How Has Climate Change Effected Cambodia Environmental Sciences Essay

Nowadays the universe has encountered copiousness of challenges such as terrorist act, multinational offenses, environment issues and weapon mass devastation ( WMD ) proliferation. As a affair of fact, these issues can non be solved by one province ; in order to get the better of these jobs, international cooperation and increasing non-state capableness are required. For me, the most anxiousness and interesting challenge is environment issue particularly climate alteration and planetary heating due to two chief grounds.

First, this issue is a modern-day issue that has affected the universe particularly agriculture based states. As we know, approximately 80 per centums of Cambodia population are husbandmans, and most of them still pattern old traditional agriculture instead than utilizing new engineering to help them. Furthermore, husbandmans normally rely on H2O during rainy season to supply H2O to their Fieldss and crop on dry season ; nevertheless, because of clime alteration and planetary warming the issue occur when there is non adequate H2O in rainy season plus the irrigation system in Cambodia does non adequate to supply H2O to everyplace in the state every bit good, so some husbandmans can non works anything and stop up with debt. Therefore, this research can demo the effects on Cambodia as the agribusiness based state.

Second, I want to make a research program on this issue in order to use for scholarship to analyze abroad when I graduate. By making the research on this subject, I can cognize more about the grass root causes-effects, current solutions and obstructions of these issues.

In decision, since this issue is beyond my apprehension in some facet, I will utilize this chance when I study the planetary administration class to analyse this subject, and I hope this single contemplation paper can portion knowledge to other pupils as good.

IRP lineation:

MC # 1: Introduction

MC # 2: The causes of clime alteration and planetary heating MC # 3: The effects of clime alteration and planetary heating MC # 4: Responses and challenges

MC # 5: Decision

( Note: this lineation might be altered harmonizing to the research )

Subject: Climate alteration, planetary heating and its consequence on Cambodia as a state

Mini Composition # 1: Introduction

Global heating and Climate alteration have been the environmental issues confronting world for such a long times, and these issues has attracted the international attending during the seventiess. Because these issues are rather a complex topic, cooperation between provinces and increasing capableness of the relevant non-state histrions ( NSAs ) are solutions to cover with these issue. Over the past decennaries, leaders from provinces have

negotiated to seek a comparative solution for all parties ; the institutional model provided by the

UNFCC, the United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change, in 1992 and plus the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, yet these delicate models do non lend much to relieve the jobs due to realism thoughts, missing in private morality and uncertainness of provinces. Furthermore, its impacts are far beyond human ability to command and supervise. we shall discourse in item about the responses in Chapter4

Global heating is a term used to depict a relentless addition in the Earth ‘s average surface temperature comparative to long-run mean conditions ( those that prevail over centuries ) . In fact, the universe clime alterations over period ; nevertheless, in the late nineteenth century, the clime has changed well. Furthermore, it is hard to separate the planetary heating and clime alteration since planetary warming consequences in climate alteration and the two footings are sometimes used interchangeably, though clime alteration has a broader significance and refers to alterations in mean climatic conditions ( temperature, air current, rainfall, and other climatic variables ) relative to their long-run norm. Both natural and anthropogenetic ( human-caused ) factors can do planetary heating, but the overpowering scientific consensus is that the addition in planetary temperatures over the past century is chiefly due to increased concentrations of nursery gases in the ambiance.

In decision, the planetary heating and clime alteration is a broad scope of issues that need attempts from each histrion in international relation. In the following chapter, we will take a deep expression to the causes of planetary

warming and climate alteration.

Mini Composition # 2:

What are the causes of planetary heating and clime alteration?

Many scientists endeavor to find preciously what cardinal factors are behind the planetary heating and clime alteration, and they come up with different causes that are interrelated. We can split causes into two classs increasing sum of Green house gases ( GHGs ) and urbanisation.

