Ignat speaker talked about. I think that

Ignat Kulinka
JPL: Keith Mertan
1) What is something that you found interesting, or perhaps surprising?
I really enjoyed listening to this week’s speaker! One of the things that I found interesting was the
small size of the data science division at JPL. I expected that the speaker works in a larger group
instead of alone. In addition, I found learning about speaker’s specific projects very interesting.
Particularly, the project that tried to predict which universities/colleges will be scouted by JPL’s
recruiters in order to find new hires. Lastly, the interview tips and expectations for data science new
hires very pertinent and informative.
2) Is this a career path you would find appealing? Why or why not?
Currently, I am interested in pursuing the career that the speaker talked about. I think that data analysis
is a fascinating and exciting new field. But interestingly enough, just like the speaker I would like to
eventually go back to school and get a more technical degree in a field similar to mathematics or
computer science.