Health of quality food. A nutritious, well-healthy

Health as a personal quality has been highly valued and preserved throughout the mankind solely depends on the consumption of quality food. A nutritious, well-healthy balanced diet along with physical activity and refraining yourself from drinking and smoking is the foundation of a good health. Eating healthy foods help us to have a healthy living lifestyle. Our physical fitness and overall health is highly dependent on what we eat. Hence, it is important for us to adopt a healthy eating habit. Healthy eating habits help improves our physical and psychological health as well.
Habit are routines behavior done on regular basis. It is a recurrent process wherein an activity is repeated frequently because of something that interest us to pursuit. Psychology define habit as a link between a stimulus and a response. It serves as a mental connection between a trigger thought or event (stimulus) and our response to that trigger (the response). Repeating this connection time and time again establish a habit and influence subsequent decisions and actions.
Eating can be defined as the consumption of food and liquid to sustain life and to meet our body’s basic needs for growth, development, and function. We all know that we eat food for us to keep alive and to have energy on everything that we do. The foods we eat provides a range of vitamins, minerals, water, fats, carbohydrates, fibers and proteins, we need these nutrients from the food we eat to stay healthy and productive. Protein, is needed to build, maintain and repair muscle, blood, skin and bones and other tissues and organs in the body. Carbohydrate, provides the body with its main source of energy. Vitamins and minerals, are needed in very small amounts and are sometimes called micronutrients, but are essential for good health. They control many functions and processes in the body, and in the case of minerals also help build body tissue such as bones (calcium) and blood (iron). In addition to the said nutrients, Fiber and water are also essential for a good healthy diet. Choosing foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and healthy fats like nuts or avocado, and minimizing the amount of processed foods in our diet will help us to stay on a healthy track with our eating behaviors. Foods is necessity in our life, it gives energy and nutrients which help our growth and development. Food is one important component for all living beings because it is substance that provides nourishment to the body and allows specific function to work at an optimum level.
Healthy eating habits are the basis of healthy living lifestyle. It is a relevant factor not only for growth and development, but also for the present and future health of individuals. As our body still growing, it’s vital that we eat enough good quality food and the right kinds to meet your energy and nutrition needs. When at school or studying, our brain needs extra energy. Eating healthy foods is also linked to better concentration.
There are many factors that influence healthy eating habits of the students. Thiruselvakumar and others (2014), stated in their study, Factors affecting food choice and attitude of choosing food items among adolescents, that eating patterns and behaviors of adolescents are influenced by many factors, including peer influences, parental modeling, food availability, food preferences, cost, convenience, personal and cultural beliefs, mass media, and body image.
Personal factors influence the eating healthy habits of a student. Include attitudes, beliefs, food preferences, self-efficacy and also biological changes. Environmental factors include the immediate social environment such as family, friends and peer networks, and other factors such as school. Hence, it in this light that the researchers conducted a study entitled “Factors Affecting Eating Healthy Habits of Senior High School in Baliuag, Bulacan.