Harmonizing to “ Time For Change ” organisation study, about 100 % of the ascertained temperature is being increased over the last 50 old ages has been due to the addition in the ambiance of nursery gas concentrations like H2O vapour, C dioxide ( CO2 ) , methane, ozone and other gases. However, the largest lending beginning of nursery

gases is the emanation of C dioxide ( CO2 ) . GHGs in the atmosphere act like a mirror and

Fig. 1: the relation of the major human-produced nursery gases to current heating

[ Beginning: ]

reflect back to the Earth a portion of the heat radiation, which would, otherwise, be lost to infinite. The higher the concentration of green house gases like C dioxide in the ambiance, the more heat energy is being reflected back to the Earth. Therefore, what are the causes of increasing those gases? So far, the causes of fluctuation of atmospheric nursery gases particularly carbon dioxide are human-made activities and natural catastrophes. There are assorted sorts of human activities that increase the sum of CO2 such as firing fossil fuels, emanation of fume by mills, overpopulation, uncluttering woods for development ( agribusiness, industrialisation or urbanisation ) and logging in the jungle. For case, the emanation of CO2

into the environment chiefly from combustion of fossil fuels ( oil, gas, gasoline, etc. ) has been

increased significantly over the past 50 old ages ( see the graph below ) .

Fig. 1: Carbon dioxide emanations in million dozenss per twelvemonth over the last 200 old ages

[ Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: // Global_Carbon_Emission_by_Type_png ] Another cause is urbanization. In order to transform lands from forest or natural to

urbanisation, industrialisation or agribusiness, policy shapers frequently face tradeoff between development and environment. For illustration, in industrialised states, they need fuel in fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gases in order to run their mills. Even though, the leaders do cognize that it will damage the environment, they have no pick instead than pull out natural resources within their states or other provinces. Furthermore, little atoms in the air ( aerosols ) may hold warming or chilling effects, depending on their features. Sulfate ( SO4 ) aerosol, for illustration, is light-colored and reflects sunlight back into infinite. The chilling consequence of volcanic aerosols from the Mt. Tambora eruption of 1815 caused North America ‘s “ twelvemonth without a summer ” in 1816. The other interesting cause is overpopulation. Harmonizing to the US Census Bureau ‘s Web site ( 15:41 UTC ( EST+5 ) Nov 04, 2010 ) , the figure of people in the universe is 6,879,418,535. When there are more people, there will be more demands, and it will take to more supplies. Therefore, in order that mills can increase their productivenesss, they need more energy and natural resources. Furthermore, some merchandises affect the environment because they contain greenhouse gases. For case, iceboxs and

aerosols which contain CFC ( CFCs ) that causes harm to the ozone bed.

Case survey

In this instance survey, we are traveling to research the causes that Cambodia contributes to the clime alteration and planetary heating. There are three chief causes which are deforestation, urbanisation and industrialisation. First, Deforestation is a concealed causes and controversial in the international phase every bit good. Between 25 and 30 per centum of the nursery gases released into the ambiance each twelvemonth comes from deforestation. For case, Cambodia, located in South East Asia, was recognized as a green state that consisted of rain forest ( 70 % all over state ) in 1970s. Unfortunately, Cambodia becomes one of the highest rates of deforestation in the universe, 3rd to merely Nigeria and Vietnam, harmonizing to a 2005 study conducted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations ( FAO ) . The per centum of rain forest fell dramatically from over 70 % in 1970 to merely 3.1 % in 2007. There are some grounds behind this catastrophe such as war, delicate administration, development, lands inducement for investings, agribusinesss, and so on. Second, the Cambodia authorities has initialed to urbanise the metropolis due to overpopulation and reform. Even though, this development does relieve and give benefit to this state, it besides affects the environment. For case, when land is converted from woods or nature to urban environments, the regional clime system is altered because urban environments are besides islands of heat produced by industry, places, cars, and asphalt ‘s soaking up of solar energy. Last but non least, in Cambodia, the figure of mills, located in the metropoliss and countryside, besides affect to the environment. The disposal of waste on land, in H2O and air damage the ecosystems and leak copiousness of green house gases particularly CO2. Thus, even though Cambodia is a bantam state in the universe, it besides chiefly contributes to the clime alteration and planetary heating every bit good.

