In “Brownies,” is about a troop of

In the Brownies story, the author/writer, ZZ Packer, short story which is called “Brownies,” is about a troop of Girl Scouts from south Atlanta that takes a camping trip. Out of nowhere, there were imaginary tensions building up between them and Troop 909, which is a group of white girls. The struggle that later in this story develops as the internal conflict. Arnetta and Octavia claim that the 909 troops girls called one of their group an offensive word which is the beginning topic of the conflict. Accordingly, a clash swiftly takes place between the groups, but this disagreement turns crooked when the Girl Scouts’ girls apprehend the white members of Troop 909 are developmentally restricted and it becomes clear to the reader that Octavia and Arnetta most likely made the claim up. Nonetheless, the short narrative by Packer goes further than a simple camping struggle between rival groups. This story maintains that when characters have comprehended or practiced misery for so long, in this case the scouts, they not deliberately reply by becoming the go-between of desolation to others nevertheless of their remorse or purity.