In higher prices.” This tells the audience

In ‘An Inspector Calls’ Priestley presents Arthur Birling in many different ways. One example being someone who is a mouthpiece for Capitalist views. As Priestley was a socialist, you could see that he would have wanted to depict Mr Birling negatively and would have wanted us to have a negative view on him. Mr Birling is a wealthy businessman who cares for nothing but money. He always links everything to the idea of being rich or independent. This can also make him come across as very materialistic. It is evident to us from the start that Arthur cares less for his family and more for the idea of business. We can see this when he speaks at the dinner table for his daughter Sheila’s engagement and says “…we may look forward to the time when Crofts and Birlings are no longer competing but are working together – for lower costs and higher prices.” This tells the audience that he isn’t really bothered about the engagement but more about the idea of having a new business partnership. The phrase “for lower costs and higher prices” tells us really just how possessive and avaricious he is.