In decision for this chapter, green house gases, that created by human-made activities and natural catastrophes, are the chief causes of planetary heating and clime alterations. In the following chapter, we will discourse item about the effects of the planetary heating and clime


Mini Composition # 3:

What are the effects of planetary heating and clime alteration?

Even thought planetary heating and clime alteration have many effects, these phenomena are interrelated, so to do easiness for analyze the effects, I will categorized in six chief impacts ( 1 ) increasing the temperature on the Earth ; ( 2 ) rise of sea degrees ; ( 3 ) altering landscapes ; ( 4 ) increasing hazard of drouth, fire, nutrients and species extinction ; ( 5 ) increasing heat-related unwellness and disease ; and ( 6 ) economic Looss.

Increasing the temperature on the Earth merely means the Earth becomes warmer and warmer, and this is non a new phenomenon, but due to planetary warming the temperature in the universe has increased quickly and upward. Because the sum of GHGs chiefly CO2 addition dramatically in recent decennaries, Time For Change Organization makes a projection that the temperature of the Earth will be increased by 3o to 50 by the twelvemonth 2050.

As the universe is heated, sea degrees rise because warmer H2O takes up more room than colder H2O, a procedure known as thermic expansion1. Furthermore, the glaciers in the polar thaw leads to raising sea degrees. Rising seas threaten to deluge low-lying countries and islands, threaten heavy coastal populations, erode shorelines, harm belongings and destruct ecosystems such as Rhizophora mangles and wetlands that protect seashores against storms. A logical consideration is a 36-inch addition in sea degrees would drench every metropolis on the East Coast of the United States, from Miami to Boston. Furthermore, sea degree rise associated with clime

alterations could displace 10s of 1000000s of people in low-lying countries particularly in developing states. Inhabitants of some little island states that rest hardly above the bing sea degree are already abandoning their islands, some of the universe ‘s first clime alteration refugees.

Another consequence is altering landscapes. We can split it into two different issues land debasement and desertification. Land debasement merely means dirt quality is declining. This phenomenon is a consequence of over-farming and hapless land-use pattern. On the other manus, desertification means the growings of comeuppances and sand countries. Each twelvemonth harmonizing to the United Nations Environmental Program, an country of land about the size of Australia, about 31000 square stat mis, turns into sweet.

Another major consequence is increasing hazard of drouth, fire, nutrients and species extinction. Climate alteration makes the circulation of H2O on, above and below the surface of the Earth doing drouth and inundations to be more frequent, serious and widespread. In 2010, harmonizing to Pakistani authorities data the inundations straight affected about 20 million people, largely by

devastation of belongings, support and substructure, with a decease toll of stopping point to 2,000.2

Due to the overpopulation, people need to increase the nutrient productivenesss to run into the demand. Unfortunately, because of land debasement and desertification, most of the dirts in the universe become poorer and it leads to nutrient insecurity in the universe. Furthermore, Harmonizing to The Nature Conservancy group, experts predict that one-quarter of Earth ‘s species will be headed for extinction by 2050 if the warming tendency continues at its current rate. Not so long, the universe already experiences some lessons. For illustration, in 1999, the decease of the last Golden Frog in Central America marked the first documented species extinction driven by

clime change3.

Another consequence is increasing heat-related unwellness and disease. When the ozone bed becomes thinner, more sum of Sun visible radiation will come to the Earth. Consequently, people will acquire skin disease because of Ultraviolet. Furthermore, Climate alteration may increase the spread of infective diseases, because warmer temperatures let diseases transporting insects, animate beings and bugs to last in countries where they were one time thwarted by cold conditions. The World Health Organization ( WHO ) estimates that clime alteration may hold caused more than

150,000 deceases in the twelvemonth 2000 alone, with an addition in deceases probably in the hereafter.

