated husbandman was walking over the ruins and noticed a burnt ball on the land. He prodded it with his stick and saw it was a biddy, burned to decease. The husbandman turned the biddy over and, to his surprise out ran three peeping babe biddies. The biddy died in the fires even as it saved the lives of her helpless biddies. Jesus loves you so much He was willing to cover our wickedness and to decease so we can populate. Who cares? God cares for you… like a biddy covering her scared biddies.

And allow me add this: God cares for you like an bird of Jove wheedling its immature to wing.

While you may non believe a small biddy is a baronial analogy for God, you must acknowledge that a surging bird of Jove is the most olympian of all the birds in God ‘s creative activity.


The Bible says, “ Like an bird of Jove that stirs up its nest and hovers over its immature, that spreads its wings to catch them and carries them on its pinions. The Lord entirely led him ( Jacob ) . ”


The parent Golden Eagles teach their immature to wing in a really unusual manner. For the first 10 hebdomads of their lives, an eaglet is safe and secure in its nest. The parent bird of Joves

protect and feed their immature. A babe bird of Jove does n’t wing instinctively, they have to be taught. At first they resist flying-who could fault them? They have a comfort zone in the nest! So the parents have to coerce their newborn eaglets to wing. They literally kick them out of the nest.

First, they use their talons to stir up the nest. They expose the crisp terminals of the sticks so that the eaglets are no longer in a comfort zone. Then the parent bird of Jove flaps its wings furiously until the eaglets jump to the border of the nest. Then the parent bird of Jove pushes a individual eaglet out and it falls- whining as it plummets down. If the eaglet spreads its wings and catches the air flow, he may wing on the first attempt, but that rarely happens. If the eaglet does n’t wing, the parent bird of Jove that has been falling with its immature spreads its wings and flies under the eaglet. The bird of Jove catches the

eaglet and carries it on it pinions back to the nest. Then the procedure is repeated until each eaglet learns to wing.

The behavior of the parents may look harsh, because some eaglets die larning to wing. But it is the desire of the parent eagles that their immature spread their wings and surge into the sky.


What a great lesson for us!


Absolutely right – Some of you may believe God is rough toward you right now because He ‘s stirred up your nest. Possibly God knows you ‘ve been stuck in your comfort zone excessively long. God loves you so much He is stirring up your life and He may be acquiring ready to force you out of your nest of complacence. Or you may hold already been pushed out and it seems as if you ‘re plumping toward a difficult landing. Do n’t worry God will be at that place to catch you. It may be terrorizing at first, but God knows what He ‘s making. Who cares? God cares-like an bird of Jove wheedling its immature to wing.

Anxiety over your jobs can be like bricks weighing you down.

Life is full of these heavy bricks of hardship. Your bricks may be money, or wellness, or calling, or school, or terrorist act, or matrimony, or kids, or parents, or retirement, or even death-the ultimate anxiousness. Imagine you are transporting these bricks of anxiousness around in a back pack. It ‘s traveling to do you suffering. And the whole clip, Jesus is at that place, keeping out His strong weaponries ask foring you to project all those anxiousnesss on Him.

While you ‘re walking around set over with the attentions of the universe, you need to hear the encouraging words of that great old anthem.

A neighbour Saturday with a really sick adult male. Looking at a manuscript he discovered that the ailment adult male had written the words for his female parent when she was traveling through a particular sorrow.


This is what Joseph Scriven wrote:

“ What a friend we have in Jesus!

All our wickednesss and heartaches to bear.

What a privilege to carry-

everything travel God in supplication.

Oh, what peace we frequently forfeit,

Oh, what gratuitous hurting we bear.

All because we do non transport

everything to God in prayeraˆ¦


It goes in to state –

Are we weak and heavy laden?

Cumbered with a burden of attention?

Cherished Saviour still our safety.

Take it to the Lord in supplication.

Can we happen a friend so faithful,

who will all our sorrows portion?

The nazarene knows our every failing.

Take it to the Lord in supplication. ”

When you stop seeking to transport the weight of your jobs and project them into His weaponries, so you can see the freedom and elation of holding a enormous load lifted off your shoulders.


Derek Stringer has been taking us through Part 1 of a short series about How To Combat Worry – I hope that you will be after to fall in us following clip.

This is a Good News Broadcasting Association production – good pass for now and God bless you.