Grant families. The Crucible portrays the events

Grant Hamlin
American Lit 10 1st
13 November 2018
Mary Warren
The Salem witch trials was a very eventful time and had a major impact on many people and their families. The Crucible portrays the events that occured in Salem and consist of many characters, some of which are accused and some of which accuse others of witchery. This play was created by Arthur Miller who wrote The Crucible in 1953. He wrote The Crucible to not only help his journalist career but to also inform the American people about what the government is capable of. Many people can be looked at, but I think the primary reason for the trials is Mary Warren.
The events occured in Salem because of Mary Warren. She made Elizabeth Proctor look guilty by making her the doll. “I made a gift for you today, Goody Proctor. I had to sit long hours in a chair, and passed the time with sewing”(Miller 59). Mary stuck a needle in the doll, and Abby got a needle stuck in her, suggesting witchcraft. Elizabeth was accused because of the puppet and nothing else, so had Mary not made the puppet then Elizabeth wouldn’t have been accused. Mary Warren has caused a major outbreak in witchcraft accusations. “What’ll we do? The village is out! I just come from the farm; the whole country’s talkin’ witchcraft!”(Miller 19). Previously there was not this much talk of witchcraft, but now there is a lot. Mary can help with the accusations, but chooses to do nothing other than scream at Abigail. “My name, he want my name. ‘I’ll murder you,’ he says, ‘if my wife hangs! We must go and overthrow the court,’ he says!”(Miller 124). John is really pressuring Mary to help him out because of his wife’s accusation. He is mad because she got her accused and he wants her to help prove her innocent.
Mary Warren is not the reason for the events in Salem. She had extra information but she wouldn’t have been believed if she shared it. “Oh Mary, it is a black art to change your shape. No I cannot. I cannot stop my mouth. It’s god’s work I do”(Miller 120). This shows that Mary isn’t the reason for the events, but how the girls are the reason. They acted as if they were being attacked by a spirit even though there was no spirit. This is partially correct but however Mary also pretended to be attacked. “Oh we will be whipped”(Miller 19). They know what they are doing is wrong and punishable but continue to do it anyways. Mary tries to tell the judge that it is pretense but she cannot stop them from faking. Mary never saw any spirits, but the girl claimed she did. “Aye sir. She swears that she never saw Satan nor any spirit vague or clear”(Miller 104). Even if she speaks up she may not be believed because she is accused of interaction with the devil. However, this is not true.
Mary Warren is the main reason for the events in Salem because of multiple reasons. She could have went against Abigail but chose not to, she could have sided with John Proctor and helped him, and she also could have spoken up to the judge. Theses reasons show that Mary Warren is responsible for the events of Salem, Massachusetts. She is seen as a frightened little girl who is afraid to speak up because of Abigail and the judges.