Last but non least, planetary warming predominate the economic system loose. Globally, serious alteration in conditions ( more serious hurricane, storm etc. ) could do one million millions of dollars in harm to belongings and substructure. Plus, worsening harvest productions due to drawn-out drouth and high temperatures, particularly in Africa, could set 100s of 1000s of people at hazard.

Therefore, the effects of planetary heating and clime alteration are varies and interrelated. After we have look through to the major effects of these phenomenon, so we shall analyse on the certain state, Cambodia.

Case survey

In the old chapter, we have examined the causes that Cambodia has contributed to the planetary heating and clime alteration. In this instance survey on the other manus, we shall predominate and analyse the impacts of planetary heating and clime alteration in this state. Cambodia ‘s temperature would increase up to 1.35 – 2.50C in 2100. Annual rainfall would increase between 3 and 35 % from current status ; lowland countries seem to be more affected than upland areas4.

Map of flood-prone communes

Map of drought-prone communes

Beginning: WFP ( 2005 )

Floods and drouth are recognized as one of the chief subscribers to poorness. In these images above, Cambodia is vulnerable to inundations and drouths. High dependence on rain-fed agriculture makes agribusiness sector peculiarly vulnerable.

In Cambodia, the impact of clime alteration has become evident, yet the populace does non experience alert due to limited cognition and other. There are six implication suggestions on Cambodia.

First, recall memory of economic system loose. Floods caused 70 % of production losingss of rice, while drought 20 % between 1998 and 2002, and the inundations caused USD 205 million

harm between 2000 and 20025. Second, Harmonizing to Allison, he claims that Cambodia ‘s

economic system is rated as one of the most vulnerable to impacts of clime alteration on piscaries. Third, if the sea degree rises, it will impact countries near the sea. The research of ministry of whether shows that 1m rise can submerse 56 % of Koh Kong City. Consequently, it will damage to substructure, agribusiness, touristry, and support. Fourth, as an agribusiness state, when the nutrient productivenesss decline, it leads to nutrient insecurity in the state since Kampuchean extremely depends on individual harvest and low processing capacity within the state. Firth, another consequence is H2O quality debasement and sanitation. Finally, addition in water- related / tropical diseases such as malaria and dandy fever. The Ministry of the Environment estimations that under altering climatic conditions Cambodia may see increasing incidences of malaria, up 16 per centum from its current rate. Natural catastrophes have upset delicate ecosystems, which in bend have triggered other alterations that have affected issues such as lifting poorness and malnutrition in kids.

In decision, Cambodia ‘s weak societal substructure will impact the hapless, and it will be a heavy load for Cambodia ‘s following coevalss, who will hold trouble in bridging its ecological shortage. Therefore, the authorities and all others relevant must come up with strong policies and fast action to battle clime alteration. In the following chapter, we shall analyze the actions undertaken by international histrions and Cambodia itself.

Mini composing # 4

Responses and challenges of planetary heating and clime alteration

After terrible suffer from these environmental issues, provinces have recognized that they are in problems. Consequently, two cardinal environmental conferences were held during the

1990s, viz. Rio Earth Summit in 1992 and Kyoto Environmental Summit in 1997.

Held under UN protections, the Rio Earth Summit brought together 1000s of delegates and representatives from province histrions and non province histrions. Harmonizing to Time newsman, Philip Elmer-Dewitt, published in “ Rich Vs Poor ” in 1992, the Earth Summit was “ the largest and most complex conference of all time held- bigger than the momentous meetings at Versailles, Yalta, and Potsdam ” 1. In this acme, 178 provinces signed two pacts, the UN Framework Convention on Climate Changes ( UNFCC ) , addressed planetary heating issues and the Convention on Biological Diversity ( CBD ) , addressed to protect endangered species and biodiversity. The UNFCC sets the basic nonsubjective “ to accomplish stabilisation of nursery gas concentrations in the ambiance at a degree that would forestall unsafe anthropogenetic intervention with the clime system ” . Sing this acme, the great success is that it gathered many people from different portion of the international community that had ne’er assembled to discourse a peculiar issue. Furthermore, Earth acme besides raised planetary consciousness about environmental issue ; nevertheless, throughout the Rio meeting, a struggle between environmental protection and economic development was reveal because the

insisting of many Developing World states that feared that stronger diction might adversely impact their economic systems.

