How workplace and if they do not

How Some People Were Raised
The way to overcome this difficulty is for the manager on shift or the overall manager to find out why the situation is the way it is and to try and support both of the individuals, give them time to explain themselves and why they are not getting along and why they disagree with each other. Once that happens the manager can arrange for the staff to go on training to help them understand the ways of behaving within a workplace and if they do not follow the training then the manager has to take a bigger step to resolve this such as starting the disciplinary act which can lead to the nurses being fired if they do not cooperate.

People Might Not Understand The Anti-Discriminatory Practice

The way to overcome this difficulty is to understand what they do not understand, educate the individuals about the practice by promoting anti-bullying by having presentations within a school environment, completing activities which can help them understand the practice more.

Vocabulary That Some People Use
The way to overcome this difficulty is to find out what vocabulary the member of staff have used and see if it is a disrespectful word or not and if it is then the manager would have to tell the member of staff not to use that word and give them staff training on what to say and what not to say. If they do not follow their training then the disciplinary route should be taken.