In appointment, induction, probation, and Developing G

In this case study we are going to discuss and look at G. A 20 years old woman who is applying for a job within our organisation. We will also look at ways that we developed a Job Description and Person Specification to employ G. The Organisation will look at identifying a need, Analysing the job, Attracting Candidates, Pre- Selection, Selection appointment, induction, probation, and Developing G and her suitability for the Job on hand. Moreover we will look at approaches required to support and develop G in the College as a Learning Support Assistant working with students with Special Education Needs to support and guide them in and out of class for them to reach their full potential.

Identifying a need
Before the summer holidays, the Additional Learning Support Department had some staff members leaving due to retiring and moving away from the county, which made the manager and team leader decided to address the situation by recruiting more staff. They were able to liaise with human resources to create a job role and job specification. Job description is an outline of job duties created for different positions which makes it easier when looking for the right candidate to work for you or in an organisation( Mader-Clark,2013).
Job Analysing
St. Loius training college is an outstanding college looking to employ a Learning Support Assistant to support students with a range of learning difficulties and
disabilities. The college reviewed its staff members for the new academic year and came up with a job analysis to check if they could employ someone internally or have to employ outside. Job Analysis is recognising and assessing the job that individuals carry out in an organisation or institutions Gamble et al.(2009). The Job Analysis showed that we require one more permanent staff member to join the Additional Learning Support team, hence this post was created.
This post will help the department to carry on with their outstanding work in the college. The college would be looking to recruit an individual who is working towards NVQ Level 3 or has Level 3 qualifications. According to (Alcott,1997) he maintains that the work of a Learning Support Assistant makes a fundamental difference to pupils and students with learning difficulties and disabilities.

Attracting Candidate
Upon this findings the Human Resources produced a job description and Person specification for the role. Person Specification is a complete idea of all the skills and requirements you look for in a candidate (Simms2005). This job role would look for a suitable person for the position to help support education needs of students with learning difficulties. The job would be advertised internally first and then after a week it would be advertised at the job centre and on- line with indeed jobs.
We are looking for someone who is dedicated, and have good communication skills. Research based on (Melrose,1995.) points out that communication is expressing yourself properly as well as listening and paying attention to the contributions of your leaners. The college is also looking for a candidate who are willing to work well as part of a team and also be a team player.
(Parker,2008) point out that working as part of a team is not only based on the people that you work with but it comprises of all the outside agency and professionals that work together and make the learners their main focus.

Pre -Selection
When the college received all the application from the candidates that are interested in the position. All the forms would be looked at and the team will decide to pre -select the ones that they think march the job role and person specification. Upon looking at the pre -selection and matching them with the job description and person specification, the team will fairly choose the candidates that are successful and write to invite them for an interview. However the team will also write and explain to the ones that were not successful the reason why they could not invite them for the interview.


Arrive at college at 9.30am
Interview begins at 10.00am
Written task at 10.45am

Interview Panel will include 1. Line Manager –
2. Human Resources Manager
3. Team Leader