Following the Rio Earth Summit, the Kyoto Environmental Summit in 1997, Japan, intended to turn to the planetary heating issue. Despite decrease in the emanation of green house gases ( GHGs ) mandated by the Montreal Protocol and Rio acme understandings, provinces in the universe still released excessively many of GHGs into the ambiance, so the ambiance remained at hazard. This Kyoto protocol provided economic inducement for developing provinces to run into their marks through trade and clean development mechanism, and urged for cooperation between developed and developing provinces over “ environmentally clean ” undertakings. However, merely seven out of 84 states who signed the protocol ratified it in 1999 all of which were little islands or low lying provinces peculiarly concerned by planetary heating and submersing them ; nevertheless, the struggle between developing and developed provinces has

remained and it needs to be sort out through trust cooperation and common involvements.


From these two acmes, there are three suggested solutions C direction, making market inducement and alternate energies.

Among GHGs, C dioxide is the unsafe chemical substance that is the major cause of planetary heating and clime alteration. Since the industrialisation epoch, the demand of fossil fuel has increased dramatically, so oil production become inelastic. In order to get by with the C budgets, we do need to confront head-on six importance activities, ( 1 ) slow or halt deforestation, ( 2 ) cut down emanations from electricity production, ( 3 ) cut down emanations from cars, ( 4 ) clean up industrial procedures in a few major sectors, ( 5 ) conserve on electricity usage through more efficient motors, contraptions, lighting, insularity and other electrical demands ; ( 6 ) convert point-source based systems powered by low-emission electricity. Sing the challenges of cut downing emanations from the electricity coevals are complicated, there are three major avenues to cut down emanations from the power sectors: greater efficiency in the usage of electricity, a greater proportion of electricity coevals with non-fossil fuel beginnings of energy and particular technology procedures to capture the C dioxide from fossil fuel electricity workss and to hive away it by utilizing a engineering called C

gaining control and segregation ( CCS ) 1.

The Kyoto protocol has accomplished one major progress: the start of a market monetary value on C emanations, in the signifier of tradable C licenses, albeit merely in Europe. This scheme more or less provides inducement to the emitters to restrict C emanation from their mills. Furthermore, there is an pressing demand to increase support for clime scientific discipline in the poorest states to assist those states understand how adapt to the clime alteration, and scientific discipline besides needed to enable those states to take part efficaciously in planetary extenuation attempts by cut downing the rate of deforestation and by acceptance low-carbon energy schemes in the class of economic development.

Last but non least, we can anticipate non-fossil energy beginnings to supply a good and turning fraction of the universe ‘s energy supply. While fossil fuels will rule for some decennaries more, in the longer term non-fossil options are likely to come to preeminence. Wind, hydroelectricity, ocean moving ridges, bio-fuel, geothermic and atomic energy will be more favorite although each of these is limited by local status and non applicable as planetary solutions. Due to popularity and net incomes, provinces attempt to derive the atomic energy, but it can present menace to the localized and internationalized because of atomic radiation and atomic


Prepared by SAY VORTANA 2 electronic mail: sayvortana.itc @


From my position, there are two chief challenges execution and the unfairness between developed and developing provinces.

The job is non the model or aim but executions. The Kyoto protocol committednesss were really modest ( merely 5 percent decrease ) and short term until

2012, and it shows the cooperation of the universe on a C direction flight. Even so this pact is considered as failure when the U.S did non sign this protocol in fright of economic development impacts. The US, far and off the biggest subscriber to GHGs, indignantly stating hapless states bearing the effects in dearths, drouths, increased malaria transmittal and more that the United States will non even get down on emanations control, so how can other provinces obey and sign this pact?

Another of import but controversial challenges is the unfairness between developed and developing provinces. Development and environmental protection are dilemma for determination shapers of single provinces ; developing states who try to develop their states are inevitable to work their natural resources, so when developed provinces who enjoyed their economic growing in the past decennaries tell developing provinces to halt work their natural resources, it is injustice. For illustration, when the US and Europe tell Brazil to halt deforestation concern investing, and likewise China was criticized for air pollution.

In decision, every bit long as there is no strong support from ace power P5 ( security council ) ; the South and North can non make common involvements ( efficiency and equity ) plus trust each other, the planetary heating and clime alteration still remain diffident when will it can be sort out.

Case survey

What are the possible solution for Cambodia to get the better of planetary heating and clime alteration? There are three possible solutions low C economy/ enhance economic system efficiency, C finance and advance environment consciousness.

Cambodia ‘s authorities can better and analyze seven factors:

aˆ? Energy supply – improved supply and distribution efficiency, Renewable beginnings, security and entree

aˆ? Transport – Hybrid vehicles, emanation criterions, bio fuels, Public conveyance, non- motorized conveyance

aˆ? Buildings – passive and active solar integrated edifices, improved insularity

aˆ? Industry – Upgrading of mills, treating lines / schemes etc.

Prepared by SAY VORTANA 3 electronic mail: sayvortana.itc @

aˆ? Agriculture – improved agricultural patterns

aˆ? Waste direction landfill methane recovery ; waste to energy ; composting ;

recycling and waste minimisation

aˆ? Forestry – Reforestation ; forest direction ; reduced deforestation

For C finance Cambodia can bask with the excess paid by utilizing clean development mechanism ( CDM ) . Harmonizing to UNDP based in Cambodia, a local power generator, Samrong Thom Methane-fired Power Generation cut down entire GHG emanation for 7 old ages 47,544 tCO2e ; this generator can acquire entire income at $ 15/tCO2e: US $ 713,160 from C finance2, so authorities should promote this sort of investing in Cambodia.

Invest in Biogas Digester ( beginning: UNDP )

Another solution is to advance environment consciousness for Cambodian. The bottom- up scheme besides provides a better option to get the better of this issue. The authorities can work efficaciously with other Non-government organisations ( NGOs ) by supplying environment instruction in the public school and local communities.

In short, besides protecting environment, Cambodia can bask low C economic system through C finance ; moreover, the bottom-up scheme can advance environment issue consciousness in Cambodia. In the last chapter of this paper, we will wrap up and supply brief decision.

Mini composing # 5


Global heating and clime alteration are multinational issues that pose great challenges to the planetary administration. Nations has suffered terrible catastrophe such as inundation, hurricane, serious temblor, drouth and so on late, and it would be great danger in the hereafter if planetary heating and clime alteration are non sorted out efficaciously. Despite of cooperation between provinces through earth acme and Kyoto protocol, the issues remain widespread from twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours. Who will be responsible? Developed states or developing provinces? The controversial stances between developed states and developing states remain exists and present a large challenge for Kyoto protocol. Furthermore, the determination shaper, leader, caput of provinces are inevitable face quandary between development and environmental protection.

For Cambodia, Cambodia contributes little to climate alteration but about all the states in Cambodia are vulnerable to climate alteration due to their low adaptative capacity and dependance on climate-sensitive supports. Furthermore, clime alteration is expected to increase the frequence and strength of utmost conditions events such as inundations, drouths and windstorms every bit good as coastal flood due to low-lying rise. Reacting to climate alteration should get down by associating attempts to cut down exposure to show climate-related catastrophes with those aimed at constructing longer-term resiliency to climate alteration. Low C economy/enhance economic system efficiency, C finance and advance environment consciousness are the factors that will be alleviate and assist Cambodian through bright hereafter in the following coevals.

For both international and national degree, execution and committedness from the authorities or caput of province is mandatory to guarantee the sustainable growing with the green

economic system policy.